Episode 6,Theme:Love and misunderstandings.

Scene 1:Pareikh Mansion.

Next day Avni helps Neil get ready.
Then they both get ready to go but suddenly Avni is about to fall down but Neil holds her.


When Avni regains his consciousness Neil feeds her some food and then they both go back to Khanna Mansion.

After three months Avni and Neil believe Nishant when he says that he is sorry for hitting him that they.But that day only he calls avneil to party where he wears a human bomb and blasts it and Neil gets injured and when he regains his conciseness in hospital Avni meets him and after that he gets discharged and he goes home that nigh he sees Avni crying and consoles her that he will never go away from her.
But the next day a misunderstanding occurs because of which Neil thinks that Avni joined hands With Nishant and tried to kill Neil so Neil bursts out at Avni and asks her to go away from her life and Avni goes with a broken heart.

Precap: After 8 years Neil and Avni meet and Neil is very sorry for what he did but Avni hates him and Neil comes to know about his And Avnis son Mowgli.

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