Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Romi to take Ruhi inside. The judge scolds Shagun and says its strange that your daughter was afraid seeing you, if you waste my time again, I will put you in jail. Shagun says I m sorry but I m not wrong. The judge says enough and says I know the situation now. She leaves with Shagun. Ishita thanks Mihir for informing on time. Mihir says thank God, you managed everything. Raman asks Mihir how did he know all this. Mihir says he went to court and came to know this. Bhallas bless Mihir. Raman thanks him. Mihir says I will leave for office now, there is much work.

Ishita and Raman look at each other. Yeh hai mohabbatein ………………plays……………….Ishita leaves. Simmi looks at Raman eyeing her and asks why did you not stop her. He says I did all this infront of judge to save Ruhi. He asks Parmeet to explain Simmi how to say anything for their benefit. Parmeet says yes, so we are leaving from here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raaman to stop Parmeet and Simmi. Raman says he has the right to take the decision, if he wants to go, let him go, his self respect is hurt, even I would have done the same. Simmi says leave it, I m burden on Raman. Raman says think what you want, fine I will try to stop Parmeet.

Parmeet thinks everything was hating Ishita and Shagun spoiled everything. Parmeet goes to loo. Raman comes to his room and sees his phone. Raman leaves. Raman comes to his room and takes a mobile from the drawer. He comes back to Parmeet’s room and changes the phones. Parmeet comes out of loo and sees Raman at the door. Raman says Parmeet…. And comes in. He says I came to talk to you since I did not tell anything since night.

He says I m ashamed and don’t know how to face you, so many things happened that I could not do anything knowing the truth, you are son in law of this house and Simmi’s husband, I promise you I will not leave the one who is doing wrong with my sister. Parmeet says its ok. Raman asks when are you leaving. Parmeet says taxi is coming at 5pm. Raman says my driver will leave you. Parmeet says I don’t want your favors. Raman says fine, but meet me before leaving, I want you to give me chance to see you off, if you go without meeting me, I will feel you are punishing us for Ishita’s mistake.

Parmeet says fine, I will wait. Raman says I will wait for evening, you did not see how I treat people, I hope you don’t regret. Raman leaves asking him to wait for him. Parmeet says yes. He says is Raman thinking anything, or planning anything, he did so much, what was true and what not, I did not understand. He says did Sarika tell him anything. I will ask her and find out. He sees his phone off and says it was on, how did the battery go off so soon, fine I will charge and call her.

Raman says I changed his phone, now I will see does his phone have Sarika’s number or not. He messages Sarika to meet him urgently. Sarika gets the message and is tensed thinking why is Parmeet coming to meet her now. Raman comes to meet her and sees her scooty. He says it means she is here. He knocks her door. She opens the door and asks who. Raman asks are you Sarika. I m Raman Bhalla, I m Ishita’s husband. She says I don’t know anything. Raman says don’t be afraid of me, don’t worry Parmeet will not come, I messaged you from his phone as I want to talk to you.

She says go else I will call the guard. He says it’s a request, its about Ishita’s life, please talk to me. She says come in. Raman says thanks. He says my family have kicked out Ishita because of your wrong statement and no one is trusting her believing Parmeet. She wanted to help you, and you did this seeing her goodness, you are a woman and how could you do so. He says I know you are helpless, but you have to fight back, help me please. I promise you I will free you from Parmeet. Trisha shows some dresses to Ishita and is excited for her wedding.

Vandu, Bala and Shravan come. Vandu asks Trisha to show her outfits to Shravan. Trisha leaves. Vandu looks at Ishita. Ishita cries. Vandu hugs her. Bala asks Ishita to be more stronger. Vandu says our tears are not making us weak, but we are bringing out pain by this tears. Vandu says Ishita is very strong. She says why did you not tell me in clinic that day, I could not think you were talking about yourself and that Parmeet. Ishita says he is a monster. Raman talks to Sarika and asks about wrong statement.

Sarika tells how she lost job in Dubai because of Parmeet and he said he will give her money for her mum’s treatment and he gave her 3 lakhs taking 15 lakhs from them. She says he threatens me to kill my mum. Raman says not anymore. Bala says we won’t bear all this now. I spoke to my lawyer friend.

He says we will file the case and not leave Parmeet. Appa says why court, its family matter, I will talk to Mr. Bhalla, our name will be ruined of we go to court. Amma says you gave Ishita in that family, no one fought for her. Bala says we have to go court if we want justice. Its not about Ishita but for all girls. Raman tells Sarika that you stay quiet so Parmeet feels strong. Sarika says I was worried about my mum. He says I m with you, I will do your mum’s treatment and make you free from Parmeet, you have help me so that I can help you and Ishita.

He tells her to do some work. He says I will teach Parmeet how to respect women. Simmi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and is ready to leave. Parmeet says we will leave now. Simmi hugs Romi asking him to take care of mum. Raman comes and tells Parmeet that his phone is with him. Parmeet says oh. Raman says whats the hurry, take when you leave, I told you not to leave without meeting me, then why were you running. Parmeet says taxi was waiting. Raman says I told you I will bid you off well. I brought someone who wants to meet you. He brings Sarika with him. Parmeet is shocked to see her. Raman asks what happened, why are you shocked, did you not identify her. Raman thinks about Ishita’s words and gets angry.

Raman asks Ishita to slap Parmeet. Ishita is about to slap him but Simmi stops her holding her hand saying if you slap him, I will break your hand. Parmeet feels happy seeing Simmi protecting him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good episode.. Sometimes Simmi is more irritating than Parmeet being so supportive towards her characterless husband. She should be the one to slap him… slap him really hard… Pati Vrata Patni… Bull S***….

    1. maybe simmi stopped ishita to slap param herself
      u know those melodraatic scenes where she might say ” ishita tum mat maro,” and then she wud slap him erself and he would be shocked

  2. I prefer reading written updates as it is quick and easy still enjoyable. while reading you can imagine the entire serial as if your actually watching it. There is too much melo drama and unnecessary make up and bright get up which do not go with day to day life…

  3. yea love it

  4. V wnt watch on tv bcoz v R away from home staying in hostel anashrah

  5. thnks amena

  6. we work from 9 am to 7 pm, by the time we reach home from the damn traffic its 9 pm.. and all we want to do is go to eat and sleep since again we have to get up early to finish all house chores…. Plus watching serials takes more time.. will all those music and slow motions, …. gosh…this is best…

  7. Thanks a million to Amena. With your written updates life is made easier. May God bless you for your hard work.

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