Why would you miss YHM the most?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will be soon ending its successful run. The show is going off air this week. With few episodes left of the beautiful show, the viewers can cherish the most of their favorite actors and their wonderful chemistry. The show is bringing a highly dramatic track towards the climax. Raman and Ishita’s daughter Ruhi is suffering with the dire consequences for being infertile. The show brings the social subject of female infertility into picture. Raman and Ishita will take a mature take on the sensitive issue. They try to bring a change in people’s mindset by highlighting the issue.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will always stay close to heart for its unique concept. It had a brilliant screenplay during its start. It slowly entered the TRP race and brought all possible tracks to sustain the TRPs. Nevertheless, the viewers never got enough of Raman and Ishita’s pairing, which came to live by Divyanka and Karan’s rocking performances and chemistry. IshRa will always be one of the most memorable couples of the Indian television. What would you miss the most when this show goes off-air? Let us know your opinion.

  1. I will miss the interaction of Raman, Ishita , and Ruhi , how the story first started and all their real life tragedies and how they just finally fell in love , their love was so powerful and real and what they did for each other and their family was just so unreal .
    Will very sadly be missed but YHM will remain with us and in our hearts forever

  2. Yhm ended years ago when the show took at first 7 years leap. There’s nothing left to miss. But still cannot forget it was the most realistic show of that time until that nonsense surrogacy track !! But IshRa and Jr Ruhi will remain in heart ! ❤

  3. Bcoz of Raman and ishita. Their romantic scenes are awesome. Would like them to come back together for another show.

    Love u [email protected]@ishitaakadivyanka?❤

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