Who is your favorite lead character in Choti Sardarni?

Colors’ Choti Sardarni brings a sweet love story between Meher and Sarabjeet, who get married under some unexpected circumstances. Meher was in love with Manav before. She had married Manav and got impregnated. Meher was carrying Manav’s child when Meher’s mum killed Manav by a shocking deceive. Meher was then forced to marry the rich widower Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Meher was accepted by Sarabjeet, along with her truth that she is carrying someone’s child in her womb at the time of their marriage. Sarabjeet liked her honesty and gave a place to her in his heart.

With passing time, Meher falls in love with Sarabjeet. She finds him a gem at heart. He wins her heart by his genuine love and care. Manav returns in Meher’s life as Vikram Diwan. Manav adds troubles for Meher’s life unknowingly. After regaining his memory, he gets adamant to have Meher back in his life. Meher refuses to return to Manav. The lead characters’ Meher, Sarabjeet and Manav get their fates and lives tangled by the love triangle. Sarabjeet has a heart of gold. Manav too can make any sacrifice for Meher. He was the one who nearly got murdered for Meher’s love. Meher gets torn between her past and present. The characters are written beautifully. Who is your favorite lead character in Choti Sardarni? Let us know your valuable opinion.

  1. Shesha485

    I like both Meher and Sarab. Even I like Manav in first few episodes, Vikram’s entry too, but not now as Manav…..

  2. I like manav character only

    1. Sarabmeher

  3. I like Sarabjeet and Meher together because as they are together most peoples lives will continue happily, but if Meher reconciles with Meher a lot of lives will be destroyed like Aditi, Sarab and Param. Especially Param who loves Meher so much and Sarab too who also loves Meher unconditionally.If the show ends with reconciliation of Meher and Manav, other people will be left heart broken like Param.Manav should just learn to love Aditi and settle with her and everyone’s life will be at peace.

  4. Sarabjeetmeher

  5. Don’t know about like, but I hate Mehr the most, even sometime I feel like abusing nimrit too

  6. P for Param is my favorite Character😁😁

  7. Sarabjeet and Meher, I like both of them been together. The way they got married with lies,grow up loving each and unfold all the lies with truth.

  8. Sarabjeetsinghgill

  9. Manav aditi and sarab but I like manav the most.He always make sacrifices for mehar and get nothing in return. I hate mehar the most because she said loving manav was her childishness. Who get married and pregnant in childishness and she is the selfish person.

    1. she was forced by her mom to marry sarab remember

  10. I love the duo#SEHER… I just love them together… Just want Manav to leave the thought of getting back meher and go back with Aditi…

  11. Ramanpreet Kaur

    Sarabjit Singh Gill

  12. My favourite character is in fact Kulwant Kaur, not because she is honest or anything like that, because is not, but because she plays the role of a ruthless sarpanch so excellently, and is so crafty and sly that she manages to get away with anything.

  13. I love the pack MehRab.

  14. My favourite lead character is Sarbjeet Singh Gill and of course, Sarab and Meher make a responsible couple towards each other and for family. Manav is my second lead character.

  15. When life gives you second chance and that to love and to be loved too. And you grab it never let it go! They all got thier second chances. Sarab gave up on love and was for solong a singel dad. Meher lost her first love and kept going for seak of her unborn child. Param grew up with out a mother to give him love and protection and Manav got his life back which was taken away by ruthless ppl. I belive in second chance and love the Package MehRab.They deserve the life they have now. They are my fav.

  16. I agree with Ayni – respecting and relishing the second chance in life. I will miss the main point if I do not mention that Meher’s role as Param’s mother and Sarab’s role with Karan is very inspiring to me. It has changed my way how I communicate with my children and other children who I come in contact within my everyday dealings. So, thank you Mehrab.

  17. Obviously Meher and Sarab Jodi. Want them to be together happily with their children.

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