Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Koyal to help the policeman

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Scene 1
Everyone tells Ram about the new man. He sees the card in Dulari’s hand and opens it. Ram is shocked. Koyal says looks like that man will marry at any cost. Dulari is worried. Koyal says he fell for her modern plus desi look. Dulari looks at Patang. Dulari thinks in heart this might make Ram even more closer to her as he would be jealous. Koyal says that man will take Dulari and I will take my Ram. Ram asks Patang to find that man. Ram gives the card to Irfan and gets on his bike.

Ram and Irfan to find the man. Cherry tries to stop him. Ram and Irfan come to the police station to complain about him. They come to the inspector. Irfan says don’t worry. We will send him to jail. Irfan says a man came to our neighborhood and hit out people. Inspector’s face is the other way and he’s reading the newspaper. Ram says he’s forcefully asking my wife to marry him. The inspector turns back. It’s the same man. Ram looks at the photo. He’s shocked. He yes you were saying? Ram and Irfan are silent. He says show me the photo. He takes the phone from Ram. Ram takes it back and says we don’t want to complain. Inspector takes phone back from Ram. Ram takes it back. Irfan says let him see. He gives it back to the inspector. Ram takes it back from the inspector. He says we have to go. Irfan says he also gave this card. Ram takes the card back. Inspector takes it from him and opens it. He sees his name on it.

Inspector slaps Ram but he steps back, it hits Irfan. Irfan’s head tilts. Ram whispers it was him. Inspector says so you will file a complaint against me? Yes I will marry. Ram is shocked. He says I will make her mine. Ram says she’s mine. No one can ever take her from me. You can do what you want. Ram and Irfan leave.

Scene 2
Ram is upset. Irfan tells Dulari that man looks very scary. Irfan says this is happening due to your new look. Dulari says it’s the tip. Patang says no. Ram looks at Dulari. Dulari says in heart what will I do now. Dulari says I hope it fixes.

Koyal comes. Koyal says I thought I should ask how you are. She is about to enter the house but Dulari stops her. Koyal goes out. Dulari says we don’t need your help to solve any of our problems. Koyal gives them an idea.

Koyal coms to the police station with arti. She says it’s arti for everyone. Koyal tells him instead you can make Dulari yours. She tells him a plan as well. Sh says you’re my brother and I will help you. Koyal ties a rakhi and does his arti.

Episode ends.

Precap will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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