Will the leap work good for Bandhan?

Bandhan – Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai which is based on relation between a little girl Darpan and her bonding with baby elephant is soon to take a leap. Bandhan is a heartwarming story of a very tender relationship between two innocent souls – one based on the most basic emotion of love and affection for one’s sibling, standing by each other through thick and thin and completing each other. After the leap, Darpan will grow up into a young woman.

Currently, the track is focusing on the kid Darpan’s character’s struggle against Vishwas Rao. Vishwas Rao takes Darpan to the corridor to show her what he saw over there. Just as he starts explaining her what he had seen, his eye catches Ganesh and Darpan walking upto him. Vishwas Rao is filled with fear reflected in his plea to Darpan to stop Ganesh before he could reach them. Darpan is confused as she is unable to understand what Vishwas Rao is talking about. Vishwas Rao runs for his life and falls before God’s alter. Vishwas Rao tells her that the spirit of Ganesh is haunting him. Darpan questions him what wrong he has done that Ganesh’s spirit seems to be haunting him.

However, she will lose her memory in the episodes to come and will forget about her revenge and the elephant, who she treats like a brother.Post leap, The story will shift to Mumbai and she will be shown living with a modern family. Chhavi Pandey will play grown up Darpan after leap in Bandhan. What do you think about this track? Will the leap work out for Bandhan? Let us know.

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  2. terrible

  3. Ya and she will hate animal..

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