Beyhadh 2 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya Shivers Sensing MJ’s Entry

Beyhadh 2 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya thinks she is the destiny of Rudra’s every path, he should say yes so that she can continue her plan. MJ tells Ananya that publication industry is shrinking with digitization and if someone is investing in their publication, it is with vested interested or the person doesn’t have any business sense. Ananya says their writer’s 2 books are already bestsellers and gives him book. MJ gets tensed seeing Maya’s name and thinks who is this. Maya drives her car, Rudra reminisces telling Ananya that he will get Maya signed, so he runs behind her car and stops it. Maya smirks and says its good if he accepted her demands.

At home, Diya checks boys’ profiles on social media. Rishi walks in and says when she has handsome men at home, why she is searching on social media. He then discusses about his girlfriend who loves him but doesn’t want to accept. Diya asks him to call his girlfriend. He calls, but when she doesn’t pick call, he says she must be busy. His name emerges as chemist in Maya’s phone. Rudra says usually patient calls chemist, he is seeing chemist calling patient for the first time. Maya says let us sign confidentiality agreement and explains that he will not share her pic or any details with anyone, she will just be Maya on book. He says how is it possible, he will not teach her writing and she will not teach him publishing. She says if he doesn’t accept her condition, then she is not ready. He reminisces Ananya telling they need investor badly, else he has to seek MJ’s help. He stops her and says first his lawyer will check agreement as he doesn’t trust her and clicking agreement’s pics sends them to his lawyer.

Amir shows confidentiality agreement to MJ saying lawyer sent it. MJ says writer doesn’t want to come in front, something is wrong, he knows how to get her in front of anyone and stops investor to investing in Rudra’s company as only he will invest. He then informs Ananya his plan to arrange press meet for Maya. Ananya likes his idea. Rudra’s lawyer messages him to go ahead. He signs papers. Ananya walks in and introducing herself asks Maya who is she. Rudra says she is… Maya says she is Maya Jaisingh. Ananya gets excited seeing celebrity writer and tells Rudra she doesn’t need her intro. Rudra asks even if Maya is both investor and writer. Ananya is amazed to hear that. Maya angrily says he broke confidentiality agreement rules. He says not at all as Ananya is his equal partner and together they are 60% partners while Maya is 40% partner, so she is their employee and should obey them. Maya leaves. Ananya informs that press is waiting outside for Maya. Rudra runs out saying if reporters see her, their confidentiality agreement will break.

Reporters eagerly wait for Maya and discuss that famous writer Maya will come in front of camera today. Maya is about to go in front of reporters when Rudra rushes and pulls her down. They both fall down. Maya yells at Rudra if he finds chances to touch her and if he is so much fond of her. Rudra asks what does she think of herself, he was just trying to protect her from media. He continues verbally blasting Maya when Ananya stops him and taking him aside says he worked so hard for investor and should behave with Maya. Rudra says Maya is not god and he doesn’t care. She says Maya is like god to them now and they don’t have any choice but to be nice to her. Maya seeing their friendship thinks soon she will break their friendship.

MJ with Amir reaches outside Rudra’s office. Amir asks if he is sure. He says he is worried for Rudra, sometimes parents take decision for children’s betterment whether children like it or not, now it is his duty to convince press reporter and writer. He gets out of car and walks towards Rudra’s office. Maya gets tensed seeing his footsteps.

Precap: Maya hides under Rudra’s desk shivering in fear.
Rudra hugs and consoles her. MJ walks in.

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  1. Now Maya will break their friendship ???just dusky-duffer????????after so many days remembered them…this dialogue..I so common but I hate this dialogue…I hate ananya but I like Rudra…and it hurts me to see two people who share such a gud bond will be having an evil sight of’s looking like MJ is Ashwin mehrotra..the way she is getting tensed or shivers

    1. Exactly. Also the way maya hugs rudra is similar to Arjun. And the fact that rudra saves maya in the lift. Just this time the lift was on construction site?? even I love rudra’s character?? the show reminds of the first season sometimes

  2. google the plot of this season. its written Maya is taking revenge with Rudra’s father as he was her ex-boy friend. She is going to take revenge with love and hatred . LOL. another stupid serial is on. LAnded here after Bepaanha.. long time no seee frens of tellyupdates.

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Don’t want to see Arjun and Dusky’s love story once again. Sloks from Gita by Maya are missing!

  4. I’m just thinking how rudra and maya will start loving each other .kabhi kabhi I think it impossible but if I remember the fact that I’m waching Indian series I know it must happen at any cost.
    I don’t know the reason why maker’s are repeating some season 1 scenes.Pls bring new tracks and I hope rudra will be the one to start loving maya.
    I really like all the cast in this season coz b4 I was just watching for Jenny but now for all.

    1. Jennifer is looking ver old in this serial.
      Her looks n acting is a turn off

  5. I feel maya was in love with rudra only. That is why when rudra fell on her she said ‘you think you will break my boundaries, come closer to me and i will let you?’ I feel rudra doesn’t remember who is ex girlfriend was, he just knows his father pushed her away from him. Maybe he even thinks his ex is dead. MJ is already shown to be too controlling about his sons. Maybe he found out about rudra’s gf and planned something. Rudra realized this and thought it would be btr to push maya away to protect her from his father. Thats why maya thinks rudra betrayed her too. But the real pain was given by MJ. So maya not only hates him but is also scared of him. Maya has obviously changed her name as even MJ did not recognize who the writer was.

    Also i feel after MJ ‘killed’ maya in the past, rudra got into an accident and lost his memories. That is why the dadi is sarcastoc with MJ all the time too. Otherwise dadi wouldnt be rude to her own son for some random girl

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