Woh Apna Sa 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano tries to kill Jia

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Woh Apna Sa 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano gives Arjun a ball. She says you used this as stress buster and pressed it. He says thanks. Rano says this child should never to to this world. Rano says when Arjun presses the ball mask will release poisonous gas.
Jia falls asleep. Arjun presses the ball the mast releases the gas.

Rano makes food. She says to Birju I am very happy so I made all this. Ambika comes and says why all this? She says Jia is pregnant. she would want to eat variety. Arjun says thank you rano. Akash comes and says don’t need to make all this. Jia comes and says good morning. Rano is dazed. Jia says thanks for making all this Rano. you are so nice. I will eat this. Ambika stands and says I don’t want to eat.
Jia was feeling agitated. Akash came and saw her. He gave her water. She throws up. Akash realizes there is a poisonous gas. SHe saw the mast and saw the gas in it. He told Jia. Jia says how can rano stoop so low.

Jia says I want to eat sweet. I will eat it. Jia goes to kitchen and stands on stool. SHe falls. Arjun holds herr. He says be careful. Take care of your health and your baby. I have this list for you about what should you eat and what shouldn’t. Jia leaves.

Scene 2
Rano calls a thug and plans something. He comes in at night. Rano tells him the plan. He sneaks in the house. Jia recalls how happy Arjun is. She says I shouldn’t be lying to him like this. This all is not right. The man comes in. jia feels like someone is there. He turns the lights off. Jia says what happened to the light. He puts a sheet on her and hits her. Rano peeks in. The man drags Jia out. They put her under the sofa so she dies. Akash comes in. The thug hides. Akash says where is Jia? Rano says I don’t know. Amnika says what happened to the light? Rano says akash is checking. Akash says fuse was down. He turns on lights. Akash says where is jia? Ambika says does she tell anyone? Jia comes and says I am home. Rano is dazed. Akash says where is Arjun? Rano says in heart that means arjun is inside.
Precap-Rano takes out the person from the sofa. Everyone is shocked. Its Arjjun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naz I am fine and really I knows nothing about Nisha.Tanu have gotten married to Abhi and Dadi is dead it’s a whole damn rigmarole Pragya has a daughter it’s Abhi’s but she is with someone for the sake of her child dunno if she is married to the guy though.I am watching WAS and commenting and getting buse up to lol.I haven’t forgotten you my friend nor Sapphire.Jia is pregnant it’s Arjun’s child but as usual the villainess wants him in the form of Rano.

    1. Really?? Jia is pregnant?? Wow, so much has changed and this actress playing the role of Rano, I know her from Ram Milayi Jodi as Mona but my goodness, what’s happened to her? She never looked like this? Don’t mean to be so mean but she looks washed up, I’m really shocked by her pallor and thinning lips, na..something is not good on the inside. Take Disha Parmar for instance, I haven’t seen her for a long time and when I saw her few days back, have to say she looked like a ripe mango…so healthy and beautiful…simply put, she looks deadly gorgeous!!! Anyways…im happy for the updates on your comment….wait a minute!! You said Tanu married Abhi?? Hmm, he had to be desperate to marry that witch, never would I have thought that would have happened. I’ll check out KKB and see what’s going on there with this new angle, sounds interesting…and finally, Abhi and Pragya consummated their relationship, the longest standing virgin bride ever!!! If they could have a daughter so quickly, imagine how many they would have had if they had done it all the years of their marriage!!! Thanks Jayashree… I know I could count on you for the update!!! I haven’t forgotten Sapphire also, I hope she’s doing great, haven’t seen her on any forums lately… I hope she OK!!

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