Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara kills Arohi

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep calls to someone and says okay I will be there for that work. Arohi hears. He goes out. Arohi calls on that number but no one picks. Arohi gets a text from Tara you have only few hours then you will die. Aorhi says you both will die. No one can ssave you from me. Deep goes out. Arohi follows him. He gives a white envelope to a man. Deep calls Arohi. He says where are you? She says home? He says why can I hear traffic then? She says walking outsside the house. He says i will be home in a while.

deep comes home. Arohi says lets go. She blindfolds him and takes him to a cruise. He is dazed. He says this is so pretty. This is so beautiful. She says your day will be the best. He gives her a gun and says I purchased it from steve for your safety. Keep it with you. WHy is this cake? She says we are together. Lets celebrate. He says you are right. She says today we sent that Arohi to jail. Lets celebrate. He says don’t talk about her. She says because of her we are happy and together. In jail people are sent to prostitution and kept hungry. Because of you we could do that to Arohi. Lets cut the cake. She cuts the cake. Deep says I don’t want to eat the cake. Please eat it. He says you say we should forget Arohi. Lets not eat the cake of her name. He throws it. They both take champagne. Deep gets a call. Deep takes Arohi’s hand and dances with her. He comes close to her. The day turns into night. Deep and Arohi are asleep in cruise. Arohi goes out. She checks Deep’s coat. Deep comes there. He says what are you doing? She says nothing. Your ruined the day with Arohi’s name. why you take her name all the time. SHe says you hide things from me. You hid a message too. Arohi texted you. He says Arohi is not in London. She says then who called you over and over again. He says I don’t want you to be worried. There was poison in that cake and champagne. Worried now? he says Someone called me and informed. someone is after us. She says I am sorry. Lets go and sleep. Deep goes to sleep.
Arohi says Deep knows everything.

Arohi calls Tara and says lets end this game. Tara saays tells me where to meet?

Scene 2
Arohi comes to meet Tara. Tara says I am a bad girl. Aroohi says shut up. Tara says I and deep fooled you again. Arohi says you are the one fooled. you can’t see me with deep but you can’t do anything. Because if you come deep will think you are Arohi. He will kill you like again. Tara says but I didn’t die because he shot me on leg. Arohi says he shot on leg because he doesn’t want to kill Arohi. He loves Arohi. Tara says I will get my deep back. She hugs Arohi and gives her an injection. Arohi faints. Tara says now you see what I do. I feel pity for you. No one can save you. I knew everything. In a while police will come here to pick your dead body. And then your dogs Niku and chawani I will kill them too. If police doesn’t come animal will come and kill you. Tara leaves. She planned all this to make Arohi feel that Deep is behind all this. She gives money to the man who helped her.
Arohi is on the road and she closes her eyes.

Precap-Arohi says your game is over deep. She kills him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why they sayed aarohi kill tara in the title ?? i was worried

  2. Who killed whom? Since a few days I wasn’t watching due to being busy. It is captioned Aarohi killed Tara but the update reports Tara killed Aarohi. Anyone tell me!

    1. no one die loool arohi try to kill deep but she fail and tara injected something to arohi but she isn’t dead she think that deep fooled her with tara so she want to kill him tara turn aorhi against deep this episode was very good i’m loving tara i don’t know why but really she’s smart and how she walk and talk everything is good alisha is a very good actress i think.

      1. Thanq For telling. Aarohi will be saved somehow, then what’s the writer’s idea of making Tara kill Aarohi or Aarohi kill Deep. Nothing took place.

    2. i dnt think if Aarohi died she jst fainted coz she was seen in precap shooting Deep

  3. Tomorrow we will get our answer…..that who will kill deep……..then the the show will be …………

    1. Waiting for today episode.

  4. oh god aarohi is becoming dumb crossing the limit..bechara deep he has no idea of his surroundings but deep says tum meri aarohi nehi hosaktihun which means did deep knew it was aarohi or did aarohi say this here are the possibilities
    1 tara comes and acts as aarohi shoots deep
    2 deeps dream
    3 aarohis dream
    4 aarohi shoots deep
    5 or taras plan or aarohis plan (like deep being stabbed by aarohi)

    1. What is happening sorrounding deep or what will happen to him is surely his karma but I really want to end this charechter deep because instead of becoming puppet in this show the charechter should be end………if he will come then he should come with a bang

      1. hi pks agreed on your point but many viewers watch it for the sake of arjun and ardeep..if deep / arjun dies the story will be lifeless….yah and i too am fedup of his loyalty and becoming a puppet a slave in this show with no lead’s qualities

    2. Hai guess is Tara comes and acts as arohi shoot deep.but not deep die.

      1. hey Rhivanya even i think the same may be tara acts like aarohi as she knows deep loves aarohi and wants him to hate her…or u never know it could be aarohi also she has already tried to kill deep by giving him poison etc etc…

  5. This show has only tainted the meaning of Love! If Deep can’t save Aarohi and can’t recognize her and Aarohi can give him poison that too 4-5 times then there is nothing between them that can be termed as Love!! #IshqMeinMarjawan

    1. Hi pks.only revenge no ishq.

  6. I’m happy that it wasn’t deep who help tara. I say she is smart she just want to say to deep arohi is tring to kill you i think tara will save deep life and try to turn him against arohi. I don’t want deep died so soon before he reveal all his mystery maybe at last helping arohi but not now. Maybe the precap its a dream or maybe he will be saved by tara i hope arjun will stay in IMMJ. Someone can translate me what deep say in the precap i don’t understand i watch without understand but after i read the english resume and sometime i wait tomorrow episode will be translate with arabic subtitle lool

    1. I want arjun not quit this precap deep said:”you are not my arohi”

      1. thank you, maybe it’s true maybe it’s tara she want to turn deep against arohi but maybe it’s arohi too she is really angry at him and she try to kill him so many time now 🙂 I hope we will see arjun on the show all week with aalisha

  7. looking at it i feel it could be a dream but i think the writers must be bored writing dream sequences we will anyway see what will happen but tara will come to raichand house because i saw a insta storie of aalisha in taras clothes…..and yah my guess was right the unknown man was someone tara had hired i had a doubt on that anyways…but if it was double role of arjun mazaa hi kuch or hoga..

    1. Yesses….. right what you said…but…deep will be dead tomorrow…… means deep may not be seen in next week……and in another week deep will come with a bang

      1. NO!! pks i dont want arjun out for an entire week its ok for a day ,but a week impossible….if deep gets shot by aarohis hands swear i will hate ardeep be honest aarohi or tara doesnt deserve deep, aarohi is trying to kill the person who really tried his best to save her and her family and about aarohis brother deep didnt know it was going to happen as that time he was favoring aarohi….

    2. I don’t think precap is dream.

      1. yah me too but dont know whats in these writers minds.

  8. Hello evry1i felt most of de part were similar 2 yrstrdy didn’t saw anything excited de show z getting bored after London Track

    1. Hi very interesting.

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am little confused: headline says aarohi kill tara, but inside story says tara kill aarohi???

    1. Yes title is wrong

  10. Update is not clear at all

  11. So confused arohi kills tara bt there says the other way round

  12. Hello friends.
    Nice episode.finally my guess is true.deep not help Tara.someone help her.nice ardeep dance.but yesterday dance is awesome. I only watch arjun and Alisha act.amazing .wt a killer attitude Tara.walk,speech,everything wow.once again Alisha really super super super.I think Tara kill deep.not arohi.good night friends.

    1. yeah rhivanya true yesterdays dance was better cause deep was imagining aarohi (the aarohi he thought she was) but todays was just a normal dance as neither deep or aarohi enjoyed the dance……but totally loved taras swag yesterday…..we will see whats there to store

  13. Well… Its pretty getting bored these days

  14. Tara was quite smart today. Aarohi is being dumb day by day.Deep is as always. Story line became so confusing.

  15. How fantastic show is going on i love both of them alot

  16. I like the episode but I want to see more of ARDEEP and DERA scenes like that where in old episode.I am not saying that the London track is boring.I really want to know who is the mystery person

    1. Hey Manu, have you not seen the yesterday’s episode it’s only a hired person of Tara to fool arohi and make realise her that it is deep

  17. Nabs agree with you we think same about precap what a episode loved it Alisha you rocked it Tara ne accha nhi kiya meri Aarohi ko bevakoof bnaya i think this Saturday they show mahasangam I saw in tu aashiqui precap Aarohi call ahaan and asked him to help her that she lost her passport

  18. When deep used to say “my tara”, many of you were angry with him, but now he will say “my arohi”. I don’t think that it’s a dream. In my opinion, tara will come as Arohi.

    1. tara love deep i don’t think she will kill him

      1. Yes after watching mahasangam promo, I also think so, because it is said in it that she has taken her revenge. Yes, tara also love deep and I think she will kill herself in the end of the show like behad serial because nature of both character maya and tara is same and then title will be justified- “Ishq mein mar jawa”.

  19. My take on deep’s charechter….
    In past deep was doing wrong thing… So that arohi will kill him for her revenge it may be result of deep’s karma…but this guy………

    Take his responsibility for his family with honesty. Always stand beside Roma Tara Virat in any situation…but still they want to kill him use him like a puppet

    He loves a girl by heart but never speak out because of his responsibility but he helps her sometimes and sometimes he only listen to his heart only

    He wants to save vedika may be he saved her after knowing she is still alive.. once he wants to give future to chawani. Remember the time when chawani pretending to be his leg factured it is deep who treated him

    Roma wants power
    Virat wants to snatch everything from her mother
    Tara wants to kill people Only
    Arohi wants her revenge
    Even prithivi has also his own revenge

    But what deep want ? Can anyone tell me.
    Yes love………
    He can love arohi..he can easily go to London with her but he chose his responsibility.
    He can easily kill arohi but he chose his love
    A complete fight with himself.
    He can love , he has responsibility ,he has humanity……

    1. Agree with you.

    2. agree totally with u Pks

  20. I agree he seems to be one of the nice characters now. But he himself has admitted that whatever he did was wrong but he doesn’t regret it since it kept his family safe. That’s not how it works. He tampers with a girl’s life, takes everything away from her and sends her to jail for something she has no idea about, all for his family. He could have done it under Roma’s influence but he is guilty of having done it the first place.

    On YT, India Forums and here, when I see comments that say, Aarohi should not kill Deep, I actually get mad lol. It’s like Deep can do whatever he wants but Aarohi is supposed to forgive him and love him. You should see guys, the video where Colors posts the first three minutes of the episode on YT, people are like “Aarohi is worse than Tara, how can she laugh at Deep’s pain” and I was “WTH?” If they show Aarohi forgives Deep without even punishing him, I’ll actually stop watching because I need strong female characters, not one that forgives and forgets easily just because she is a woman.

    Sorry for this rant…

    1. Hii Priya Yes I agree with u . It is up to arohi how ,how many times and when she kill deep, that is her right because she suffered a lot.

    2. Deep should get back the results of his karma

    3. i agree with you, i don’t want arohi to kill deep but to fool him and betray him but at last i want to see them together but only after arohi take his revenge by the same way sending deep in jail for many years and he apologie to her.

      It is strange that deep say meri arohi i think it’s a dream maybe tara dream

  21. I couldn’t see this episode but the title is misleading. Arohi is a foolish dumb chick and Tara is way ahead of her. She clearly doesn’t love deep. She’s just using him as a puppet. Though Deera and Ardeep scenes are good, Deep is reduced to a sidekick used by all characters alike. Tara and her family use Deep for their dirty work. Aarohi however is not using Deep, she’s playing the same game with him. Why can’t Aarohi and Deep resolve their issues. What he did to Aarohi in the name of family was terrible. That is agreeable. Aarohi should reveal herself and question Deep’s intentions. A proper face to face will have to happen. Aarohi has played her games behind the scenes. It must end with a proper confrontation between them at least. That’s the least the makers can give.

  22. Rithu17

    Gosh..Alisha rocked as Tara today!!!..the style with which she wore those shades and her walk…the god..she is amaazing…she does both roles soo well and differently that sometimes i find it hard to believe that It’s the same person playing both the roles!!

    1. when i started ishq mein marjawan at the middel after arohi deep weeding i didn’t know that aalisha panwar is who playing the both she really don’t look like arohi when she play tara with make up and hair etc really i was thinking that there are 2 diferent women but the looke like together a little bit.

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