Choti Sardarni 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher gives up on Manav

Choti Sardarni 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher comes to her room. She recalls what Harleen said. Harleen said I have never seen Param and Sarab this happy. God made your couple. He sent to us as a blessing. Meher recalls Sarab giving his name to her child. And updating Meher’s name in Param’s record. Meher recalls Manav’s stuff given to her by his mom.

Khushi says Param, lets play. Param says no. Khushi says we will go to Canada. Then you would be alone. Who would play with you? Param says someone will come. He will play with me. God has sent him. Khushi says who? Param says mama has asked me not to tell anyone.

Meher comes to the bridge. She recalls her moments with Manav. Meher looks at the M locket. She looks at the house papers. Meher says Manav you said fate unites and parts the hearts. The fate that separated us, the same fate is uniting me to Param and Sarab. I tried to go away from them but no one can fight from fate. Your name, your memories are always inside me. But our child deserves a complete life. I won’t take right from him. I will vacuum myself today. So I can give our child Sarab’s name. Our child has given me the strength to give away all your memories with the hope that you will never come back to my life. Please forgive me. She cries. Meher throws all the things in the river. Meher cries Manav’s name. She goes back.

Scene 2
Yuvi is dancing. Amrita says go don your homework. He says there’s no homework. Amrita says where is diary? He says I forgot it in the school. Jitto says how do you have so many pencils? He says all the kids gave me pencils. Amrita says did you steal? He goes to Kulwant and says mama is always mad at me. She is saying I snatched the pencils from the kids. Kulwant says how did you get them? He says I gave everyone a party from the money you gave me. So they gave me pencils. Yuvi recalls teachers asked him to get his diary signed and call his parents. Yuvi says dadi please sign it. She says what does it say? Yuvi says it says I am a great speaker.

Scene 3
Meher brings painting. Param says what is this? Meher says this is our family photo. Meher slips. Sarab holds her. Param says mama why do you look different? Sarab says she showered today. Param says she showers every day. Meher says I became your mother today. Param says you have always been.. He says when will our little baby come? Meher says in 7 months. A fairy will bring the baby close to us. My belly will get bigger. Sarab laughs and says we are in 2019 and you’re telling him this fairy story.

Meher makes her bed. Sarab comes. Meher says Param asks me every day that he wakes up with you while sleeps with me. We have that kind of trust that we can sleep in one room. Sarab says I fart and laughs. Meher laughs too.

Precap-Harleen hugs Meher and says I am so happy. congratulations. Param says I don’t want the baby.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yvonne Codner

    Whattttttt Param!!!!!!!! What has changed your little mind? I guess the wait is too long for you huh. Wow, what is going to happen to Yuvi? He is totally under his Grandma’s influence. Poor Amrita!! Even though his antics are hilarious he has to be curbed at some point. I don’t like the thug avatar though. Meher has finally let Manav go and is ready to start her new life. I am very curious to know if Kulwant Kaur Dhillon will get away with Manav’s murder and the hacking of Sarab’s computer.

  2. After babys delivery or infancy, Manav is surely appearing.

    1. Verma4

      100 % Manav will be back. Then the story will change. Sarab will then try to get the two back together.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is it, Mehar, Param and Sarab with new baby…. And Manav will return with evil intensions…..

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