Bandhan 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Naraini says we have to scare him to be successful in our mission on 26th January. Darpan says I cant risk ganesh life. He is all I have after ai baba. Ganesh nods and comes with a picture or Mahesh and prabha. naraini says ganesh also wants his parent’s murderer to be punished. Ganes nods. darpan says what if something happens to you ganesh? he gives her a photo of Ganno sahib. She says I know he will protect us but your responsibility is on me. Naraini says I wont let anything happen to ganesh. Good wins in the end. God is with us. darpan agrees.

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Doctor comes in. bhao says what are you here for? He says you family has called me. bhao says sit here I will serve you tea after that you will have to go. Doctor binds his with chair to give him electric shocks. Bhao says what are you doing? naraini says the family you served to all your life consider you mental now. bhao says I am not mad. meethi comes in and holds bhao. Whole family comes in. Dev says some diseases need to be treated at time. Meethi says you will fire again. there are people and kids in the house. Dev says everything will be fine after shcok. bhao says don’t give me lecture. kajri takes all the kids out. Bhao says wow my family considers me mental now. they are giving me shocks. Doctor gives him electric shocks.

Naraini says its meethi’s birthday on 26th. Vishwas rao’s sins will be expose. He will tell his crimes by his own. Darpan says okay then lets start getting prepared. naraini says on republic day he will lose and truth will win.

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Scene 2
Next morning, Bhao wakes up. his head hurts. He says I will watch all of you/ He takes out his phone. Kajri says on table I feel so bad for him. Meethi says I was so worried last night. bhao comes out singing. He says good morning everyone. He says how are you my best friend? meethi what is in food? I am so hungry. meethi serves him. He says I feel so good I don’t see any ghosts anymore. naraini says thank God you are fine now. you don’t see the ghost anymore? He says yeah your illusion must b fixed as well.

Naraini is talking to all the kids. She says the dance’s theme will be good ove evil. ragahv says I will dance as well. darpan says you cant. naraini says I will teach him and he will dance very good. bhao comes and says raghav this age is for studies. go and complete your homework. darpan says we are not wasting time we are preparing for meethi ma’s birthday. there is a surprise. bhao says what surprise? Naraini says you will get to know on 26th januray.

A baba comes in the house. bhao says let him come dev. bhao says I have called him. dev says why? Bhao says he is here to get us rid of ganesh’s soul. baba starts his process. He laughs. he says I know his place. An elephant’s soul is here in this house. darpan and naraini look at each other and they leave.

Darpan says what will we do now? naraini says that baba is calling alive animal a soul. they laugh.

Precap-baba does a pooja and says I am ganesh. Bhao says what you want? he says I want gold. darpan says if you are ganesh you have to answer my questions.

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