Which portrayal of Helly did you like the most?

Helly Shah has been a well known face on the small screen. She has been tremendously appreciated for the roles portrayed. Helly rose to fame by her portrayal of Swara Maheshwari in Colors’ show Swaragini. Her career began to prosper. Helly chose contrast roles to exhibit her acting prowess. She was much loved as Swara. She starred opposite Varun Kapoor. Then, we saw her playing the lead role in Colors’ Devanshi. She was paired up with Mudit Nayar in the show. Devanshi’s character was also a strong one.

Helly shined more with the dual role played in Star Bharat’s show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. She was seen as Kainat and Saltanat. She starred opposite Rajveer Singh. She presented various shades of grey while playing Kainat. Helly’s acting skills were much noticed in this very show. She succeeded to keep her dual roles distinct. Now, we see her in Colors’ Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2. Helly has been trending a lot on the social platforms. Her character Riddhima is much loved. She is paired up with Rrahul Sudhir in the show. Which portrayal of Helly did you like the most? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Shesha485

    Helly is just an lovely actress. No one could hate her so easily. All her roles were portrayed by her in a excellent manner. Riddhima is present favourite….
    Swara is lovely. Devanshi is clever. Saltanat and Kainat is great. Riddhima is so cute. The fear in being caught by Vansh in eyes is just impressive…. (I agree there are some bizarre scenes in her shows, but let us ignore that and just look at her performance)
    One more thing I like, she look good with all her male co-actors like Varun, Namish, Mudit, Piyush, Rajveer, now Vishal and Rrahul.

  2. The portrayal I liked the most isn’t given as option. I loved her watching as Kainat. She is one of the those few actresses, like Jennifer Winget, Simone Singh, Hina Khan, who plays negative shade character with excellence. Both characters were played by her only though I felt pity for Saltanat and hatred for Kainat. This shows that she is very talented and chooses roles cautiously.

  3. Naira U Singh

    I like riddhima the most

    1. I too…

  4. i dint watch her other portrayal so i dont know how she portrayed her skills there but i am currently watching IMMJ2 and i am its biggest fan so i love her as ridhima i mean she is doing an awesome work there

  5. Tiyasa

    I don’t know about other roles of Helly, but SwaSan was one of my favourites.

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