Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu/molu show Urmila Rashi’s letter given to them by Gopi and says Gopi will give them more letters. Gopi asks them to go up while she gets them another letter. Urmila slaps Gopi for fooling her grandchildren and asks her not to trick them again. She says she cannot leave her grandchildren with a murderer and will tell them the truth that Rashi is dead.

Urmila goes up to children’s room and sees Tolu/molu talking about asking Gopi when will Rashi come back. She says she will tell where Rashi is and is about to tell the truth when Gopi comes there and gives kid’s pencil box. Kids says how does she know that they wanted pencilbox. Gopi says Rashi told her and gives them colour pencils. She asks them to go out and play. Kids leave while Urmila tries to stop them and tell the truth.

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Kokila says Urmila that she can understand her situation, but she cannot allege Gopi for Rashi’s death. She asks her to leave from there now. Urmila says she will tell truth to the kids and they will hate Gopi and leaves from there. Kokila scolds Gopi for hiding the truth and says it is children’s right to know about Rashi’s death. Gopi says she wanted children to calm down first and now she feels it is right time to tell children truth. She says she will speak to Jigar about it and leaves form there.

Pari sees Jigar sitting sadly and asks him to come out with him. He says he is not in mood to go out. Ahem calls Jigar, but his phone is out of order. Pari tries to convince Jigar, but he shouts and says he does not want to go out. Gopi and Kokila/Hetal come there. Pari says Gopi she is obeying her order and asked Jigar to come with her. Gopi asks when did she tell her. She says just now outside. Hetal says Pari is too sharp. Pari again asks Jigar if they can go out. Jigar gets angry and walks out.

Gopi says Jigar that she does not have any words to console him, he has to accept the truth that Rashi will not come back and move forward. She says we have to live for our dear ones and says we should tell children the truth. Jigar says it is not the right time. She says we can’t wait long and should tell them now. Jigar says when he cannot tolerate the pain, how will children tolerate pain of losing their mother and says he does not have courage to tell the truth.

Urmila reaches home. Kinjal says she was worried about her. Urmila says Gopi is not that brave to kill her. Kinjal asks her not to blame Gopi repeatedly and says children have lost their mother, she should not try to snatch their father now. Madhuben also backs Kinjal and says kids should stay in Modi bhavan as there are many people to take care of them. Urmila says Gopi also there who will kill them like Rashi.

Tolu/mulu cry and ask each other when will thier mother come back. They see Gopi, hug her and ask when will their mom come back. Gopi picks out a letter and says Rashi has sent them letter again. Kokila sees that and says she warned Gopi not to play with children’s emotions, but she is continuing. She is about to stop Gopi when Jigar stops and reads letter.

Gopi reads letter and says Rashi has gone to God/Kanha ji’s house. Jigar says she will not come from there. Tolu/molu say they need their mother back. Gopi says she has gone to send gifts for you and she is enjoying there. Jigar says everyone’s candle is lighting their except Rashi’s. Kids ask why. Gopi says it is litting off because of your tears and asks them not to cry, else Rashi will be in pain. Kids promise they will not cry again.

Precap: Gopi hugs tolu/molu and says she is their mummy from today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hmmm…… this is getting boring…. I quit reading this from now on…

  2. Gopi didnt change..still a dumb. Boring!!!

  3. Without rashi , the serial is really getting very bored!!:(
    Till now d serial was on top ratings Is truly because of her!!

  4. Urmila should slap gopi for more 3-4 times so that she got some brain

  5. Bring rashi back

  6. Where is Lokeshwari

    1. Who is lokeshwari

  7. I still like old Gopi the most

  8. Agar rashi in videsh jeans nahi pahan sakti to gopi India mein chudidaar kyo pahanthi, i hate new gopi she doesn’t knoe acting

  9. Interesting new gopi acting

  10. rashi… missng u lot

  11. i too lyk old gopi

  12. Hai grisy I am here….plz stop this nonsense we can’t see this serial without Rashi I am missing her very badly….. This serial is getting dumb day by day…in this serial younger sisters comes to meet elder sisters n settle downs with their bro-in-laws…….don’t no why this writers always runs after this type of concepts……this is the same sasural simar ka story with some modifications…… This story is running away from the reality…. If anything happens like this that if any person in a family dies n the children’s of that house still don’t no the truth ……as rashi’s kids r very sharp n active it is very ridiculoud that they still didn’t came to know abt their moms death…… Poor story line losing its standards…..

  13. very sad episod :'(

  14. Hai Lokeshwari……!!! Ur comments r so interesting n good….just like you….love ur comments very much….how many of u like this comments…..

  15. Lokeshwari…. your fan following is increasing day by day 😛

  16. Please bring rashi back and gopi needs to speak up for herself more but love this show it’s nothing without both of them together and they should show what happened to that teacher

  17. But the precap was very emotional. ..also this is the chance for the writters to say bye to parhidi

  18. Stupid gopi.i don’t like her and same as kokila. Rashi was best and her saas was also.gopi and her saa as are stupid.i don’t know what are they talking about.thought them very intelligent but they are foolish.they don’t know how to tackle the situation in. And nothing is good in their lives every time tension.i feel soo sorry for rashi.she was best.

  19. Tu lo molo should know about rashi and they also have right to see their mother in her last moment.when my brother died in accident .i take my children and they saw they remember that their mamoo.but it’s drama u know.not reallty

  20. i thought this programme was coming to an end – if so hurry up and wind it up – all living happily ever after LOL!!!! MEN DUMB As ever have no dialogue yet they have lasted all these years staying in the background.

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