Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 16

The same night

In Pragya’s House

Prachi & Shahana get ready to leave suddenly Pragya enters and gets shocked.

Pragya – Where are you both going? You hv packed ur bags like if u are going forever. Tell me.

Prachi & Shahana get tensed on hearing this as they haven’t thought of the excuse which they could make while leaving.

Prachi- Woh.. Maa… we are… (Suddenly Prachi rememebers Rhea’s words). Maa we hv an educational tour actually I forgot to inform you about it…

Pragya – Okay, that’s okay but why hv u packed so much stuff?

Shahana – Actually massi we are carrying our old clothes with us so that we can donate them to poor, so that’s why it is looking like that.

Pragya hugs both of them and feels proud of having daughters like them she wishes both of them best of luck for their tour. Prachi and Shahana emotionally bid farewell to Pragya.

Shahana & Prachi reach a few steps away from their house and wait for the taxi.

While In Kohli Mansion

Pallavi stops Ranbir from leaving the mansion .

Pallavi – Stop Ranbir else you will see my dead face.

Ranbir – Enough is enough mom… Not this time.. Nobody can stop me from leaving not even you. And if anyone will stop me then it will not be good for them, so you people better not try it.

Saying this he leaves from Kohli mansion to Pragya’s House.

Ranbir is in his car and is continually thinking about the events which happened between him and Prachi over a past few days. He thinks of resolving every issue and clearing every misunderstanding between them. After a few minutes he reaches Pragya’s house. He rings the door bell, Pragya opens the door and welcomes him.

Pragya – Ranbir… Come in beta, what happened is everything okay… I mean at this time suddenly.

Ranbir – No aunty, everything is fine and sorry to disturb you at this time. (Ranbir’s eyes were searching Prachi… He could not coming control himself anymore and asks about Prachi). Aunty where are Prachi and Shahana, are they sleeping?

Pragya – No beta they are not sleeping, actually they hv gone for educational tour… haven’t you gone?

Ranbir (confused) -Educational tour… But aunty our college has not conducted any educational tour..

Pragya (tensed) – But they both said that they are going for tour….

Ranbir- Aunty can I see their room.

Pragya – Yes, beta come.

She takes Ranbir to Prachi and Shahana’s room. Ranbir and Pragya search for clue which can tell them about whereabouts of Prachi & Shahana. Ranbir opens the cupboard and finds that all the proposal cards lying there and gets tears in his eyes.

Ranbir – She left me… (He sees the ring and gets emotional). Prachi promised me that she will never part away with her ring unless or until they will leave each other….. It means … she left me… No this can not happen. No….

While Pragya finds a piece of paper and falls on her knee after reading it. Ranbir rushes towards her and holds the chit in his hand.

The chit goes like this:-

Maa I am really sorry ,if it is possible pls forgive me. Since my childhood I hv always seen you as a strong women but now… now I can’t see you in this state..it’s unbearable. I tried to stop myself from taking this step but something unexpected happened in last few days which forced me to do so.It is very difficult for me as a daughter to see my dad marry another woman in front of my eyes, I am sorry maa…. take good care of yourself and pls don’t let papa marry Meera aunty…. I know Rhea is really a nice girl and she will surely accept you, she loves u very much…. I want to see you happy so I hv to do this.. because of me you hv faced a lot of problems but not anymore… I am sorry maa….

Ranbir gets tears in his eyes thinking of Prachi and tries to console Pragya. They both go out to search for Prachi & Shahana.

In the car

Ranbir drives the car while Pragya is continuously crying.

Pragya (crying) – Prachi…Prachi was not like that she is a strong girl who used to fight with problems… How can she leave me.. She knows that I love her so much and can’t live without her but still she left me… Why?

Ranbir – Calm down aunty, we will find Prachi & Shahana for sure. Don’t you worry.

Pragya (crying) – Prachi…Shahana are two integral parts of my life, they are always there to support me but now if my support is not there how will I handle myself….

Ranbir feels pity for Pragya . He then decides to call Abhi. He calls Abhi.

On call

Abhi – Hii, Ranbir.

Ranbir (tensed) – Chief this is not the time for doing hello -hii.

Abhi hears the cries Pragya.

Abhi- Ranbir, what happened and who is crying?

Ranbir – Chief she is Prachi’s mom…

He was interrupted by Abhi in between.

Abhi – Prachi’s mom means Pragya, what happened to her and why is she crying ?

Ranbir – Chief I can’t explain you whole thing on phone, you just come near the area 1km away from taxi stand.

Abhi rushes from Mehra Mansion, Rhea gets tensed on seeing him like that.

Rhea’s POV

I know dad that u are upset with this marriage but u don’t worry, tomorrow I will make everything fine then I, you and mom will live as a happy family.

Rhea leaves for her room while Abhi reaches the spot where Ranbir & Pragya were waiting for him. Abhi sees Pragya crying and hugs her.

Abhi – What happened Ranbir why is she crying?

Ranbir (stammering) – Woh chief… Prachi..

He was interrupted by Abhi

Abhi – Prachi.. What happened to her? Is she fine and where is she?

Ranbir – Chief Prachi left her house.

Abhi gets the shock of his life.

Abhi – What… But why?

Ranbir – Chief I’ll explain you everything later but first we need to find her.

Abhi & Pragya go together while Ranbir goes in his car. They enquire many taxi driver and through one of them they come to know about Prachi & Shahana. They follow them at high speed and reach near their taxi. Suddenly Prachi notices the two cars following them and is able to see only Ranbir’s face.

Prachi’s POV

Ranbir… Why is he following us? It means maa….no, no I can’t let this happen… I am sorry maa I hv to go away from u and papa for ur happiness… I can’t let them catch us.

Prachi – Bhaiya pls drive the car a little faster.

Shahana – But why? We don’t need to rush, we are far away from our houses.

Prachi – Just see… Who is following us.

Shahana looks back and gets shocked on seeing Ranbir.

Shahana – Ranbir..How is it possible?

She gets interrupted by Prachi..

Prachi – Shahana this is not the time to think anything… Bhaiya pls drive the car more fast.

Taxi driver – Madam speed is already 80 .

Prachi – Bhaiya pls increase a little we need to reach fast.

The taxi driver drives the car fast while Abhigya and Ranbir are also following them.

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  9. Neethumol Mathews

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