Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini thanks GD and the party for nominating her and think she’s capable for CM’s position, but she doesn’t think she can take this responsibility.

They come home and RV says that he didn’t want to tell in front of everyone, but he agrees with Nandini. GD gives a good speech telling Nandini how corrupt people are in politics and citizens who pay tax still don’t get facilities that they deserve. There are people who don’t get enough food, who don’t have a place to stay, and people like Nandini can help them. People like Inderjit make promises and once they win the elections, they forget general public. Dadisa agrees with GD and suggests Nandini to join politics. Swaroop’s husband tells Dadisa that he thought she was against it. Dadisa says she was never against it otherwise she wouldn’t have let his son go into politics. She just has problem with wrong people running the nation. Some ladies from party come to their house and they bend to touch Nandini’s feet. Nandini stops them. They tell her that she is the one who brought happiness in their lives, and they want her to contest in the election. Now even RV says that he’s convinced with GD’s words and tells Nandini to join politics. Nandini finally agrees so she can try to solve people’s problem. GD says it won’t be easy as her opponent will be Inderraj and his son Sushant. Nandini says when she has decided to fight, she will win as well, and she will also respect the relationships.

Sushant, Inderjit’s son, gets this news and he thinks GD purposely stepped back and nominated Nandini as she thinks her party is going to lose. His assistant tells him not to take his opponent lightly, but he says that Nandini is a new player in this game, she won’t do any harm to them. He calls her and warns her about losing just like every other election. Nandini says those who lose have no fear, he should worry about himself, in case he loses.

Divya and Nandini’s family come to Raghuvanshi mansion for Divya’s pag-bharai ritual. Swaroop makes sure Divya doesn’t have any problem in that house else she can talk with them today. Divya says, she had one mum and dad before, but now she has two. Uttara asks her how she manages there in a single bathroom. That would be so dirty. Nandini tells Uttara that there are people who live happily together in their bathroom size house. Uttara is disgusted. Dadisa tells Nandini to take Uttara with her for campaigning, so she can see the reality as well. Uttara says no way. It’s so bright outside. GD tells her to stay at home. Everyone is having a good time. Dadisa tells Nandini’s parents about Nandini joining politics. Her dad is happy, but her mum thinks she should not join it. Nandini says she also felt the same, but now she wants to do something good for people. Her mum is convinced. RV, GD, Nandini leave for campaigning.

Nandini meets some people and tell them that they can share their problems with her and she will try her best to solve them. She appeals them for vote if they think she’s suitable for this position. Everyone starts telling their problems to her. Nandini assures them she will do something about it. In end, one lady tells her that she works at an orphanage and she thinks something is wrong there. GD says it’s run by Inderraj. They ask the lady to explain it to them. The lady says, girls who are between age of 12 and 15 find parents very fast and younger girls don’t find parents at all. When she asked her senior about it, she got mad and slapped her. Nandini, RV, GD get into thoughts.

Precap: Nandini has a plan, but GD and RV say it’s dangerous.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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