Will Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s ratings suffer without Rashi?

Rashi’s character was very much loved in the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya, as she was very lively, smart, naughty and always on her toes to do something. She was the arch rival of Gopi in the earlier phase of the show, and then with time, she has changed and turned into a best sister and best wife. She was a good bahu, but Kokila wanted to extract more from her, making her understand her responsibilities, as Rashi used to tend towards laziness a lot. Rashi always depended on Gopi and made her do all her work. Gopi did not mind, but Kokila made Gopi understand that Rashi needs to follow up her duties to lead a balanced life.

With Gopi’s lover, the Master ji Anurag, coming back in Gopi’s life and haunting her with his forced love and kidnapping her to get married to her, by dumping his life, Anurag had become the addition of the Star Plus’ villains. Anurag was crazy about Gopi and fumed seeing her with Ahem. Rashi came to know about Anurag, and went on to save Gopi from his dirty clutches. Rashi reached Gopi on the right time and stopped Anurag from filling the Sindoor in Gopi’s hairline and marry her. Rashi took Gopi and ran with her, so that Anurag can’t hurt them. But Anurag being in a rage, went to kill them, as if Gopi is not his, then she can’t be Ahem’s too. Rashi comes in between and gets killed by Anurag. Gopi is shocked losing her dearest sister. The sweet Rashi died in the show last week and many are missing her as she rocked the show with her bubbly character. What do you think, will the show and its ratings suffer without her or not? Give your opinion.

  1. Rashi is the best part of this plot without Rashi this serial will look like a heroine without makeup…lol…..Rashi the queen of expressions plz come back….SNS is nothing without you….

  2. Yes rashi aka rucha come back please!!!.without u the serial is incomplete..please comr back. ..i am saying this from bottom of my heart

  3. I stopped watching this show because the character(Rashi) which i liked is no more. I dont think this Serial will last for longer days without rashi.

  4. Ya i also think so !

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