Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 15)

hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff .. Hope you guyzs liked the previous part . here is the next part of myff

zoya @ashis’s house

zoya- ashish im asking you something? were pooja and yash in relationship( she was damm scared a she was goining to get her answers today)

ashish- zoya..bhabhi..actually

zoya- yes or no ashish

ashish – bhabhi every question cannot be answered in simple yes or no.there is a story behind this

zoya – which story ashish ?

ashish- 4 years ago .   i and yash started the company. yash was married d to you anhe wanted to settle up the buisness

zoya- yes i know he used to talk about it

ashish -when he used to come here we atayed together.

that was the day when we when we went to meetour  first client .

zoya- ( though she knew but she asked for her statisfaction) which client

ashish- pooja hooda

zoya- they were just clients ?

ashish- we planned aditya hooda’s partyand it was a great sucess. our buisness was goining really well but…

zoya- but what/

ashish- after tthat party pooja met with yash almost regularly. initially we three used to meet the bonding between yash and pooja grew remarkably. after that they used to meet alone . when i asked yashhe said that pooja wanted the meet him alone

zoya was dumbstruck listening to this

zoya- ysh used to go whwnever she called him?

ashish- yes . initially he used to feel akward but then he became used to ppojs presence. his visit to mumbai incresed. i never questioned their friendshipbut that day

he bowed down his head

zoya- what ashish?

ashish – i called yash he said that he sayed that he is masoorie with you and hence cannot come to attend meeting . i agreed butcoincidently my meeting was there where pooja and ysh ….

zoya- pooja and yash..what ?ashish plzz dont hesistate i want to know everything

ashish- booked room for night.i saw them but i was with clients hence i dint react. i confronted yash and pooja .. i was surprised

when pooja said that she fell in love with him. yash also agreed

now zoya’s world appeared to be fake to her . when she heard that the person she loved the most was in love with someone else. their relationship, their hapiness appeared to be fake to her.she was shattered but she dint show him .

zoya- ( hidding her tears ) afterthat

ashish- i knew that they both were married . i tried to make them understand that cheating their respective partners were not a good option. pooja claimed that she was not happy with adi he was her bestfriend but not love .she never loved him it was destiny who brought yash and her together. she claimed that aditya hooda her gusband never cared for her .he was consirned about himself he never love her . he treated her like his friend but she bnever got what a wife wants from her husband

zoya denied all this as she knew that adi loved only her and he still loves er even though she cheated him

ashish- yash was the piller for pooja.

zoya – i cant listen anymore ashish srry i cant…

she was about to go

ashish- bhabhi… pooja was pregnant with yash’s child

that’s it zoya was shattered she was broken everthing was finished for her

ashish- bhabhi.. im ssry bhabhi.. i dint meabn to hurt you but i thought that yo should know it

zoya- thanks ashish ….

she left

zoya reached her home as it was late every one was asleep except yash’s mother

yash’s mother- zoya.. beta where were you

zoya- ma.. i had some work.. its complete now

mother-  okm beta its already to late go and sleep now

she left and zoya also left for her bed room

@ bedroom

zoya  saw yash pic

zoya- kya kami thi humme yash .. i was left with nothing yash what i had was our love and meomary u snatched it too yash ,,, i hate u .. i hate..  u i hate..u i love you yash … i love u

oh..sathii ( from baghi 2 plays)zoya fell asleep while reminsing moments spend with yash and what she heard about yash and pooja today

  1. Aafiya

    Finally the truth is out..
    Feeling bad for Zoya…
    The part was super and awesome..
    Waiting for the next update..
    Post it as soon as possible..
    Take care.

  2. Priya (arijitlover)

    The episode was nice and emotional…But i am happy that yash n pooja’s truth came in front of zoya…Plz update next one soon…

  3. Priya (arijitlover)

    The episode was nice and emotional….Plzz update next one soon….

    Dear kanika
    It’s interesting part ??????
    Take care and stay safe ?

  5. connect that nurse talk to this.. wow great.. if this will be the real story.. wow great

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