Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Tiwari decides to find who his father is?

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Saxena discussing about rains, Tiwari says you dont know the pain of floods, i was 7 years old when i was caught in flood , it was a scary night, it was raining heavily, daddy didn’t return, Vibhu asks which one, Tiwari says what do you mean, Vibhu says which one Juman lal or Pandit Rampal, and can you be firm enough on which one is your Father.
Angoori at her parents house, calls Tiwari says she is feeling good here and did he eat food and to take care of himself, Tiwari says i will comeback soon. Vibhu says why didnt you let me talk to her, Tiwari says why should I, Vibhu says i was going to ask her who is your father, Saxena walks in in doctors coat and says im opening a pathology lab, and first 100 will have free test, Vibhu asks Tiwari to get DNA test.

David walks in coughing, Vibhu asks why are you coughing and why wearing mask, David says I am unwell, Saxena says i will get you tested. Angoori calls Tiwari and says Vibhu told me that you were drinking and he told me about some question, so what is it, Tiwari says forget it, Angoori says why yell, Tiwari says ignore, Angoori says then is it about black money you hiding or the medicine you take from pandit Rampal for increasing your strength,Tiwari says shutup, Angoori says tell me, Tiwari says im sleepy go to sleep and let me too.

Tiwari calls Amaji and asks her who his father is, Amaji says you are drunk shut up and go to sleep, look im already confused because you look like Juman lala but nature is like Pandit Rampal, so consider both your father, Tiwari asks Amaji to send Pandit Rampal and Juman lals hair for DNA test.

Boys well dressed join Saxena’s lab, Saxena says Teeka and Tilu will collect samples, I will test them and Malkan will prepare reports. Saxena hands list of people whoes sample they have to collect.

Helan David and Vibhu together, David cribbing about being hungry, Vibhu says stay hungry you have to be empty stomach for blood test, Teeka walks in, David getz scared for injection, Teeka injects big injection and gets out blood. Teeka takes uncles Corona swap test.

Amaji hands Tiwari hair sample, Amaji acts cool, Tiwari says what do you think, Amaji says you have boths feature, Tiwari says what do you mean, Tilu walks in and tells about his job at Saxena’s, Tilu asks whoes sample, Amaji says Juman lal and Pandit Rampal, Tilu asks why, Amaji says do what is told. Tilu says need blood sample, Tilu injects blood injection and removes blood, Tiwari shouts in pain.

Boys drinking together, Teeka tells he went to a house to get blood and there was a pretty girl and she was flirting with me, i am going back there to get blood and theres a new hot film and i want to go watch, Malkan says I have to finish the report Saxena has warned, Tilu and Teeka snatch his laptop to watch movie.

Pre cap: Saxena tells Tiwari his reports are here, Vibhu snatches the reports

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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