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Story begins with a lady driving the car at a really high speed. She finally reaches the edge / top of a mountain hill and applies brake at the last moment. She gives her intro. You are taking it wrong. I am Rashmi Vaidya. I am not going to commit suicide but one thing is sure, one car will definitely go down from this valley one day. I wont be in that car but it will be Ankita Sharma. Ankita Sharma is a relationship manager in a bank.

Rashmi explains the reason behind her wish to throw Ankita Sharma from this hill. Flashback of her wedding is shown. My husband’s name is Sachin Vaidya, the guy whom I gave my everything without asking him for anything. I thought this is my house, my life, my fate. Sachin had suggested her to leave her job by the month end. Rashmi had agreed to whatever he or her in-laws told her to do. Her in-laws used to hint her to give them a grandkid soon. Rashmi is shown doing all the household chores of the house without complain. After some time, she gave birth to a baby boy.

Present Day:
Rashmi comes back home after dropping her son to school. This was my life. I , my house, my son, my husband. How can someone try to snatch my world from me? Rashmi is returning from somewhere and is looking for an auto. She notices Sachin’s car in the parking lot (of Park View Hotel).

Sachin and Rashmi discuss about spending some time together or with Jai (their son). he talks about his four new clients and how he has got the responsibility to handle them all. She tells him that their son misses him. He calls you so many times in a day but you don’t even care to send a message. Sachin asks her if she doubts him. you should understand my position. You have this doubt in your head that I don’t stay at office all day long, that I spend my time somewhere else. This is ridiculous! He walks out from there. Rashmi points out that there is indeed something fishy when a husband asks you if you doubt him. Sachin in lying to me!

Rashmi is standing outside the Park View Hotel. She calls Sachin. He lies to her that he is in office. He ends the call hastily. She looks at his car standing in the parking lot of the hotel.

Inside room no. 403, Ankita and Sachin are getting ready. Ankita has understood it that Rashmi is starting to doubt Sachin but she is not going to let go of him. Saching hugs her happily.

The whole family is having food. Sachin comes home. She straight away tells him that he was not in office. I saw your car at Hotel Park View. He asks her what she was doing there. He lies that the meeting was there at the hotel. She insists that he said he was at office. He acts all irritated and goes to washroom. Rashmi says, Sachin had understood that his lie has been caught. there was no point of expecting truth from him. there was someone else in his life. Who else can know it better than me? any wife can understand this much when relation turns cold. Whoever she is, she surely doesn’t know me!

Next day, Rashmi hires a private detective (P.D. Sahay) to spy on Sachin. He agrees to follow Sachin everywhere and collect proof. They agree on a sum of Rs. 75000 on four instalments.

Rashmi makes a duplicate key and gets the first instalment to be given to the detective from Sachin’s locker. He tells her that he dint find anything suspicious by checking his call details. She suggests that maybe Sachin is using another number but has also not seen him using another phone. Sahay decides to follow Sachin then.

Sahay spots Sachin and Ankita together at a lot many places (getting close and cosy too).

Sahay shows Sachin and Ankita’s pictures to Rashmi. Ankita is going to resign from her current job real soon. She is really pretty, has a god figure. Your husband is smitten by her and is planning to divorce you soon. Rashmi is in tears. Sahay tells Rashmi about Ankita’s favourite perfume. Your husband likes its fragrance a lot. He can do anything for Ankita. Two days ago they went to the hotel in Ankita’s car. Your husband is not using his car these days. They travel in Ankita’s car as Ankita likes driving. Plus your husband now knows that you have seen his car at the hotel so they are playing safe. One day, Ankita had asked Sachin till when they will continue like this. Sachin talks about giving divorce to Rashmi. I am ready to give her anything that she wants. She can even take Jai. Ankita smirks hearing it. Sachin says your perfume’s fragrance makes me mad. Sahay tells Rashmi about their first meeting a year ago. They were sitting opposite each other. Sachin first liked Ankita’s perfume and then Ankita. Both are bankers. They dint take time to come close. Ankita is young and hot. She had three affairs before meeting Sachin but she is serious this time. She wants to marry your husband.

Jai leaves with his grandparents to the beach. Sachin talks to Rashmi about their divorce. I am ready to give you anything that you want. Rashmi says I can take Jai as well then. he nods. Kids need mothers more. Rashmi scolds him for being irresponsible. Maybe she (Ankita) doesn’t want an extra baggage. They have an argument over the same. I lost my job, career for you, became the mother of your son. You got bored so its over? You find someone else more exciting so you want to separate from me? he talks about how it will be good it they mutually agree for it but she refuses to give him divorce. You cannot decide for both of us.

Rashmi’s inner souls battle about letting go of Sachin as he doesn’t love her anymore and of not letting go of Sachin as he has cheated you. Rashmi is in a fix.

Rashmi tells Sahay that she wants to distance Ankita from Sachin’s life for forever. He tells her that this is not his job but she requests him to help her in stopping Ankita ruin their life. He asks her if she want to kill Ankita. Rashmi asks herself if this is the only way to take out Ankita from their life. Is there no other way? Did Ankita not know that Sachin is married and has a kid? Why did she come in our life then? Rashmi agrees to kill Ankita after mulling over it. Sahay points out that he is an ex police officer. He cannot get involved in anything wrong but I can help you. I will take commission but wont be involved in it.

Rashmi meets a guy in a small restaurant. She gives him Ankita’s photo. You have to kill her but it should look like an accident. The guy tells Rashmi to learn driving. You told me that this girl (Ankita) loves driving so I cannot kill her in a way that leaves trail for police. It should be planned such a way that you come out of things safely.

Rashmi says Ankita caught my husband in her web of beauty now it’s my turn. This time she wont be able to escape from it.

The guy tells Rashmi to bring Ankita near the hill. I will handle the rest. He asks for 2 lakhs. Rashmi points out that she will kill Ankita right then and there if she meets her. Make the first move. Become her friend.

A guy calls Sachin who scolds him for calling him on this number. Sachin goes to meet him personally at the sea side. He too gives that guy money to remove Rashmi from his life. She cannot be alone in the accident or police will directly doubt on you. You too will have to be with her at that time but don’t worry you won’t be hurt much. The accident will happen only when she is with you. that ways no one will doubt you. make the first move. Lay the trap for her somehow.

Rashmi comes to SMC Bank. Ankita greets him. Rashmi tells only her first name to her. I want to open a bank account. Sahay and Rashmi discuss the same. they realise that maybe Ankita has no clue about her in reality (name, photo or any kind of identification to correlate her with Sachin) though she certainly knows that Sachin is married. They decide to continue with their plan.

Sachin apologizes to Rashmi. I made a mistake. Can we not forget everything as one bad dream? Can we stay with each other like we once were? They get closer once again. Rashmi likes it when her husband touches him but is also scared thinking what if he is knitting some trap for her. Is this some plan? Sachin speaks up in his mind too. Why doesn’t she (Rashmi) understand? I only like Ankita’s fragrance now. I cannot even bear to touch her anymore.

Rashmi practises her driving and brings it till the edge. The guy (whom she had given the contract to kill Ankita) approves her driving style. Now you have to convince Ankita to meet you outside. Bring her here. You will lose your control while driving. Reach here and apply brakes in a similar manner. Say sorry to her. Tell her that you have just learnt driving. You are a good driver. Can you reverse the car please? She will agree. She herself will be scared. She will come and sit in your place. Don’t sit in the car while changing your places. just signal me when you will get down. I will be behind that tree (he points out at one tree). There will be another guy with me and we will take the cue. The whole thing will look like an accident only. Police will think that Ankita might be facing some problems in her relationship with Sachin and finally ended her life. No one will get to know that you were the mastermind.

Sachin too comes to meet his contract killer at a temple. Rashmi has fallen for me again. she thinks that everything is fine between us again. I will bring her here. The guy tells him to stop at the exact place when they both will reach here. I will handle everything else. Sachin tells him to be careful. You have to kill Rashmi, not me.

Rashmi sells her jewellery to get the money to pay to the contract killer. Rashmi and Ankita start meeting outside.

Rashmi’s MIL asks Rashmi that she keeps staying out of home more often these days. Rashmi replies that she had gone to bring toys and stuff for Jai and Sachin. Jai interrupts them so Rashmi goes with him to their room. Once Jai leaves Rashmi wonders who she is making this trap for. it isn’t a joke to kill someone. You will get trapped in the whole thing yourself. Have you ever thought what will happen to Jai? You are doing everything for him only, right! Sachin forgot his vows but how can you do that? Someone is doing wrong with you but it doesn’t mean that you too will stoop to that level. You don’t realise that you are building a trap for yourself only. Rashmi is in a fix.

Sachin and Ankita are together once again. They both discuss about his wife. Sachin is sure Rashmi will leave from his life soon. They both tell each other how they wont be able to live without each other and hug.

Rashmi meets the contract killer. She tells him his concerns for Jai and what’s right or wrong. My whole life is in front of me but am I really saving my life from destruction or am just walking towards it? The guy tells him that her husband has started loving her again. he has started taking care of you and has even started sleeping with you, if I am not wrong! He has started taking you to temple every day like he used to do when you were newly married. Rashmi nods recalling the same incident. He tells her about Ashfaque Hussain (Sachin’s contract killer). This Sunday when your husband will take you to the temple, Ashfaque will kill you. Your husband too will get wounded a little but the game is all set! Your husband has made plan for Sunday to end your life. Rashmi clutches onto her mangalsutra in shock.

She sells all the jewellery that she is wearing (mangalsutra, bangles, etc.) and gives it to Ashfaque (Rs. 4 lakhs). She tells him that she wont be coming to temple on Sunday. Ashfaque promises to do what she wants him to.

Sachin gives a goodnight kiss to Rashmi and lies down to sleep. Rashmi thinks how Sachin has planned to kill her tomorrow. when he doesn’t have any feelings for me then why should I think about him or what’s wrong or right? If either of us has to die then he should die! Why should I die? Sachin thinks how he has no option but to do it. I will cry for her tomorrow. when the relation is dead then what does it matter to me if she is alive or not?

Big Day:
Sachin asks Rashmi to get ready to go to temple. She denies. I am not well. I cannot go to temple. I know you are doing everything to make things like they were before. I promise you I too want the same thing but I cannot go to temple today. you go ahead for both of us today.

Jai too wants to go with his papa to temple but Sachin has to attend meeting afterwards. Jai nods. Rashmi and Ankita decide to meet at the bus depot in 20 minutes. Jai too wants to accompany his mother but she promises to be back soon. then we both will have fun together. Jai goes to spend time with his grandparents. Rashmi thinks that it is just for today. After today I will give you as much time as you would want!

Sachin has stopped his car at the side of a road. My life was going to take a new turn today. why did it happen today only? Ankita waves at Rashmi as she crosses the road. Rashmi thinks of the new turn that their lives will be taking today. Rashmi has planned a long drive for them, outside Mumbai. They switch their places. Ankita sits at the passenger side.

Sachin reaches temple. Ashfaque is there too.

Rashmi is driving really fast which scares Ankita a little. We both will fall in the valley if we lose control. Rashmi assures her that they both wont go down. She thinks that it will be only you who will first go down in the valley and then above to meet God.

Sachin gets out of his car and starts walking towards the temple. Taking the cue, Ashfaque starts his car. Sachin is shocked to see him. can he not see that I am alone? He waves at Ashfaque to stop the car but Ashfaque hits him and drives off. Sachin dies on the spot.

Ankita is scared seeing the speed but Rashmi is in no mood to slow down. Rashmi reaches the hill and stops the car as per plan. She apologizes to Ankita as per the plan. Ankita agrees to reverse the car. Ankita calls out to Rashmi while they are walking to the opposite side. this was where you were going to signal or call out to someone, right? Don’t worry I will do it for you. Rashmi’s contract killer comes out with his friend. Ankita says I was planning your every move. Flashback shows how Sahay had told Ankita everything. Ankita has paid the contract killer more. Ankita says the same dialogue that Rashmi has thought of. The other guy pushes Rashmi off the cliff. Rashmi dies because of the impact.

Ankita calls Sachin’s number and confesses everything. The phone is with the inspector. He tells her about Sachin’s death. We were thinking if it was hit and run or something else but now you have confirmed it. this is not just one murder but two! Ankita drops the phone in disbelief.

Rashmi’s inner selves talk about how she only lost in the end. The other one says that she neither won but lost too. Ankita did not get your husband or any happiness. You took Ankita’s happiness with you. there is no sadness anymore. The jealousy, anger and hatred were worth it. The other self questions her about its outcome. Who will Jai get upset with now? Who will he wait for?

Sachin’s body is being taken away by the police. Jai is shown playing with his toys at home!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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