Shakti 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman decides to die to unite Soumya after death

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Shakti 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum telling him that Soumya will stitch toys on machine and says they got her due to puja paath. Sameer says you said right. His mum says destiny collides with everyone once and asks him to do work hard. Sameer says I am thinking to start puja paath. His mum asks him to go. Harman tells Preeto that he don’t want to stay at home and says we all have killed Soumya. Harak Singh asks her not to say this. Harman says when my heart says then I will stop living. Veeran asks what about son’s duty and says you were always after kinnar even after her death. Shanno says if he feels bad, then he will break all the things in the house and remaining things will be broken by Preeto. Harman says I don’t want to do publicity like you. Jasleen says Harman has lost his wife and you are taunting him.

Harman says if my trust win then they will have much pain. Harak Singh tells Veeran that he will come out of trauma. He asks Shanno to serve them food. Shanno says ok. Neighbor tells Inspector that Maninder has broken glass bottle on Varun’s head. They see him unconscious. Maninder says he broke his head with glass by himself. Varun acts to gain consciousness. Inspector asks about the wound on his head. Maninder asks him to say truth. Varun says today it is a crime to say truth and tells that Bebe acted to get inside house, and then Maninder broke his head with bottle. He asks Inspector not to file any case and says let Panch decide their punishment. Sarpanch says we will handle the case.

Maninder tells Sarpanch that he is innocent. Sarpanch says you have to clean all the roads of the pind for the next 5 days. Soumya searches for the inch tape and wonders if he brought it or not. She thinks to call Sameer using his mum’s phone. Sameer refuses to give teddy on credit and asks him to buy next week. Soumya calls him and asks him about inch tape. Sameer tells her. Soumya aks him how he will fulfill his dreams. He says with money. Soumya says blessings are important too and asks him to give teddy on credit. Sameer says if he don’t return my money then I will cut money from your salary.

Saya slaps Raveena and Kareena. Kareena says we wanted to kill her, but you came there and saved her. She says next day Soumya committed suicide being afraid of Harak Singh. Raveena and Kareena act innocent. Raveena asks her to go and search Soumya’s dead body. Saya says if you are involved then I will not leave anyone. Raveena says everything is happening as per Harak Singh’s conspiracy and says it will be fun, if end will be same. Kareena says we have to either kill Soumya or do something so that she don’t meet them.

Harman asks Jasleen and Preeto what they want to do, as they come with him outside. He says you people didn’t let me be with Soumya when she was with me. Jasleen says Preeto is your mum and I am your friend. Harman says I am feeling lonely and says only Soumya’s support can pacify him. He sees pandit ji and asks about the world after death. Pandit ji says nobody can separate anyone after death. Harman says if I die then nobody can separate me from Soumya. Pandit ji says you need right guidance and leaves. Preeto and Jasleen are shocked.

Surbhi cries and tells Nani if Soumya is really dead. Nani says no. Surbhi says Varun is troubling everyone here. Varun brings broom and says he has brought it for him. He asks him to take it and go. Soumya is busy stitching the toys. Sameer says I brought phone for you and asks her not to tell maa. His mum calls him. Sameer says it is a gift from you and asks her to enjoy. Soumya gets sad and recalls Harman teaching her phone functions. She thinks you are related to my life, that even small things reminds me of you, I miss you so much. Harman looks in the sky and thinks he can’t stay without Soumya. Before he was hopeful to get her, but now…his hopes are broken, I can’t live without you and asks her to return.

Sameer’s mum sees Soumya in kitchen and asks her to leave immediately. Sameer asks her not to feel bad. Soumya says people made relations with me according to their preference, and says she is good in the shop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kindly take a little pain administrator and Hasan
    To correct the episode description grammatically
    Harman Decides To Die To Unite With Soumya After Death

  2. I find it weird when people translate Hindi into English, and then go around correcting everyone else’s grammar. It isn’t, ‘take a little pain'(obviously, translated from ‘thoda kasht utha lena???), it should be, ‘be a bit more particular’ or ‘work a bit more’ or maybe, ‘use a little effort’.

    1. Continue bashing…Neither I care nor I give a damn!
      And still the episode description is grammatically incorrect
      Hasan and administrator waiting for you to change and correct the description

  3. Sweetie, you should have ignored my comment if you really don’t care?. But I loved your perseverance and the dedication with which you are trying to coerce the Admin to change the above title phrase??

  4. Sweetie, you should have ignored my comment if you really don’t care?. But I loved your perseverance and the dedication with which you are trying to coerce the Admin to change the above title phrase?. P.S. – It should be, ‘neither do I care nor do I give a damn.

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