Naamkaran 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kamini threatens Avni

Naamkaran 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KK asking Kamini about child trafficking. He asks how can you stoop so low to trap Avni. Saisha also gets angry. Kamini says Avni filled poison in my life, I was just returning the favor, I m out of jail now and will not leave her. KK says I m ashamed to call you my mum, I just hope Lord gives you sense. Its morning, Mowgli gives flowers and wakes up Avni. Saisha says surprise, here is the coffee and sandwich for you. Avni smiles. Mowgli says you were sad so you left alone, we planned this surprise by getting Saisha here, so that you feel happy. Avni asks Saisha to have food, she will make her fav pulao. Saisha gets sad. Avni asks what happened.

Saisha says Kamini is out of jail, she will try to harm you. Avni says let her try, I won’t let her succeed, don’t worry, have food, I will drop you home, I have to prepare for hearing also. She gives her laddoos and says this will make you more stronger. Kamini calls her out and asks her to take care of herself too. She says I will ruin you, you are brave to come my home. Avni says you will not understand, you have stained your own family by child trafficking crime, how do you get sleep at night, I mean don’t you hate yourself. Kamini says I don’t get sleep since you and Saisha snatched my son, I will snatch everything from you. Avni says fine, do anything, but nothing should happen to my loved ones, else I won’t forgive and forget. Kamini says fine, take care, else anything bad can happen. She goes. Avni asks Saisha not to worry. She leaves.

Mitali comes home and switches on lights. She gets surprised seeing the decorations. She sees Neil. She asks what’s this, its final hearing tomorrow. He says yes, but the night is just for you, I will never disappoint you. He shows a box and keeps her phone. He says after our marriage, we won’t have any distractions. He gives keys and says I will have clothes of your choice, have this cupboard keys. He shows scrap book and says we will go to any destination of your choice every year, I will celebrate your success, your friends will envy you. He gets the photo frame and says its a perfect frame for our family. Mitali says thanks Neil and hugs. Its morning, everyone comes to the court for final hearing. Judge asks the lawyers to keep their opinions. Neil’s lawyer says I would like to ask some routine questions to Avni. Avni comes in the witness box.

Avni says I m sorry that I couldn’t answer the lawyer yesterday, I had broken down, I fell weak, but I can’t hide from his questions, the society questions everyone and blames without any thought. She recalls Aisha. She says I have asked my mum, who am I…. Naamkarann happens at the time of birth, that name becomes your identity, but I had to make my own identity, I had to rechristen myself, I m Avni Aisha, not Avni Ashish Mehta, my mum and I were not my dad’s socially accepted family, I will be known as an illegitimate, society will hate me always, even if I go to donate blood to someone, maybe I will be denied, I didn’t get father’s love in childhood, I used to cry for my dad’s love and time, as it was my right, father is like a roof for children, I didn’t had it, I didn’t get my dad’s love, but I got two mums, they filled his place, lawyer taunted my mum, she was a noble person, who raised me single handedly, then Neela came in my life, she taught me to live life well, Aisha didn’t need Ashish to give me a good upbringing, and Neela didn’t wish to stay with her husband Ashish, they both didn’t need any name to raise me, they made me understand the need of a name in the society, I m illegitimate, it doesn’t mean anyone can raise a question on my character, I also know to love and protect my family, is name a big thing, is it over deeds, I have made my place on my own, I don’t need any stamp, I have been moving on in life, I m capable to give a good life to my son, I know my strengths, I want to appeal to the court, I want my son Mowgli’s custody. Neil and his family listen to her. Judge asks Avni to go and sit in her place. He asks Neil or his lawyer to say anything if they want. Neil’s lawyer says I want Mowgli’s grandparents’ testimony. Bebe comes in witness box. She says what shall I say, both Neil and Avni are my children, we always loved Avni and she also reciprocated, she knows to return double love, I know this well that both of them love Mowgli a lot, I can’t choose one of them, sorry. Shweta comes next. She says I just know Neil is bearing this punishment since ten years, he is living away from his son, I just want to see him happy, his happiness is in Mowgli, and even Mowgli will get a family, Avni will always have a place in our heart and house, she can visit us any time, if Mowgli stays with us, he will get a family, I feel our house is the best place for his upbringing, so he should stay with us.

Judge says the court decides to give Mowgli’s custody to….. Avni prays.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pavithra1616

    About kaminii don’t know what to say…Boring episode.. Oh! This court scene was so so bad. And Neil will win and that’s the worst thing.. Twm their will be avni-mogli heart touching scenes as per my thoughts.. a and Mowgli will go to neil’s house.. And today’s neil-mitali scene was just like avneil scene.. Oh!Neil.. U made us hate u again.. Waiting for twm’s epi.. I am ending comment because I couldn’t find anything else to say.. Yes,one thing! I saw a pic showing Neil hugging avni crying.. Probably the reunion scene and guys,just 7 epi left.. That’s all.. Luv u avneil??

  2. can someone give me poison to make it eat to mitali.
    i will just kill her. stupid,idoit,duffer,nonsense,baster……..
    i am gonna kill her . can’t tolerate her .
    no scenes were good. also that shweta . only she says that she loves both. but actually she loves neil more and can’t see avni situation.

  3. Sana.

    Neil is a complete womaniser and no doubt in it.with how many girls he will start his new life? Swetha don’t tell that Avni is your daughter did you bear when your son ran behind Avni leaving you? Then why you are doing injustice to avni.your son can get child through Mitali but Avni what about her? Will you go to the house in which your husband got married to someother women? Chichichi I hate the current track.i was affected physically and mentally after watching this crap.neil and mitali’s scenes made me to cry.neil should pay for his actions but it won’t happen at all.i never want avneil’s reunion as Neil doesn’t deserve Avni at all.he is a womaniser,jerk,betrayer,disloyal,cheat,playbpy and tourniquet killer.upcomong Neil and mitali’s marriage.only 7days left and Neil won’t suffer for his actions and neela’s murder truth also won’t come out.i hate nk and Neil from the bottom of my heart.they should have played horror music for Mitali and Neil’s scene instead of avneil’s music.

    1. I completely agree with ur views about Neil and mithali

    2. yes sana di I agree u

  4. After this I feel avni is better off without Neel in her life Mowgli can be happy with avni and Neel will be happy with Mitali

  5. I hate you Neil Khanna ??cheater,liar…And shewetha what kind of mother are you ?? You’re also a mom so you should understand Avni more than everyone,but no you only think about your son.And also please stop acting. You always saying avni is like my daughter really then y are you destroying your daughter’s life.Mother & Son both are same.As a mom you should try to reunite Avneil & make a perfect family to mowgli but no you’re trying to give mother’s place to another woman in mowgli’s life.What a joke?? And l hope Mowgli will teach a good lesson to this Mithali

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    7 episodes to go only…. Wish to see proper ending, bajaye hush hush ending

    1. Shraddha for god sake please stop saying this many episode s are remaining Nd that many episode s are remaining.humhe baksh do plz.
      If you want to say anything about show please say but don’t count the days Nd episodes please I request you.i am sorry if I am rude but saying people are angry this show is going off air Nd crying what is happening in the show. So Please stop doing Nd counting episode s.please.i beg forgiveness if I am rude.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I can understand… But i am doing as even i am sad and want to see proper ending, not hush hush ending

  7. AryanBhattacharya

    Today Neil ‘s part was totally disgusting…. Sometime he is liking Avni and sometimes Mitali… Uff.. Totally confused

  8. Sneha Sugumar

    God what kind of crap was that. Srsly I’m not able to bear the scenes of this stupid mithali and Neil. What does Mr. NEIL KHANNA think abt himself. He is really a womaniser. I couldn’t watch the scenes of both stupids today. And Avni nailed today’s episode. Watching this crap only for Aditi sis. I really want to see this Neil suffer like anything for avni’s luv but I’m pretty sure that this is not going to happen. Hate to makers. But really I feel like throwing rotten eggs on both mon and son. This Swetha is really disgusting.i personally feel that instead of Neela ma it should have been Swetha who must have died. Then the story would have been really interesting. And pls CVS stop giving more importance to mithali. Hate u NK and more than anything hate u Neil,mithali and Swetha. U ppl make the show worst. And Neil is noway fit for Avni. Pls make this Neil suffer like hell. We NK fans wish for this currently. let the show end but I want Neil Khanna to suffer for his deeds. And I really love mogli’s character. The way he spoke with Neil was simply amazing. the demanding tone of his was just great. Let this Neil suffer a looooooot. And let the makers pull the plug off of NK.
    Even though I hate this to hell I’m going to miss this terribly.

    1. If Neil gets Mowgli’s custody then only Avni will be able to come to Khanna house. It’s in a way good and will aid Avneil’s reunion ..
      Think positive

  9. Sneha Sugumar

    *hate u makers
    *Mom and son

  10. Am I the only person thinking that Neil is planning something?

    1. Sana.

      Yes you are the only person who still has faith in that womaniser neil.if anyone is planning something will they hug and do this kind of things when there was no one to watch them.if he did before Avni means we can consider it as his plan.but he is doing all these things privately then how can we consider it a plan? I just want Neil to suffer for his actions but it seems like it won’t happen at all.he will get Avni easily without any suffering Avni is the only character who suffers all the time.i hate CVS for this injustice.

    2. Mitali will be negative character r8. So Neil will keep something in the room just to keep track on her deeds.( he might have got some doubt on her) and what ever he s doing is to make Mitali believe that Neil loves her
      Just a gut feeling

    3. no.even i have same thought..i just hope for that…

    4. Yes.. am also believe that neil’s and mitali’s plan for revealing avni’s truth about her hiding . But now Am very disappointed thst it was true.. and ther wedding. But One why Avni hide for long years? Hide from vidyut and save saisha and save neil’s family only , that’s something incomplete .because avni decide something …have a strong strict there such? Okk.. anyway am waiting for good episodes. And don’t go off. Waiting for so many episodes but avni and neil and their mowgli only.. not mitali. Mitali is not good.oh.. she must go from neil and avni. Mitali one’s at time she play a drama that dayawanti returns. That much negative role. Why neil forgive mitali but not avni.. is he fight for truth only. Kk.. waiting.. for the decision of court.

  11. I think that Mitali, Bebe and Prakash uncle are planning something for Avneil’s reunion…I think on the day of Neil and Mitali’s marriage, Avni and Neil will burst out in emotions for each other…And maybe this is how No will end… Although I don’t want Nk to go off air….

  12. any how their ending this show..but atleast they can reunite avniel now itself right? and show some nok jok and cute moments..instead of uniting both of them at last episode just for happy ending..please doesn’t want that…

  13. Neil is stupid jo ladki mili uskishath afair, ha-ha muje jor se hasi aatihai,so Avni should not go with her,anyway we have bare only few episodes

    1. Mitali will be negative character r8. So Neil will keep something in the room just to keep track on her deeds.( he might have got some doubt on her) and what ever he s doing is to make Mitali believe that Neil loves her
      Just a gut feeling

  14. a good news naamkarann is on 8th rank

    1. what’s the use now disha whetever it is on 20th position or 1th position. i think today is last day of shoot and they must have wrapped up the story now.
      will miss them badly. can’t hold on tears.
      i request all naamkaran fans that if naamkaran ends then don’t watch krishna chali london or any other stupid star plus shows. if they don’t regard our feelings then why should we?
      instead watch bepannah so that the show replacing naamkaran should not last long.

    2. Really Disha I am happy thinking about it.

  15. Deepi

    Same irritating that stupid Neil& mitali……..?proud of avni?

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