Savitri Devi 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi doubts on Ria and Dr. Malhotra for trapping Veer

Savitri Devi 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra asking Sanchi not to worry and tells that Veer can’t do anything. Gayatri says decision is in Sanchi’s hands now, but she values hospital more than him and will never go against her mum’s decision. Her love for Veer is just fake, don’t know what will happen with our son. Veer tries to talk to Sanchi and tells that his mistake is that he didn’t tell her anything and went there to buy the kidney. Sanchi says council members are waiting for me, and goes inside. Veer is shocked. Jaya, Sanchi and council members sit for the meeting. Savitri comes. Council members greet her. They say that they shall cancel Veer’s licence and shall rusticate him from hospital. They say we all will sign on his termination letter. They all sign on the termination letter. Jaya also signs on it and gives papers to Sanchi. Sanchi refuses to sign on the papers.

Savitri, Priya and Veer take a sigh of relief. Sanchi says I know Veer more than you all, and I know that he can’t do this even in dream, if you have a doubt then make enquiry done and give him a chance to prove his innocence. She says we can’t terminate him based on news headlines and pics. Jaya asks what you are saying? What else you need, all proofs are infront of you. Sanchi says it is fake, Veer is trapped. Dr. Kabir asks how dare you, how can you be biased, we have to take strict action against Veer, you have to sign on the papers and asks her to kick him out. Sanchi says I can’t do this and tells that as a dean, she trusts him and as a wife, even God can shaken up her trust.

Medical council members say that if she can’t take action against him then they have to seal the hospital. Sanchi asks them to give 24 hours so that she can prove Veer’s innocence, and says if I couldn’t do this then I will also resign with Dr. Veer. Medical council members agree and give her 24 hours. Sanchi thanks them. Jaya is shocked. Veer looks on tensed. They leave. Sanchi asks Veer not to worry. Veer says the world is against me, but you are believing me. Sanchi says as they don’t know my Veer. She says you have risked your life to get heart for a child and you can’t do this. She says even if God says then also I will not believe. She says I will prove you innocent. Pragya and Isha tell that they are with them. Veer says we have to bring truth out in 24 hours. Pragya and Isha promises them. Veer thinks don’t know from where to start, how to prove myself innocent?

Dr. Kabir says until you proves yourself innocent, you can’t walk freely in the hospital and asks him to pack his bags. Sanchi says I know you don’t like him, but you can’t treat him this way. Dr. Kabir says until you proves him innocent, he is guilty for all of us. Jaya says until medical council members decision comes, Veer can’t come to hospital. Sanchi says but. Veer says its ok. He leaves. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that her fake hopes will break and she will regret to trust him and will repent to marry him. Sanchi says sorry, your words will prove wrong very soon. Pragya and Isha come to Sanchi, and say they have to check CCTV footage. Sanchi says Veer already checked, but it is not there, Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that nothing happened as they planned. He says Sanchi is clever and may reach us. Gayatri says I will do everyone and compromise all proofs. She asks him not to worry.

Sanchi asks Patient’s mother if she saw someone going to OT after operation. She says no as she went to get the medicines. Gayatri goes to cleaning room and scolds the ward boy and asks him to clean the OT mess. Sanchi, Pragya and Isha hear her. Gayatri comes to Dr. Malhotra and says now nobody will know that you have operated on the patient. A fb is shown, Dr. Malhotra operates on the patient and gets his kidney. Sanchi and her friends come near the garbage area and asks ward boy to go. He says Gayatri asked him to throw the garbage. Pragya scolds him and asks him to go. They check in the garbage. Isha gets some proofs. Sanchi also gets the scalpel with finger prints. They think to get it tested. Sanchi says if Gayatri is involved then may be Dr. Malhotra or Ria have done this operation. She says we will find out who has done this?

Jaya asks Sanchi to back off. Sanchi says everything will be revealed before 11 am. Veer asks Sanchi if she can find out anything. Sanchi says Dr. Malhotra is involved. Savitri hears her. Veer and Savitri are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. If it like that y did sanchi put all blame on Kabir he is innocent I hate sanchi and veer from bottom of my heart yakkkk. I feel to vomit

  2. Kabir again become Bali ka bakara

  3. I think everyone hates sanchi and veer dear espesially saamchi?.Only vk fans love veer and because vk is involved they like sanveer too?. Moreover the more the cv’s try to show sanveer love as true love,the more it looks fake. They think by showing their so called true love, they will be accepted. Never! Sanveer were and will always be the worst pair in the history of indian television ?. Even if they show hot bedroom scenes of sanveer, it will never attract the audience . Period! All sympathy will be for kabir only!

    1. I think its malohtra and gayatri’s trap to create rift amid sanchi and kabir. I won’t be surprised if Riya will save kabir so that she could get place in kabir’s heart. Whatever consequences will take place i m sure of one thing kabir will haye sanchi and may go for revenge. I won’t mind if he will go for revenge because sanchi deserves this. I only wish him not to do anything illegal for malohtra. He should yeach sanchi a good lesson and make her realise how selfish and self-centred she is. I only want to see malohtra and kabir in action bcoz i m just fed up of this sanveer and savitri jaya drama.

  4. You should see the Wikipedia of this show then you will know the truth that kabir has turned into antagonist.And SANVEER IS THE BEST COUPLE IN TV??????????❤????????????❣

    1. Dimple457

      Huh wiki is edited by fans so ur so called SanVeer is the worst couple of indian television?? and Kabir should turned negative after whatever Sanchi did with him……???

    2. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Aish dimple what a reply!!Hahahaha!!!

  5. look simple I have nothing against kabir.And one thing kabir has been turned to negative and am not happy with that no need to act so rude it is MY OPINION understood pimple

  6. One thing ALSO I am a big VK fan his and his co-star’s acting is good.For me they are a wonderful COUPLE.????

  7. shut up u pimple.Don’t act so negative. SANVEER ARE A WONDERFUL COUPLE.And YES I AM A VK FAN. DO U HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT?????????.Look I have nothing against kabir and I am also not happy that they have turned him into negative but it is not SANVEER ‘s fault

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Hey Manu Panu Kanu whatever ur name is !!Mind ur language first …..And dimple gave u only one reply and u gave so many replies to her and saying her to shut up !!! Huh!!!! WEIRDO!! But whatever I WOULD SUGGEST U TO GO TO EYE DOCTOR because i dont think that a pair of eye will work for u !!!Read it well its not pimple or simple its DIMPLE !!And she is my best friend cum sister so behave well otherwise….Let me tell i can’t bear anything against my friends and especially about dimple and for ur kind information wiki is edited by fans and nowhere its written that the siblings(Sanchi-Veer) r best couples or something like stop showing ur so called fandom

    2. Dimple457

      Thanku so much sammie yrr I luv u??……and first of all Manu if u have all ri8 to give ur view then I also do have and moreover how there is no need to be rude?? Did u saw the whole show or just watched VK scenes and I didn’t said anything about VK or VS or ST I just said about their character in the show so mind ur language and I don’t have any problem with whose fan r u or I even care and about ur Sanveer’s fault I accept that there is not any fault of Veer’s but Sanchi…..huh!??? at first she said that whatever she is now she is bcz of Kabir and Veer……and now she only took Veer’s name along with her parents so don’t u think that she should have taken Kabir’s name also he is her mentor he teaches her so much but she……?? and u r no one to tell me what should I do or not……….so be in ur limits??…..

  8. Dude that was the autocorrect. I did not do it intentionally. So calm down. And I did not say anything about u.I said about dimple is she YOUR relative or something???

  9. sorry for the second comment.I personally apologise.As a VK fan I took it personal .And the name was a mistake of autocorrect. I am also a big fan of kabir.He nice and also good looking .I am not happy with kabir being negative. And one more thing I did not start the fight it was ur friend.She was the one .I just said that go check the wiki so it is not my fault

    1. Dimple457

      See dear I just told u and I accept that I was being rude but that’s not my fault the way they r showing Kabir is can’t bearable for us (Vikram’s fans) and especially for me I just love him from the core of my heart??? I don’t have any problem with VK but that’s true that I am not his fan nor I watched this show bcz of him after seeing him in SDCH I got to know about him and all the cast even I didn’t knew about Vikram but then he became my fav and Samaira0906 is my best friend so that’s why she said all this I am sorry to u on behalf of her and sorry for my rudeness towards u

    2. Look , I don’t know but listen Manu u don’t have right to talk with our friend like this .Look at your comment if this is only ur point of view then u don’t said that look at the wiki ….If u see wiki & become happy , then I am happy for u .What’s the need of telling everyone .Who are u to told Dimple that she shut her mouth ….If you have right to share ur view, then she also have right to share her view.Be careful next time & We want peace here .Thank you .

    3. Dimple457

      Thanku so much di??? and there is no need to argue with her bcz there r 2 types of SanVeer fans 1.who respect everyone behave nicely and understand everything according to situation 2.who don’t understand anything and just argue for no reason like they did when Mitali di posts her post just for ss of characters and they argued for no reason………so if she is mature enough she will understand herself and if she’s not then even God can’t make her understand so chill? once again thanks for ur support luv u alotttttt??????? and Manu dear don’t take it as ur insult plz I just told what I think about SanVeerians

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