IN THE DARK (Thahaan ff) (intro)


So basically my story starts from the episode displayed in 1st May. I know it was a long time ago but this is what happened in the episode. This  was the part when Thapki was apologizing to Bihaan and had decorated the whole house etc. They fought and obviously Bauji jumped in. So basically it takes place before bauji was paralyzed. Note the word before. So this from the part when Bauji slaps Bihaan and tells him that he deserves to be in the garbage and that he has tarnished the family name. So just imagine as if Bauji asked him to get out of the house as he no longer deserves to live in it and so Bihaan leaves. Bauji will not be paralyzed in my fan fiction and Shradah will not be as evil as she is. Hope you don’t mind.

Please read and comment on it.


Okay so other than this there will be new cast as well which i will introduce later on in the story. PLease support me and support this story. I am open to suggestions and comments, just please refrain from bashing or humiliating act and comments. We all belong to a respectful society and should act like it as well. Thank you.

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