Waqt sabka aata hai….. {One shot }

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Life isn’t that easy like it seems to be…

I never cared for anything…I got everything whatever I wanted. I was a spoiled brat of a rich businessman..that’s what everybody used to say and to some extent it was true also.
I used to roam with my friends, do parties and never cared for my studies.
But soon we came in 12th and our lives changed. My friends started enjoying less , I don’t know why…
My parents also started taunting me for my poor academic performances .
My friends stopped talking with me as I never cared for studies and 12th class is a period when every student gets serious. But I didn’t got affected.
And as a result In 12th I scored very poor marks. I got rejection from everywhere.

I decided to do diploma in computer science. My parents had lost all hopes for me . Many people started laughing at me , taunted me “join your father’s company, why you need to work hard, u are born with silver spoon enjoy it . You can’t do diploma in computer science”.
That sentence pierced my heart .

I was totally shattered my mother said, “be proud of who u are and not ashamed of how others see you” .
When some tells NO that doesn’t means u can’t , u have potential to do everything but for that you need to work hard. She pacified me.
You were born to win but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to and expect to win. Don’t think about others people will say what they want … We can’t shut anyone . In this world most of the dreams are broken only because of one line “what people will say”. Think like a proton and stay positive. Let no one discourage you.

I got a ray of hope. I started working hard. I struggled as I was very poor in academics. It was taking time but I worked harder and harder. I was in final year when I met a girl who joined our college recent. We became friends and soon best friends. We had a very nice understanding. Slowly we got to know everything about each other.
Once we were discussing about a project in canteen, some of the passing boys commented “why does he need to work hard, he can simply buy the degree and I have heard he was very poor in academics , he can’t do , in last he will sit at home only.

I got furious and was about to answer them but she stopped me.
She said what wrong are they saying. I got numb at her statement.
She said don’t waste your time on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all”
You have to accept the truth that you are rich and you were very poor student but you have talent . You have to show them that you can do it with your hard work and determination. Be strong and don’t let anyone brainwash you.
I was silently listening her. After that I got calm and we started working. After sometime we got stuck at a sum. We tried a lot but couldn’t solve it . I was fed up of doing so. I said to leave that but she was trying and trying and poking me also. I said “I’m not an Einstein, let’s skip this”
She said do you know what Einstein used to say. I nodded “no”. She said “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious”.
I was looking at her and suddenly she said in excitement “see here we were wrong”.

Unknowningly we were falling for each other. And I realised when she met an accident. I was totally shattered. Doctors had almost lost all hopes that she would live. But by God’s grace and our prayers she returned.
One evening we were sitting in a park , out of blue she asked why would you care if something had happened to me after all we are just friends , you could have get another Friend. I shut her by keeping my forefinger on her lips. Our eyes locked for a moment . I slowly spoke “u are not only my friend , you are more than that, I don’t know what’s happening to me in last few days, I’m badly addicted to you. In last few I got to realise that I can’t live without you , I will die if anything happens to you , I need you, u are my strength . my day seems incomplete if I don’t talk to you,
I don’t know how you will react after listening to this. But I want to say this as I can’t keep it for myself. I’m in love with your behaviour, your talks, your habits. When ever you are not there with I feel incomplete but whenever you are with me I feel complete. I love you alot.

In return she hugged me and started crying. I was on cloud nine after listening that she too loved me.
But still the things were not that easy. I had to do something.
Whenever I failed she encouraged me, whenever I became hopeless she became a ray of hope for me. She stood beside me in my every problem. She was there for me in my every problem

Kabirrrr come fast dinner is ready.

Ohh she’s my saanchi , my love, my life. We got married 4 years back She’s the reason what I’m now. Today I’m one of the most successful business tycoon and our company is a renowned companies in the world. Sometimes I feel ignorance is also necessary as it boosts up our confidence and encourages us. “Bura waqt sabka aata h , kuch tut jate h or kuch record todte h”. The greatest pleasure in life is doing something what people say you cannot do. Everything depends on your mindset. It can make you strongly mental or mentally strong. You can have hopeless end or you can have an endless hope. Never let others decide the parameters for your success. Always try to get higher and higher because you can never learn everything .

Papa come fast na mumma is getting angry. My trance was broken again when my 3 year old daughter came running to me calling for dinner . I scooped her in my arms and went to have dinner.


Phewww finally it’s done. I’m sorry guys if I disappointed you all. You all might have expected kaanchi love story but I have written this for our fav Vikram sir. WISHING HIM HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER . He has been in industry from last 6 years and his TV debut show SDCH became a turning point in his career. The way he portrayed the character of Dr. Kabir is outstanding which won uncountable number of hearts. Dr.kabir would not be the endearing he is , but by Vikram sir’s flawless interpretation and portrayal of him.
He has continuously given flawless performance. We got see almost all shades of Dr.kabir in SDCH. For me Dr.kabir is the real hero of SDCH. Dr.kabir is one of the best characters in the history of Indian television. Dr.kabir as a character will remain my all time favourite .

I’m sorry for the inconveniences and my poor English… I’m sorry again for disappointing you all. Press like if u liked n if not then pls do give me your feedback. I will try to improve from next time.

N yaa I thing I forgot to mention. This is my 25th writing . what a nice coincidence . Vikram sir’s bday n my 25th article.

According to no. it’s 27 but if you remember then 2 of them which I posted in last 2 months was not mine. I reposted as it gave social message.

An important announcement too. I don’t have time to write separate one . I have ideas for 2 ffs . do choose one. Don’t worry I will write both but at a time I can write only one so do tell me which one you want first.

THAT CATCH : Beginning of a love story

In this the ff will start from the record room scene when saanchi fell in kabir’s arm. The beginning of a love story. After that Sanchi’s identity n her mission to take revenge from malhotra to her love story. In this veer will be a prankster only bcoz most of the viewers loved that mode only including me also . So overall this ff will contain medical drama (jitni meri knowledge h ) , fun , revenge , love , n most probably comedy . ( suggest me a better title )

CASANOVA ~ falling for you.

Pls do give me suggestions n ideas for this. Kabir n saanchi in same college. Kabir being a flirt boy n saanchi a cute but not mute girl. If kabir is heartthrob of girls then saanchi is disaster for the college. This ff will contain fight, hate , lust , drama, secret n love .

So which one do you want first . I had said that I will not write anymore but when I shared this secret of writing with my roommates they suggested me not to leave writing so here I’m with the ff ideas. And I won’t be able to give regular updates. One episode once in a week. I’m sorry but I will try my best to post as soon as possible.
So if you all are OK with it then pls do let me know.

Have a wonderful day Frnds
See u soon
Lots of love
Take care


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  1. It’s just amazing dear, you said true that Dr. Janie’s character is One of the best character in television.
    I am confused right now about the choice of ff, you said you will write both so this time choice is yours. Please say thanks to your roommates because of them you are back nd now we all will definitely enjoy reading your ff. I hope all the kanchi writers will definitely come back like you. Take care dear nd this time please don’t leave us

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank uu so much samidha…ok sure dear i will thank them n yaa i too wish our writers come back…

  2. jinnyyyyyy kamaal krdita meri jaana…ye wala to mast mindbloeong tha…Happy bday to our fav vikram sir???????….lv uh loads jinny????

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank uu so much yaara…

  3. Beautiful OS loved it!
    Write any of the 2 ff both sound good
    Till now I was a silent reader!
    But opened up on my fav
    Vikram sirs b’day
    Happy birthday Vikram sir

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank uu so much dear…. I’m glad that u broke ur silence… thank uu so much

  4. RuCh23

    Haye!! Meri pagal choti behna wapas aagayiiiiiiii ??? soo happy!! It’s a nice story dear and I for one don’t expect only a love story always ??? I just read whatever you guys write ??? because every story contains it’s own amazing set of ideas. Coming to the point about your English, it has improved a lot!! I think writing in TU had helped us a lot to improve English ☺☺☺. And I can’t pick one story from these 2. Like Sami said since you’re writing both one after another, you can pick one for first!! Love you loads ???

    1. Priyanshipp

      Haa aa gyi teri pagal nhi mahapagal behna…. thank uu so much yara …n yaa TU has made me improve ny english a lot.. ok sure which ever story idea comes in my mind i will write. Luv u n take care..

  5. Superb u had really shown the struggles of life liked ur sentence that be positve lile a proton and abt the ff write the story which u feel to continue first.

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank uu so much dear….

  6. Aafiya

    Awesome and amazing os…
    Keep writing…
    Congratulations for the 25th article. All the best for your future updates..
    I would like to go with option 1…
    But it is totally upto you..
    Baye… Take care…

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank uu so much dear.

  7. Vanu

    option 1

  8. Dhruti

    thanks priyanshi for motivating me because i really need it…………………..yup story was superb and i loved it personally because it’s motivate me enough………….and don’t think about your english………….it will improve…………..i also improve my english by reading novels, watching movies with english subtitle………..so chill i understand what you are trying to say in your story and one day we both are fluent in english…………..tc…………………..see you soon……………my choice is 2nd one……………..

  9. I knew it. Maine jaise hi pdhna shuru kiya main smjh gyi thi ki tu hi hain jinny. Mast ekdam. Kya kahu ab. Tussi chha gye. Love you jinny.

  10. Amazing dear…. I loved it vey much…. Cant wait untill u return….. I like both of them….. But write the 2nd one first

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