Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 23 (The Connecting dots Part 1)

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Drishya felt that her sight start getting drowsy, her head starts becoming heavy. Her breath becomes uneven and nose starts bleeding. “Drishya, What happen?” Kshitij asked worriedly after seeing blood. “You should run behind that stalker and catch him,” She said while he looks at her angrily. “Have you gone mad? You are dying and I should run behind him to catch him” He asked frustratingly and picked up his phone. “How much time are you going to take for an ambulance?” He shouts. “Sir, five minutes more” Palak replied. “I don’t know how much amount he injected in her. Hurry up! ” He said cutting the call. “Drishya, Try to be in your senses or else that drug will overpower your mind,” He said holding her hand. “If I get died, then don’t tell Anika about me and Shivay,” She said while he closed his eyes in irritation. “Shut up! Don’t utter rubbish. You are not going to die” He said.

“You can’t die” She heard a familiar voice and try to look clearly. She sees the same girl who was caressing her forehead with her small palms. “You killed me in past. Now, don’t kill yourself. You have to live for Baba” She said while tears slipped for her eyes. “Yes, I will live” Drishya muttered after looking at her smiling. She heard the ambulance and felt her shifting in it. Her eyes start shutting down and she glanced that little girl who was standing at the same place.  “Palak, Take care of her. I will come after dropping Meher to the agency for her safety” He said while she nods her head.

“Dr Swayam, Something happen to Dr Drishya” Nurse told her while Anika and Swayam both get shocked. “What happen to Ishu?” He asked restlessly. “I don’t know more but it is about some drug” She replied while he rushed outside pushing her. “Navi, Ishu is alright,” Swayam asked to her. “She is drugged with a high amount of heroin. Don’t worry, I already give her antidote ” Navya told while he sighs in relief. “Let’s hope it won’t affect her mind,” She said while he nods his head. Anika who was standing beside them get tensed too. “Can we met with her now?” Anika asked while she replied “Wait for some time. She is still unconscious.”

“How is she now?” Kshitij asked Palak. “She is out of danger” She replied while he nods his head in relief. “This girl surely makes me mad one day,” He said rolling his eyes. “I already told you to give her that tracker watch but you didn’t listen” She replied while he glared her. “I didn’t give her because she is definitely going to remove it when she plans to do something important,” He said while opening the door and move inside.

“What are you doing here? Can’t you get peace after putting her life in danger”  Swayam said looking at him angrily. “Excuse me! What are you talking about? ”  Kshitij asked confusedly. “She doesn’t have any fault. So, you better stop treating her like a criminal.” He said while he shook his head. “You are putting false allegations now, Mr Singhaniya” He replied. “Ishu is the only one who is trying to solving this case among all of your suspect. She cares for all those children instead of her life. Why don’t you treat Anika and Shivay like her? Why do you think Anika, Shivay and all the others are innocent but she is not?” He shouts while he looks on.

“It’s because Anika and Shivay both are tangled in their own lives and moreover they can’t plan this much big. Drishya is enough intelligent to plan all this ” Kshitij said while folding his hands around his chest. “Oh Please! She is not extraordinary. What do you think that her life is going smooth? I also have high IQ, that means you will tag me as a criminal too” He asked gritting his teeth. “Everyone is suspect for me just someone is more doubtful and someone is less. That’s it” He replied. “Fine, I am done with your crap! Now, Out” Swayam said while he looks him frustratingly. “Who are you to tell me this? ” He asked in a challenging voice.

“I am the owner of this place. Moreover, you don’t have any relation with the patient. You can’t stay here. Get it! ” He shouts while he nods his head. “Well, Mr Swayam Singhnaiya, you also don’t have any relation with her too. I think you forget that you are her ex” He said giving him back while Swayam closes his hand in a fist. “Don’t you dare to interfere with her and my matter. She will always be mine. Did you get it?” He said holding his collar with burning eyes. “Shut up you both. Are you both lost your mind?” Anika shout while removing Swayam’s hold. “My sister just survives and you both are arguing. Seriously! You both are not related to my sister in any way. So, just leave now” She said while signing toward the door.

“Ishu, What happen?” Anika asked caressing her forehead after looking sweat on her forehead. “Calm down! I am here” She said trying to console him. Swayam moves toward her and keeps his hand over her. “Swayam” She uttered in the half-conscious state while Anika removed her hand. Her sister can recognize his touch but not her. She realised that they both are not that much closer, there is some crack to fix. “Yes, I am here only with you,” He said while turning toward Kshitij and give him look that he proved him wrong while he rolled his eyes before leaving. Anika always complain that she never understand her but did she understand her? She thought while leaving from there.

“Where is Anika? Do tell her to check the dresses” Shivay said. “Sir, Did you forget that Anika is on leave today,” Aditi said while looking over the laptop. “Oh! I am sorry” He said rubbing his forehead in embarrassment. “Right, You should check them in her place now,” He said before leaving while she nods her head. Before moving to his cabin, he looks toward her empty cabin. He stops for a moment and imagines her working there and she gets disappeared in another second. “Am I missing her? But why would I miss her”  He sighed and walked inside her cabin. He keenly notices her desk who is decorated with stickers and notes of different colours. He thought She has a habit to stick notes on the wall and desk for reminding herself. Suddenly, his hand get brushed with photo in corner of the desk and it gets fall down. He bent down and pick it up carefully removing broken glass pieces. He looks at the photo and ground slipped under his feet. “Maya” He muttered staring at the picture in disbelief.

Anika who was moving down in corridor of the hospital gets bumped on someone. “Hey, Sorry. I was in a little hurry” Palak said to her picking up her belongings. “Umm, You left this paper,” She said handing her a sticky note on which 77 is written. She felt strange after seeing it. “What is this 77? ” She asked. “Oh, This! It is numbers which Mrs Khatri told as a clue about the culprit” Palak replied smiling and leave from there after taking it. “Why I am feeling that I see this but where? ” She wondered and start walking toward the exit.

“Yes, Who told you to pull these type of stunts in front of me,” Kshitij asked crossing his hands while Drishya tried to get up. She felt a weird sensation in her head. “That is a side effect of drug. Your mind becomes numb for little time” He replied. “Well, it’s not that much worse. That drug numb pain too” She said looking at the wires attached to her hand and then pulled it. “What the hell? Are you insane?” He asked shockingly. “You have no need to overreact. I am a doctor and I very well know to remove drip and moreover bottle get empty that’s why I remove it” She replied putting the tape back on her hand. He looked at amazed how the hell she just noticed every small thing of surroundings in some time.

“Why do you have to need to come in front of that stalker? You might be planning to become superwoman ..Isn’t it? ” He asked. “By the way, I owe your life. You should thank me instead of taunting ” She replied. “Put this tracker watch and don’t you dare to be over smart with me,” He said giving her a box. “Why did he tried to kill you this time? Did he ever try to hurt before? ” He asked confusedly. “I guess he once pushed me from the terrace of this hospital for making me scared. He tried to hurt me physically sometime but not this much that I end up losing my life.” She replied while thinking. “What’s new happen this time?” He asked while she shrugged her shoulders and replied: “That’s what I am thinking”.

” Where is that ledger. I didn’t get time to ask you about that. What’s in it?” He asked while she looks on. “I don’t have anything” She replied and call the nurse. “Where are my belongings?” She asked while she gives her all the things. “Yes, Where is my watch?” She asked searching in the bag. “Everything is in this pouch only” Nurse told her while she looks on tensely. “But it is not here….” She said. “Mam, You might forget to wear that or lose it somewhere ” Nurse replied before leaving.  “You look so desperate for that watch. It must be very costly….right” He asked looking at her when she scatters all the things of the pouch on the bed. “Yes, It was a gift of someone, ” She said disappointedly. “That sounds like a cliche excuse. Where is that ledger?” He asked while she looks on furiously. “I don’t have anything.” She told irritatedly. “Here is your costly watch. Let’s see what’s so special about it?” He said picking it from near the drip stand.

Drishya moves toward him to take it but he holds it back. “Give it back. It is mine” She said angrily. “It is not that much costly,” He said checking out. “None of your business. Give it to me” She tried to snatch. “Why are you behaving like that some secret is hidden inside?” He asked while her face becomes pale. He opens the back of the watch and took out the chip from it while she gets shocked. “So, there is a secret inside,” He asked smiling and took out his phone. “Do you want to see what is that secret? ” He asked teasing her before putting chip inside his phone while she looks on worriedly.

Before he can proceed, she snatches it from his hand and throws inside the nearby jug in no time. “What the hell you did?” He asked coming out of a shock and immediately took out his phone which is totally drenched. “What do you think of yourself? I will arrest you for destroying proofs” He shouts angrily. “Do you have any proof that I put it inside the jug. It can be an accident too” She said with a smile. “I will make sure to revive the footage inside this. Just wait and watch! ” He said holding her arm tightly. “Do whatever you want but don’t interfere in my matters ” She replied jerking his hand and leave from there.

Anika was thinking where did she look at those two numbers while sitting on her bed. She took out a pencil and her note in which she used to design dresses. She writes 77 there. She writes those two numbers numerous times and rubs it. “Why they are not looking like that? What even I am doing?” She tried to concentrate. “Advik, you can take rest for some time. I am sorry for bothering you and Rhea from so many days” Drishya told him who was sitting on a bench. “Not at all, you should take care of yourself. Thede dangerous things happening with you, not me” He said staring her. “Do you have any idea why these people are trying to harm you?” He asked making a fist in anger.

“A lil bit. Leave that, give my patient’s list to me” She said smiling. “I attended mostly. There are two or three left” He said forwarding a file. “Drishya, Did you met with Swayam? He was very worried for you” He said. “He didn’t leave your side until his patient doesn’t come up. You shouldn’t ignore him like this.” He added while she leaves taking the file from his hand.

“You didn’t even think to met with me,” Swayam asked sitting in her chair. “What are you doing in my cabin?” She asked closing the door. “This cabin is not yours,” She said putting the file on her drawer. “For your information, this whole hospital is mine. I am the one and only heir of this place” He said leaning his head back. “Swayam, Stop behaving like a jerk,” She said trying to make him stand from her chair. “Ishu, You stop behaving like a ruthless person,” He said while standing. “What do you want to show that you care about me? Stop with your fake concern” She shouts while he pulled her closer.

“Yes, I do. If you can’t feel it, then you must be lost the tendency to feel. Just stop torturing yourself and me over a small issue” He said gritting his teeth. “That was not a small issue. Just leaving someone for dying is not a small issue. Did you get it?” She said while he runs fingers in his hairs frustratingly. “Why do you bring that thing again and again?” He said helplessly while she stares him. “We are already done with each other. There is no need of creating scenes now” She replied taking out her hand from his grip. “You can’t make a decision on behalf of me. Can’t you see my love?” He shouts with tears. “No, There is nothing remain for me,” She said adjusting the things on her table. “Fine, Go to hell with your stubbornness,” He said angrily walking outside while she flinched on the banging of the door.

Drishya moves toward the door and locked it. She sits on her chair holding her head. “Why is everything slipping out of my reach? First Swayam, then Anika and now that ledger” She think while clutching papers on her desk in frustration. “I did very much sacrifice for that chip. I can’t let it go like this” She said closing her eyes and leaned her head backwards.


“How it is looking?” Swayam asked excitedly putting the last piece of the model house. “It’s beautiful….” Drishya replied. “Finally, you join it correctly after numerous tries” She added teasingly while he looks on annoyedly. “What was that? Can’t you praise me without taunting?” He said while she chuckled and replied “Never….” “This is going to be our dream house.” He said back hugging her. “How will you going to make it if you keep wasting your time here?” She said patted his head lightly. Before he could reply, her start phone starts ringing. “Here is your sister’s call. I was wondering why didn’t she disturb us till now” He said annoyedly by looking at the name flashing on the screen. “There is no difference between Ani and you. You both are equally childish” She muttered while giggling. She moves outside while receiving the call but gets bumped on someone.

“Sorry, I will pick them up” She apologised while bending down to pick all the files. “It’s alright. It was my mistake too ” Mr Singhaniya replied. “Where are you going without doing dinner?” He asked. “Uncle, Anika is going to be alone. I will do dinner with her” She replied while giving files to him. “Ishu, You forgot your phone,” He said picking up her phone but get shocked to see the picture in the wallpaper of screen. He looks at her face in shock and notices the stitches marks because her hair tied in a ponytail. “Uncle, my phone,” She asked realising him lost somewhere. “Ishu, Let’s go.,” Swayam said taking the phone from his father’s hands and dragged her outside panicking. “What happened to you? Why did you drag me like this? At least you should wait until I said bye to him.” She asked annoyedly. “You have no need to know. Just stay away from Dad” He replied while she looks on confusedly. “Don’t tie your hairs again like this?” He said taking out a rubber band from her hairs and her hairs get falls on shoulders. “Now, please go. It’s getting late” He said side-hugging her lightly. “What’s wrong with him now? Why is he behaving weird” She thought while entering in the Car.

“Sir, Did you called me? So, Which is the new case you are referring to me?” Drishya asked to him. “It’s not about any case,” He said rudely while she looks on confusedly. He usually calls her to take complicated. She is not able to register the sudden change in his behaviour but still she nods her head. “I called you here to talk about Swayam and you. Stay away from my son” He said while her face becomes pale. “What do you mean?” She asked in disbelief. “Dr Drishya, I am not liking the relationship between you and my son. You should stay away from him” He said while she looks at him angrily. “I don’t know what’s went wrong, you didn’t have any problem with our relationship before. If you got a problem with that, then I can’t do anything” She counters back. “How dare you to talk me like this?” He said standing from his chair. “I didn’t say anything wrong. I am not any puppet that you expected to move me on your orders. ” She replied while turning back toward the door. “I know who are you. I don’t want my son to be with a fraud’s daughter” He said while her forehead gets creased and steps get freeze on the spot. “What rubbish are you saying?” She asked turning back. ” I know your father and what he did,” He said while she shouts “He was framed for God’s sake”. ” Do you have anything to prove? Who will going to believe on you?” He said while she digs her nails in her palm in frustration.

“What if I tell you that I have proof. What if I know that  person whom you are searching, who framed your father.” He asks while sitting back on his chair. “Are you saying the truth? Do you have proof?” She asked while controlling her emotions. “Yes, I have. Do you want it?” He asked while taking out a small chip from the box in the drawer next to him. “Here it is. You are enough intelligent to choose between this and Swayam” He said keeping chip on the table in front of her. She looks down and her mind starts spinning harshly.  “I don’t have years for waiting” He shouts making her flinched. “How will I trust you? You didn’t even show me what’s store in it” She said. “Then, you can take a look,” He said while showing laptop while her eyes get widened. The lady in the clip is familiar to her. “Make your decision fast now.” He said while moving the laptop toward him back. “I want that chip” She replied and sighed while he smirked. “Don’t try to double-cross me after taking this. Do remember if you show up near to my son, I have enough power to prove this evidence morphed” He said forwarding a box. “I won’t,” She said and take the chip. She walked outside the cabin and wipe tears which unknowingly escaped from her eyes. “I am sorry Swayam but you are not more important than Baba,” She thinks while glancing the chip in her hand.

****Flashback ends***

That was the last proof which Kshitij took it from her. She searched it for her whole life and lose it in just a second. Drishya wished that chip don’t get ruined after such a hurry step of throwing the phone in water. She took out appointment list and move outside. “Where is Dr Advik?” She asked the nurse entering in his cabin. “Mam, He went back as his duty got over” She replied while she nods her head.

“Rhea, Can you handle them for a while,” Drishya asked her who was busy in her phone. “Is I am looking like your servant to you?” She asked and looks on. “I have some urgent work that’s why I am telling you to check them.” She replied. “Why don’t you call my Dad and ask a servant for handling your patients after all he did everything for you instead of me.” She shouts. “You are dragging the matter now. Your dad approached me first by saying that I am like his daughter. Listen to me carefully, I have no interest in making other  people my guardian.” She replied. “Even these cases are under you. Did you forget that you are promoted now and you are going to be responsible on behalf of me and Advik.” She added while putting the file on her table and walked outside.

Shivay was staring the photo of Drishya and Anika. “Do you know her?” He asked her who was sitting beside him. She looks on and nods her head negatively. “Why don’t you ask from her after all you are just busy in her nowadays,” Maya said smiling. “She is not picking up my call,” He said dialling Anika’s number. “Where are you? I want to talk from you” Shivay said to her after she received a call. “What do you want to ask?” Anika asked over the phone. “Do you know Maya?” He asked while turning toward Maya. “Actually…” Anika is in dilemma to tell him or not. “Can we met somewhere?” She asked while he looks toward Maya who nods her head. “Yes….” He replied in shock. How the hell Maya give the permission to him? Why didn’t she get angry on the mention of Anika? “We can meet street in front of my house ” She replied while he cut the call. “Maya, Thank you for believing in me. Nobody is going to take your place in my world ” He said holding her hand who just smiles. He picked up his coat and walked outside leaving her behind. Tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes smudging the kohl. “Maya nahi Drishya, ” She muttered staring his retreating figure and looks on. She walked toward the door and enter passcode. She was the only one who knows his passcode, he didn’t even change it after so many years.

Anika was moving to and fro on the street and waiting for his arrival. “Anika” He muttered while tapping on her shoulder. “You know Maya….right,” He asked while she stares him tensely. He is definitely going to feel sad after knowing the facade of Maya. “Isn’t it you with her in this picture?” He asked showing the photo. “She is not Maya. She is my sister Drishya” Anika replied gathering the courage to tell him the truth. “There is no Maya. She is my sister and her name is Drishya. You might be mistaken her identity” She said while he looks on with eyes burning in anger. “You are telling me that Maya is fake,” He asked loudly in a dark voice sending shiver to her. She was seeing a different version of him. “No, I am telling that her identity is fake,” She said and looked at him who was rubbing his temple in anger. “That’s what I am asking How dare you to call Maya fake,” He said with bloodshot eyes while she looks on shockingly. Her head starts spinning, she closed her eyes and some unclear images flashes in front of her. She can see that two people were arguing over something and the situation seems similar to this to her. She opened her eyes with a jerk when he felt his strong grip on her arm. “Who are you to talk about Maya like this?” He said pulling her closer and almost piercing her hand with his nails.

She was not believing that person is hurting her whom she thought as a saviour. She doesn’t need any saviour but somewhere she starts liking his concern for her when her sister and father seems less bothered. “Maya was right, you all are same. You people just know to lie and betray others” He shouts making her flinch. “Shivay, You are hurting me. Leave my hand” She said with tears brimming in her eyes while he didn’t budge at all. “What are you doing? Are you not in your senses?” She asked while trying to take out her hand from his grip. “Don’t try to say anything against Maya.” He said pushing her while she stumbles back. His imagination was overpowering the feelings and mind was dominating the heart. He moves toward his car & drove it while she runs inside the lane of her house. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Why is this always happens with her? Whenever she understand someone as hers, he changed his shade. Why the people for whom she cares and loves them have this much complicated? Can’t they be simple and innocent like her?

“Sir Here is the list of the transaction of  Smile foundation,” Vishal said while passing him a file. “You will get shocked to know that this foundation funded by Oberois. Pinky Singh Oberoi often did charity for this.” He said while he sees it. “How much chances are there that Drishya ends up sending charity to the same orphanage? What do you think? Is she really met Shivay with coincidence or it is planned?” He asked while reading the names. “Sir, She sends charity in this orphanages for many years. She met with Shivay later” He said showing the highlights in the files. “This is what she told us that she knows Shivay from past two years. What if she knew him from before? My sixth sense is saying that either she has a connection with Shivay or with this particular orphanage?” Kshitij said while putting the file down on the desk.

“Why the hell this investigation moving in a circle? We reached there from where we started. We are surely missing that small clue which is necessary to break this maze?” He sighed in disappointment. “Shivay, Anika, Drishya, Maya and Juhi…They all are connected but nobody knows how? Juhi is dead, Anika lost her memory, Shivay can’t able to differentiate between imagination and reality, Maya is imagination and Drishya, the one who remembers is playing a game with us…Just Wow! Have anything can become worse than this?” He shouts in frustration while throwing all the documents and files on the floor.

“Why don’t you tell the chief to give this case to another detective. It is way too complicated” Vishal said passing water bottle to him. “I can’t give up after this much efforts” He replied sitting on his chair. “Did you revive the footage of that chip?” He asked. “No, It is going to take some hours” Vishal replied. “Why don’t you ask about truth to Drishya sternly?” He asked while glared him. “What should I do? Should I lock her up or kill her? I did investigate on her and the worst thing is that she caught up what is going in the mind of the person who is in front and then played with words” Kshitij replied running his fingers in his hair. “Any particular history about this Smile foundation,” He asked while picking up the documents from the floor. “Nothing new, It is a branch of another orphanage Hope orphanage” He replied showing his mobile. “What did you say? Which orphanage?” He asked while registering the familiarity with name. “Hope Orphanage” Vishal replied confusedly on his behaviour while he walked from there. “Sir, Where are you going?” He asked following him.

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