Will We Unite? – (Part 14 ~ Storm)


Ranbir and Prachi rush towards their parents and they both say, “please tell us that we won’t have bodyguards surrounding us 24/7 like Riya suggested.” 

They groan as Abhi says, “no, Riya is right. You should be surrounded by bodyguards as we feel even if there is no danger we should make sure the two of you are safe.”

As soon as Abhi’s finishes speaking the doorbell rings and Shahana, who was closest to the dorr rushes to open it. Two strong, young men come in side wearing a blue uniform. The man on the right introduces himself as Arnav and the boy on the left introduces himself as Arjun.

Arnav says, “I am here as Abhishek sir asked me to guard a man named Ranbir and a woman named Prachi during the day and Abhishek sir said that only under extreme circumstances am I to leave their side.” 

“And I am here as Abhishek sir asked me to guard a woman named Prachi and man named Ranbir during the night,” Arjun says.

Abhi comes and points towards Prachi and Ranbir and tells Arjun that he can rest for now as Arnav will be guarding Ranbir and Prachi during the day. Ranbir and Prachi go to there car with Arnav trailing right behind them.

As soon as Pranbir reach their car they turn to Arnav and Ranbir says, “Arnav, look your around our age and we’re sure you don’t want to waste your time babysitting us unless you were helpless. So we have a deal for you.” 

“What kind of deal?” Arnav asks.

“You leave Prachi and me alone and we’ll tell chief, that you were guarding us the whole day. So this way you get your money and Prachi and I aren’t being babysit. It’s a win win,” Ranbir explains.

“And what if you were to get in some kind of problem?” 

“Then I’ll protect and Prachi and she’ll protect me,” Ranbir says.

“I am sorry sir but I will not disobey orders,” Arnav sternly replies.

Ranbir and Prachi groan. Arnav sits in the backseat while Ranbir drives and Prachi sits in the passenger seat.


The wind was blowing really hard. Thunder and lightning crashed down on the earth the only strange thing was…. that the weather was the same everywhere, even Antarctica had the same weather as everywhere else! The world wide storm caused panic among all the countries and they all had one question, how on earth was this possible?

Just one person, one person alone knew a possible answer. She wasn’t sure whether or not to tell anyone. If it were a normal day students would still be studying in either school or college but it wasn’t and everyone was sent home early. She went up to the television and turned it on.

This would be her only way of getting news about her family. She needed to whether or not they were safe and if they weren’t there would surely be news about them. Her father was extremely famous. She sighed as tears escaped her eyes. How much everything had changed since her blissful childhood with her real parents. She had grown lonely and sometimes even ended up talking to herself. She missed her parents, her sisters, her cousins, her friends.

Kiara wiped her tears off and listened intently to the news, she had to know if they were safe but something told her someone close to her would be hurt. She saw something yesterday in the morning, something horrifying. Her so-called, self-proclaimed mother, Tanu, was planning to kill her sister! She had to do something to stop this and she decided to warn her youngest sister by saying Prachi’s name.

She knew Tanu was planning to harm Prachi as she had seen her aim a knife at Prachi’s photo. Kiara was furious and glad that she wasn’t actually related to this horrible woman in any way.

Just to be sure that Prachi was safe Kiara decided to stop her college earlier when there was no storm. She had found out about Prachi’s college by following her, which she felt extremely guilty about but she had to protect her little sister. Especially when she knew that Tanu hated her more as she had her real mother’s upbringing and qualities.

She was more than glad when she saw that Prachi and her husband had a bodyguard with them and instantly knew that her other sister understood why she said Prachi’s dream in her sister’s dream.

She came out of her thoughts when she heard the news reporter say, “you heard right, there have been multiple plane crashes in one day. It’s devastating news as there have also been over 1 thousand deaths caused by the storm, today. To add to that the planes that have crashed are nowhere to be found and the storm has made history as never has there ever been a worldwide storm”

Kiara worriedly thinks, what if something happened to Prachi because of the storm. No, she’s my sister a little storm couldn’t do anything to her, could it? 

Kiara quickly goes to her phone and searches latest news on Abhishek Prem Mehra, on google. She sighs in relief as no news about anyone being hurt had come up. Yet, she still couldn’t wash the feeling that something bad had happened, to someone close to her. She silently prayed that everything would be alright. She didn’t want her parents to loose someone else close to them, like Prachi or her other sister, who’s name she still hadn’t figured out. She knew they had suffered so after her death that they even decided to separate from each other and she didn’t want anything like that to happen again.

Little did she know that someone was indeed in danger but it wasn’t who she thought it was.


Prachi, Ranbir, Aryan and Shahana are pacing around the room in tension. Prachi tries to stop her tears but fails and ends up sobbing endlessly. Ranbir tries to console Prachi but does not succeed. Ranbir looks toward Aryan and Shahana for help but the both them seem like their about to burst out crying at any minute.

Ranbir cupped Prachi’s face and says, “Prachi please calm down. I’m sure chief will get better soon. He knows that his family can’t stay without him.” 

Prachi looks into Ranbir’s eyes with pure sadness and slowly nods but ends up burying her face in Ranbir’s chest and sobs, while Ranbir rubs her while tears roll down his cheeks as well. Aryan and Shahana too are hugging each other tightly and crying.


Mishti and Kabir are sitting down silently praying for Abhi to be alright. After all, Abhi was Kabir’s uncle and shared a great bond with Mishti. Tears rolled down Mishti’s eyes and she wondered how things changed so fast, just earlier this morning she was the best time of her life. She had managed to bring her brother and sister-in-law closer and things were going great but now….. now things weren’t even okay.


Mishti was walking towards Prachi when she saw Prachi get exceedingly excited. Mishti smirked as she saw why Prachi was so excited and then the best possible thing happened, her brother, Ranbir Kohli was walking towards Prachi to go and talk to her. That’s just what Mishti had wanted and she thanked the stars for her brother such a great sense of timing. 

Prachi quickly ran and hugged the person in front of her Mishti couldn’t hear her say word but she already knew what she would probably be saying. Mishti could also see that a certain someone was fuming with anger. 

Ranbir clenched his fists clearly annoyed by the fact that Prachi was hugging some other guy who he didn’t even know! Mishti chuckled as she imagined his face when he found out about who this random guy actually was. 

Mishti saw Ranbir walk towards Prachi and the guy and she decided to eavesdrop on the conversation, there was no way she would miss it.  

Mishti heard Ranbir ask Prachi, “who is he?!” “I’m…” the guy began to speak but was interrupted when Ranbir again asked Prachi, “who is he?” 

“Ranbir calm down. He’s Sunny Bhayia. No need to get jealous,” Prachi rolled her eyes. Ranbir opened his mouth and then closed it again.

“Oh so he is your husband who you continuously talk about,” Sunny said. Prachi glares at Sunny and Ranbir smirks at Prachi. 

Mishti was going to listen to the rest of the conversation as well but she saw something unbelievable and she instantly ran over there. 

She glared at Kabir and yelled, “what are you doing holding Shahana’s hand?!” “And what are you doing holding Kabir’s hand?!” Aryan, who come out of nowhere, yelled at Shahana. 

Kabir and Shahana instantly let go each others hand and smirked at their friends. “Jealous?” They both raised their eyebrows at Mishti and Aryan. “Huh, please. Me jealous and that too because of you,” Mishti rolled her eyes. Aryan too denied being jealous. 

“So you won’t mind if I kiss Shahana on the cheek/So you don’t mind if Kabir kisses me on the cheek,” Kabir/Shahana say at the same time. Aryan and Mishti look horrified and instantly say, “don’t you dare!” 

Kabir and Shahana burst out laughing and hi-five saying, “mission accomplished.” Mishti and Aryan frown but soon they too join in the laughing. 

*Flashback Ends*

Kabir hugs Mishti tightly and says, “Maasu ji will be alright. He has to be.” Mishti nods with tears in her eyes.


Riya looks at the woman in front of her with tears but decides quickly blinks them away.

Pragya hugs Riya tightly and whispers in a shattered voice, “you father will be alright. He has to be. He can’t leave me, not again. He promised he would never leave me. He can’t break that promise. He can’t.” 

Riya hugs Pragya back tightly and says, “he won’t leave us mom. He won’t.” Riya too lets all her tears and the mother-daughter duo cry their hearts out.


A woman is shown looking out the window with a sinister smirk playing on her lips. She smiles as even if she failed to eliminate her  enemy’s older twin at least she was able to put her enemy’s beloved husband in danger. Tanu had originally planned to eliminate Prachi and Riya first but they were both surrounded by bodyguards because according to her old ‘friend’ the younger twin, Riya had insisted that Prachi and her husband should be surrounded by bodyguards at all times. Pragya and Abhi instantly agreed and decided to put Riya and their namesake daughter under the protection of bodyguards as well.

Tanu was beyond irritated when she found out about the bodyguards, it caused large problems for her plans and so Tanu decided to cause Abhi’s ‘accident’ instead of any one of his daughters. Even if that meant Abhi would suffer less at least Pragya would suffer and she definitely hated Pragya more than she hated Abhi. She would make Pragya’s life hell and she was ready to whatever it took.

Tanu hears a noise and she looks behind her and sighs in relief to see that it’s only Kiara. “Mihika, come in sweetheart,” Tanu says, with a fake smile plastered on her lips.

Kiara nervously walks in and tells Tanu that she’s scared. Tanu misunderstands Kiara and thinks she’s scared of the storm. Tanu says, with fake affection, “no need to be scared sweetheart. It’s just a storm we’re safe and that’s what matters.”

Kiara shakes her head in no and says, “I’m scared because I feel that someone close to me is in danger.”

“Mihika….. you father he’s had an.. an accident. and his condition his… very critical,” Tanu says with fake sobs.

Tanu happily thinks, your father really has had an accident and his condition really is critical, Miss. Kiara Mehra. I should be getting the happy news of his death soon. 

Kiara looks at Tanu with shock and then runs into her room. Tanu wickedly smirks.


Kiara tries to swallow up her tears. She knew that Tanu meant her real father, her super dad and not Nikhil when she was talking about her father. She knew Tanu had tried to kill her super dad. She wondered how the rest of her family would be at this moment, she hoped they were all safe and sound.

She silently prayed to god to not let anything happen to her father. She didn’t want him to die like this. He had to live, for her mother, for her sisters, for her.

She wished powers could’ve helped her out here but that’s not how it worked. She only knew the future when it really mattered yet a lot of the time her visions wouldn’t be the future. They would just be something that may’ve happened. She covered herself with her blankets and tried to sleep hoping that her father, her real father, would at least see the next 1,000 sunrises.


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