Will We Unite? – (Part 15 ~ Alia VS Tanu)

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The sun did rise in New Dehli, the only difference was that this one morning, it remained foggy all around the world. Something was going to happen, something big, something major and she wondered what it would be.

Prachi scrolled down her phone and checked the forecast for the week, it was meant to be sunny at this time of year, in the northern hemisphere but instead it was just as cold as the southern hemisphere and the strangest thing of all was that the temperature was the exact same in every single country & continent.

Prachi barely managed to stop her tears from escaping as this strange weather definitely seemed to display her emotions. Her throat had felt dry since they came back from the hospital, last night. She looked around and was surprised to see her husband awake this early. She walked over to him and saw him lost deep in thought as tears brimmed his eyes. His were also red and Prachi wondered whether he too had not slept.

Ranbir looked over at Prachi and gave a soft, sad smile. They looked at each other in pure silence, both worried about the same person, both unsure of what would happen, both not knowing what to say. They both wanted to tell each other that everything would be alright but they both were unsure whether they truly believed in those words themselves and so they only managed to give each other a small smile, that could falter at any moment.


Pragya goes inside the hospital ward, with endless tears rolling down her cheeks. As she looks over at her husband her heart stings seeing him on the hospital bed, with many injuries. She closes her eyes as she recalls all her moments with him and her family. She sits near him and holds his hand tightly.

Abhi looks at Pragya with worry and concern and says, “what happened fuggie, why are you crying and where’s Dadi?”

Pragya isn’t able to take this any longer and quickly wraps herself around Abhi and quietly sobs for Dadi, the woman who stood with her ever since she went to her in-laws. Abhi returns Pragya’s and whispers, “come on now, my mogamboo doesn’t cry.” 

Pragya just moves hides her face in Abhi’s chest and cries her heart out. She cries for Dadi and unknowingly ends up remembering her firstborn, Kiara.


Riya slowly walks towards the living room, her hands trembling. There was only one thought in her mind, was her father alright? 

Every single one of her family members had wanted to stay with Abhi until he was awake but visiting hours were over and only one person could stay there. Everyone had agreed that it was Pragya’s right but they all desperately wanted to see how Abhi was.

Riya hadn’t even gotten a wink of sleep and as soon as she saw her Di and Jiju, she knew they hadn’t either. Riya silently prayed to god that Abhi would be alright and that she’d have her dad back safe and sound.


Sarita ji had left Mehra Mansion days ago as her beloved grandson, Rishi, was coming back after two whole weeks!

Sarita ji was preparing Rishi’s favourite dishes when the doorbell rings. Sarita ji was ecstatic to see Rishi standing in front of her. Sarita ji removed evil eye from him and hugged him. Rishi smiles widely but something about his smile seems off to Sarita ji. Sarita ji feels as if Rishi is hiding something, which indeed he is.

Rishi asked Sarita ji about Pragya, Prachi and Shahana. When Sarita ji had explained all that had happened, his smile faded.

“What happened, Rishi?” Sarita ji asks, confused on why Rishi had this sudden change of mood. “Wo, Nani (or was it Dadi) actually I, wanted to talk to Maasi (Pragya) about something,” Rishi replies. “Oh, okay sure. I’ll call Pragya.” 

Sarita ji dials Pragya’s number but frowns when she doesn’t answer. Sarita ji tries, Prachi’s, Shahana’s, Abhi’s, Aryan’s and Ranbir’s numbers as well but none them answer either. Worry starts making its way to Sarita ji. When Sarita ji explains the situation to Rishi, his first thought is, I’m sure Priyanka has something to do with this. 


Kiara rushes towards the hospital. She desperately wanted to catch a glimpse of her biological father, to see if he was alright. In her haste she accidentally bumped into someone, she turned around and instantly apologises before realising it was the person she was looking for.

Pragya looks at Kiara, unware of her true identity, with shock, for she was the same girl who tried to kill her earlier in the year. Kiara instantly went the other the direction. Pragya thought she did so because she was afraid of being arrested but Pragya could’ve never been further from the truth.

Pragya looks towards the direction in which the girl had just left. For some reason Pragya feels a connection her, just like the one she feels with Prachi, Riya and Shahana. Pragya wonders why she feels this way for the same girl who tried to murder her. For a second Pragya almost thinks that it could be her supposedly dead daughter, Kiara but she quickly brushes that thought off considering, the innocent Kiara she bought up would never do such thing. So it couldn’t possibly Kiara.

“Could it?” A small voice inside Pragya’s head questions back.


A lady, whose face is hidden in the darkness is shown talk with a man, Aditya.

(Agar iska yaa nahi hain na tu jaake part – Tanu is Back me jaake dekh lo)

“Have you done all the necessary arrangements?” The woman asks.

“Yes, I got into the jail, disguised as a police officer and got Sanju out. No one even realised that it was me,” Aditya replies, smirking.

The lights turn on and the woman is revealed to be, the person who always caused problems in Rishi’s life, Priyanka.

Priyanka gives a smug smirk of her own and looks around and whispers, “did you make sure that Sanju wasn’t aware of my future plans for Prachi and her namesake sister?”  

“Yes. Sanju has no hint of you’re planning to do with them but remember one thing, if you dare lay a hand on Riya, I will murder you myself. Unless you’re hurting her so that she comes closer to me,” Aditya snarls.

“Chill. Riya’s practically like my sister! I’m sure she’ll have no problem with me hurting Prachi or Shahana, even if Prachi’s her biological sister. So, I wouldn’t even dream of hurting Riya,” Priyanka replies.



Tanu frowns as her phone rings. It was 10am only! Who’d wake up so early on a Sunday and then call her, of all people, didn’t they know she needed her beauty sleep! Tanu slowly rolls over to her phone and without looking at the caller I.D declines the phone.

Tanu groans as the phone rings again. Tanu picks up the call and says, “Hello, who is it and what do you want?!” 

“Tanu, how dare you hurt my brother! I thought we had a deal, didn’t I tell you to only hurt Pragya and Prachi! You may’ve double crossed me this time but remember one thing, I will make sure you pay for this Tanushree Mehta!” A familiar female voice says.

“Seriously Alia, what makes you think that I’m scared of you and your threats? I’ll have my way and you mark my words, I’ll will make Mehra family suffer, ” Tanu replies, not in the least scared.

Alia starts to say something but Tanu just rolls her eyes and cuts the phone.

Tanu thinks, well, I may’ve lost my easiest way to get information on the Mehra’s but I’ll figure something else out for no one can stop me from getting my revenge on Abhi & Pragya. Also, I promise that I will get my revenge on Alia as well, for that slap she gave me. Get ready Mehra’s for you will face your worst nightmare. 

Tanu smirks.


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