Who is your favorite couple in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan?

Sony’s Mere Dad Ki Dulhan brings an interesting track of budding love between Amber and Guneet. Amber’s daughter Nia learns about Amber and Guneet’s love story. Amber confides that Guneet is his online chat friend, whom he dearly loves. He confesses that he loves Guneet. Nia wants his dad’s life to get love and happiness. She was trying hard to settle him with someone. Amber turns sweet towards Guneet and her mother Pammi. Guneet finds his behavior changing drastically. Though she likes the change, she gets curious to know about Amber’s lover. She is sure that his lover has a strong influence on him, that he is ready to change himself, being a rigid man.

On the other hand, Nia and Randeep’s friendship track pauses for a while. Nia gets clear that she doesn’t love Randeep or Kabir. She just wants to focus on her career and build up a new start up. Nia and Kabir will be seen having a clash because of Kabir’s friend Swara declining to take up Nia’s business proposal. Kabir loves Nia dearly and respects her decision to quit her job at Wenet for the sake of her self-esteem. He misses her in the company. Kabir wishes Nia could understand his feelings. Who is your favorite couple in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Niya nd Kabir!!!

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