Will Vyas brothers unite in London?

Kabir entered the show when Kalika was ruling. Kalika punctures Saras’s car so that he can’t reach his engagement and break Kumud’s trust once again. Saras luckily gets a lift from Kabir and reaches Desai house on time and gets engaged with Kumud. Saras instantly felt there is some relation between them, Kabir did not look a stranger to him. Saras met him again and again and soon Kabir was brought to Desai house to live with them. Kabir got in everyone’s good books.

Kabir them made himself introduced to Ghuman, roaming around her, making her believe in him, showing her his interest in her. Ghuman found him helpful and soon they became good friends. Ghuman called him for every little thing and he never said no. Everyone assumed that he was Saras’s enemy and would ruin the Desai house, as he had a miniature of the Desai house and the family members.

But it was not true, Kabir came to take revenge from Ghuman. He had a solid reason. He is Sarawati’s son and Saras’s brother whom Ghuman tried to kill when he was born and made him away from his mum, leading to Laxminandan abandoning his mum and marrying Ghuman. Kabir took revenge with Laxminandan for dumping his mum and making her commit suicide. Kabir blames him for all this wrong happened with him. He did not get parents’ love and his heart has full hatred for Ghuman.

Menka did his upbringing and told him Ghuman’s truth. Menka did so to use him against Ghuman and get hold of Ghuman’s property as Ghuman has always kept her under her thumb. Saras and Kumud find Kabir’s truth from Menka and were shocked to know that Kabir is Saras’s brother. Ghuman tells them that Kabir is waiting for her in London and his death will meet him there. Saras and Kumud land in London to save Kabir from Ghuman’s evil plan. Will they be able to save Kabir or not, we can’t say, what do you think about it, share your opinion with us.

  1. He Will save his Brother

  2. Ofcourse………………if not this story will become bad…………positive and negative thing are happening equally in this show what is the success of this show…I am expecting something good agian…..

  3. In UK, Saras only need to inform the police about his brother. They will do the investigation and can find Kabir with the clues. ..of all that people following Saras/Kumud. Police in UK are not the corrupted lot like the one in India!! They are well paid

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