Bigg Boss 25th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Three wild cards to spice up things

Bigg Boss 25th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says I wish you Dusera, I hope you have a good one and we have a good year. He says let’s go inside and talk to them.

Salman connects the video call to the house. All greet him. Rahul says you look nice in kurta. He wishes them Dusera and says before I tell you about the buzzer, I want to tell you that only one inmate ran the house this week. The person ran the house and all others were useless, that person single-handedly managed everything and that’s Jasmin. Jasmin says really? Salman asks Nikki if she has any idea? She says no. Salman says when everyone was breaking things and having fights, Jasmin was making tea. The clip shows the house being invaded by the red-zone and Jasmin was busy making tea. Salman says when everyone was fighting, Jasmin was busy asking Bigg Boss for the clothes. Nobody considered Jasmin for captaincy and she didn’t even consider herself. Jasmin says I wanted to be a kingmaker. Salman says why didn’t you make Rubina the captain? You share the same building with her, all laugh. Salman says when Abhi said that he came out last but Jasmin didn’t care that he had his doll. When Pavitra and Eijaz were fighting over Jasmin’s doll, Jasmin was busy cursing Bigg Boss. Salman says when Bigg Boss said both are out, Jasmin started cursing Bigg Boss. He asks Rubina where Jasmin is lacking? Jasmin says I didn’t want to be the captain, I wanted the captain from my side. I wanted Abhi or Rubina to be captains. I tried talking to Pavitra and Eijaz but then Bigg Boss punished us instead of Pavitra and Eijaz as they were incapable of making a decision. Pavitra says we were capable and we did complete the task. Jasmin says I didn’t curse Bigg Boss, I was just talking to him. Everyone is ready to pounce on you here so I don’t say anything to anyone, I curse them in my heart. Salman asks her to curse Rahul in her heart. She looks at Rahul and says I just cursed him in my heart. Rubina says Jasmin gets stuck thinking that she is hurting someone, she is tied with her manners and respect, she loses that moment to take a stand and then regrets not making a decision. Salman says Jasmin regrets not taking a stand. Jasmin says I try to talk to them but they talk very badly. Salman says you shouldn’t worry about what they are saying, we are here to listen to you, the audience is here to listen to you. Jasmin says they talk so badly that it makes me angry. Salman asks Rubina that if Jasmin is such a good friend then why don’t you tell her this on your own? Rubina says she is very smart and she will self-realize it, she is very intelligent and she will soon fight for her rights. I don’t tell her anything because I want her to realize. Jasmin says point this to me from next time Rubina. Salman asks Jasmin to cry and smile both. Jasmin says I cried for Biryani, Bigg Boss doesn’t send mutton at all. Salman says mutton is expensive. Jasmin says Endemol is rich. Salman says they don’t have money left. All laugh. Salman says Jasmin takes my jokes in double meaning. Jasmin says I understand you and your feeling. Salman says Jasmin is TV’s Katrina Kaif. Jasmin says people used to say that to me and she is my favorite but I am happy that you called me that.

Salman tells the inmates that there are 9 people in the house but we have a surprise. There will be two wild card entries and they are very wild. They will meet you now as they are in the house. Nora and Guru enter the house. They are in a separated area. They both dance on nach meri rani. Salman welcomes Guru and welcomes back Nora. Salman says Nora entered in season 9 as a wild card entry. Now she is back in season 14 as a guest. There is no connection between these both. I told the housemates that you both are wild card entries. He says Nora didn’t do anything in the house but her journey started after the house with her hard work. He wishes luck to Guru. The housemates meet Nora and Guru through the glass. Guru says you all are doing great. Nora says this season just started but there must be chemistry, I want to ask who is their heart’s queen? Rahul says I have a love-hate relationship with Nikki, she is my heart’s queen. We smile at each other in the morning. All laugh. Guru says does Nikki agree? Nikki says I don’t agree. Rahul says she said on the first day that she came here to break hearts. All laugh. Nora asks Eijaz who is his heart’s queen? Eijaz says you, you are extremely hot and I am a big fan. Salman says who in the house? Eijaz says I am waiting for wild cards, I have no chemistry in the house. Salman asks Pavitra what happened to him? Pavitra says he is very moody, he is Zil-e-Ilahi and I am Anarkali. Nora says so you want him? She says no not at all. Guru asks Jaan. Jaan says my heart’s queen is Nikki and Rahul copied my answer. Guru asks Nikki if this is a love triangle? Nikki says this is nothing.
Salman asks Rahul, Jaan and Guru to sing for Nikki. Rahul sings challa. Guru sings meri rani meri rani. Jaan sings tujhe dekha toh ye jana sanam. Salman sings with him and starts singing bhabhi tera deewar.. All laugh. Salman starts jamming session with them. All clap. Salman tells Jaan that you are compensating by taking Nikki’s name.
Guru tells Nora that we can take a test. Nora says they have to do Nach meri Rani’s hook step. Salman says do the bum step. Nora says he remembers. Nora and Guru show them the hook step. They all follow Guru and Nora and dance. Salman joins them as well. Nora says now boys have to do garmi hook step. Guru says you all remember? Nora says nobody forgets it. All boys in the house start shaking their bums on the floor. All girls laugh at them. Rahul rolls on the floor and laughs. Nora says Salman does the best, he did it with Shraddha and Varun and he was the best. Salman thanks her. Guru says let’s warn them now. Nora tells the inmates that things go hot in the house from time to time but now the hotness is going to increase. Guru says we wish you all luck now. Salman thanks Guru and Nora for coming. They leave. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage: Wild Card Entries
Salman says that there has been so much in three weeks of the season but it’s going to go up now, the scene will flip one more time. Our two wild entries are coming here. They are famous faces on TV and I know they will entertain us. Let’s meet them.

Kavita Kaushik enters the stage on a bike. She dances nakhra song.
Naina Singh enters the stage and dances on babuji.

Kavita and Naina face each other on the stage. They both dance on haseeno ka deewana. Salman welcomes them by sanitizing their hands. Salman asks who is more confident? Naina points at Kavita. Kavita says I was confident but not anymore as Salman is in front of me. Naina can’t control her laughter looking at Salman. Kavita says Naina is going to be a lot of fun in the house. Naina says I am not confident anymore. Kavita says I am used to pants so I am not comfortable in a dress, my father was a policeman and he used to talk in the local language so I used to copy him. Salman says I was a fan of yours and nobody has done lady cop’s character better than you. Salman asks Naina if she has watched the show? she says not much but I have followed this season. Salman says we go to know that you are going to look for a boyfriend in the house? Naina says I was looking for the person but not anymore after looking at the season. I haven’t dated someone formally so I thought I will find the guy here but then I watched the episodes and these people don’t even have brains. I thought someone would stand out with their personalities but girls are powerful in the house while boys are playing in crowds and need someone to hide behind. Salman says they are all work in progress? Kavita says I feel they are over-prepared, they have some perception of the show, like yesterday Eijaz and Pavitra were close like Sid and Asim used to do but then I thought Pavitra and Eijaz will kiss but they didn’t. I am going inside to spread love. Naina says Jaan is trying his luck as well. Salman asks if they know each other? Kavita says we met today only. Naina says I have been Kavita’s fan, my mom asked me to not fight her in the house. Salman says what else did she? She said to fight where it’s necessary. Salman says we will take your BBQ test. We will ask questions related to the house. You can play your buzzers if you know the answer. Salman asks who Pavitra likes in the house? Naina says Abhinav. Salman says really? There was a fight related to that but you are right Naina. Salman asks Jaan is stuck with whom? Naina says in Nikki. Salman asks what’s Abhi’s favorite tool? Naina says it’s a screwdriver. Salman asks who is an encyclopedia of the house? Kavita says it’s Abhi. Salman asks who cries the most in the house? Naina says it’s Jasmin. Salman asks what Pavitra calls to Eijaz? Naina says it’s Chicha.. Kavita says Salman calls him that, he is called Khan saab. Salman asks what color of the towel Rahul was famous for? Naina answers a purple towel. Salman says it’s useless to ask more questions as Naina wins. Kavita says I am embarrassed. Salman asks them to sit on the chairs. They take their seats.

Salman says I will call a third fresher and he is a host, VJ, RJ. He calls Shardul Pundit. Salman welcomes Shardul and sanitizes him. Shardul says I have corona anxiety. He says I was jobless for 1.5 years but I started with being an RJ, I did acting on TV. I did VJing and then I was jobless. Salman says you went to Indoor in the lockdown? Shardul says I didn’t have money and I had loans on me so I went back to my family house. Salman says it’s good that you met your family and you got this show now. I hope you get more work after this. Salman makes him meet Naina and Kavita. Salman says to Shardul that we take the BBQ test of every contestant. Salman says if this house was BB zoo then what animal will be who? Pavitra will be? He says the wild cat. He says Jaan would be a bee. He says Nikki will be a crow with her hain hain. He says Abhi is a pati.. he is very domesticated. Salman laughs. Salman shows Rubina. Shardul says she is a fox, she is very smart. Shardul says Jasmin is a cute rat, I recall Jerry seeing her. He says Rahul is a woodpecker. He says Eijaz is an old grumpy hyena. He is always serious. He is very competitive.
Salman asks about Naina and Kavita. Shardul says I met Naina in a show and she sat in my lap. Naina says I sat beside you so control your words. He says my focus is on you. Shardul says Kavita is a very good actress and I wanted her to arrest me when acted as a cop in a show. Kavita says I think he will be entertaining in the house which is needed. He is a joker kind in a nice way. Salman asks Naina. Naina says he has given me a topic to argue with him. He said that I sat in his lap which is wrong. I will not spare him in the house. Shardul says I will look forward to it. Kavita says they have started fighting on the stage only. Naina says I was impressed by his research, he is an amazing anchor but he directly said that I sat in his lap? I will see him at the house. Shardul says keep looking at me then. Naina says all my focus is on you. Salman says they have started flirting. Kavita says we will have to attend a wedding at the end of the season. Naina says I am upset.
Salman tells Shardul that I will connect with your friend who supported you. He connects the call to Karan Patel and Ankita. Shardul says if I am standing here then it’s because of them. They give me strength and they are a family to me. Ankita asks him to not be anxious in the house. Karan says I asked him to think that everyone is equal in the house. Karan says Kavita is my friend too. I wish her luck too. Kavita thanks him. Salman asks Shardul to join Kavita and Naina. He goes to sit with them.

Salman says these freshers will go in the house and entertain you all. We gave a task to the inmates.

In the house:
Nishant reads the task that in a 60 minutes episode all have to decide about each inmate getting how many minutes of footage depending on entertainment, passion and screen presence? Minutes will be like 23, 17, 9, 55, 3, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5, 0 minutes.

Eijaz tells the inmates that I am very passionate about the tasks, I joke with others. I think I should get 23 minutes. All say we don’t agree. Pavitra says I have shown all my colors in the house. I work hard, I work in the tasks and I entertain. Rahul says I will give her 9 minutes as sometimes she is out of line. Jasmin says 9 minutes for her. Eijaz says Pavitra is strong but she focuses on arguments a lot. I will give her 9 minutes. Jaan says I have performed well in the tasks, I want 9 minutes. Rahul says I will give him 1.5 minutes only because of Nikki. He has a zero gameplan. Nikki says he should get 30 seconds. He has no personality and doesn’t show any guts in the tasks. He doesn’t have passion, you can’t win by singing alone here. Eijaz says I think 3 minutes for Jaan. Rahul says I am not asking for 23 minutes, I want to get 9 minutes as I go all out in the tasks, I have arguments in the house and I am humorous also. Pavitra says I will give him 5 minutes as he doesn’t give much content. Nikki says I will give 2 minutes to Rahul as he is not entertaining and doesn’t talk much. Abhi says I will give 1.5 minutes to Rahul as his personality has something irritant and everybody feels it. He becomes crass. Nikki says I want 23 minutes, I have played individually and I play with groups. I entertain people. I bring light in this house by dancing in the morning. Pavitra says I will give her 17 minutes. Rahul says I will give her 9 minutes as she becomes monotonous. She thinks she is entertaining but it’s not the case. Jasmin says she was on fire in the start but her behavior is repetitive. I will give her 9 minutes.
Bigg Boss says the time for the task has ended and you people haven’t decided on a single tag. Now all should just grab the tag which they think is the ideal footage minutes for them. Nikki fights that she should get 23 minutes tag. Rubina says I will reach 23 minutes soon. Jasmin says I should get 23 minutes as I am not predictable like Nikki and have shown different shades. Eijaz says I want 17 minutes. Nikki says only I deserve 23 minutes.

On the stage, Salman says this is how they do tasks. He says I will tell them you are a weekend panel and not new inmates. He connects the video call to the house. Salman says you people got a task related to 60 minutes but you couldn’t decide mutually. I want to make you meet our weekend panel which includes Kavita, Naina and Shardul. They watch the show so they will tell us what minutes should be given to whom. Salman asks who should get 23 minutes tag? Kavita says I want to give it to Eijaz, Naina I think Rubina-Abhi. Shardul says Eijaz-Pavitra. They give it to Eijaz and Pavitra. They give 17 minutes to Rubina. They give 9 minutes to Jasmin. They give 5 minutes to Nikki. They give 3 minutes tag to Jaan. They give 2 minutes to Rahul. They give 1.5 minutes to Nishant. They give 0.5 minutes to Abhi. Salman says Abhi is happy with that. Salman says this panel made your work easier. He says to the inmates that these three sitting here is not a panel but new freshers who will join you. Eijaz and Pavitra are excited to see them. Eijaz asks Kavita to come inside fast. Pavitra says Shardul is my friend. Salman says as per Shardul Naina has already sat on his lap. Eijaz says I have only 5-6 friends in the industry and Kavita is one of them.

Salman says to the inmates that now you will decide who should go to the red zone from new freshers. All will do it secretly in a ballot box.

Nikki goes into the confession room and writes Naina’s name as she doesn’t seem strong. Abhi writes Shardul’s name. Jaan writes Shardul’s name. Jasmin writes Naina’s name as she thinks she is strong. Rahul writes Naina’s name as she is not friends with Eijaz and Pavitra. Nishant writes Shardul’s name as his opinions were biased. Pavitra writes Naina’s name as her vibes might not match with me. Eijaz writes Shardul’s name as he wants Kavita in the green-zone to be his ally there and I want Shardul to strategize with me as he seems like a strong player. Rubina writes Kavita’s name as she thinks Eijaz is alone and he needs a friend there.

Salman tells Kavita, Naina and Shardul that they have given their votes. Let’s see who is going in the red-zone from you three. He connects the call to the house and says I have a result with me. The person chosen for the red-zone is not one. Shardul got 4 votes, Naina got 4 votes and only Rubina voted for Kavita. He says now the scene will flip, the new freshers who got 4 votes will not go in the red zone but Kavita who got only one vote will become the captain of the house. All clap. Kavita thanks Rubina for unintentionally helping her. Salman sends the new freshers in the house.

In the house:
Rahul says every weekend ka vaar is heavier than before. It makes me blank. Eijaz is very today as his friend is coming.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that all three wild cards are strong, there is no childish things anymore. It would be fun with Kavita as a captain.

Jaan asks Jasmin what did I do wrong if I had a strategy in the game? Jasmin says stop being so fake friends, you are like a luta which doesn’t have any balance. Jaan says when Nikki does it then it’s fine but if I do it then it’s wrong? Jasmin says Nikki makes you realize that you are wrong but when she does it then she pacifies you and you become friends with her again. You are infatuated with her.

Kavita, Shardul and Naina enter. All cheer for them. Abhi hugs Kavita. All welcome them. Kavita goes and hugs Eijaz. He says we will talk later on. He meets Naina and Shardul.
Kavita comes in the house and looks around.
Shardul tells Pavitra that you are a lioness. She says am I looking bad on camera? He says are you crazy? Do what you want to, just control your tongue.
Eijaz tells Kavita that be a strong captain. He says I have got 2 more kidneys with Kavita being here.
Jasmin asks Shardul to get his bed. He says I want a single bed as I kick in my sleep. Jasmin says only a double bed is left. Shardul chooses a bed. Naina wants to take a bed but it’s Pavitra’s. Jasmin says she is not here for now so you can take it. Naina takes it.

Kavita hugs Rubina. Kavita asks Eijaz to not copy others, it felt like you were copying Sid, if you want to fight then make your own interesting way. Eijaz says I am not copying anyone.

Eijaz tells Kavita to show how strong you are, I was lenient in the start so they started joking about my personality. Kavita asks Eijaz to remain happy internally. If you fight with someone then fight but don’t sulk afterward. Eijaz says you don’t know about this house. Eijaz tells Kavita that I don’t get along with Rubina at all. Kavita says Rubina is so insecure, she cried on Salman’s joke so much which didn’t make sense at all. Salman joked very lightly but she made such a big deal that her husband was called luggage, she made sure that everyone knows her husband was called luggage, she cried so much in the confession room, her husband is not shown in the show because of her insecurity. Eijaz says Rubina thinks Bigg Boss is her competition. Kavita says she should have a little thick skin. Eijaz says then they say they don’t know anything about the show.

Naina talks to Jaan and says I have seen all the episodes, I know whose Jaan you are. He asks her what is happening outside? She says I will tell you later on Jaan. Rubina says Jaan’s heart broke today.

Kavita tells Eijaz and Pavitra that you both look so hot together. Eijaz says I am scared of Pavitra, she is a naagin, don’t do this. Kavita says your fight was so hot.

Nikki tells Rahul that we have to bang on from tomorrow. We will put our priority first. Rahul says we will think about ourselves first. Nikki says Pavitra and Eijaz are with us. Rahul says they are not on my side. Nikki says I am your friend and their friend also, I am there for you and you will be there for me, don’t break the trust. Keep entertaining the wild cards. Talk to Naina and find out what is going on.

In the night, Pavitra tells Eijaz that I don’t want to stay here anymore, I want to go on the green-side. We are strong here now. We are going right, we can be friends with others but we will not sacrifice for others, they are very clever, filthy things will start now.

Salman says now there are 12 members in the house, let’s enjoy it. He signs off from the episode.

PRECAP – Shardul flirts with Pavitra and says I will be your lion.
Shardul teases Jaan and Nikki. Rahul is mesmerized by Naina.
Kavita tells Shardul to follow the rules, you can’t go into the smoking-room when Pavitra is there. Pavitra tells Kavita to not tell her what to do as she is new. Kavita says don’t tell me what to do as you are in the red-zone, not me.
Rahul nominates Rubina saying her mind is the web of a spider. Rahul nominates Jaan and says I hate nepotism. All are stunned. Rubina says you didn’t have to bring that up, there is no logic in nominating him for this reason. Jaan says I am proud that my father is Kumar Sanu. Rahul says I don’t need my father’s name to succeed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg what did Rahul do? He used the “N” word for legendary singer’s son? He is going to get bashed very badly not only by Salman but also by all the housemates. This guy has got guts dude. Even when the whole house ganged up against him for his comment on Pavitra (which was not wrong at all), he stood by his words. As of now, he’s the only one including Rubina, who’s not afraid of putting his opinions out. But the problem with Rubina is that she stretches the matter too much and also gives long lectures, which becomes monotonous.
    Kavita seems promising as of now. Hopefully, she won’t disappoint me. As a friend and a fellow competitor, she gave correct advice to Eijaz. But I don’t think he’s following the Sid way as she suggested. I feel he’s going the Vikas way as of now.

  2. Amal

    Oh shit Rahul πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Now he will be a target as he mentioned about nepotism 😭😭😭😩

  3. Amal

    Nikki is delusional and everyone pacifying her should just play the game for themselves rather than babysitting her πŸ™„

  4. Love you Rubina and Abhinav πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  5. I found my favorite

    Reason who matter the entire world is against them they stand by what they say

    And The Kavita is going to be a strong one

    Dislike Pavitra huh
    Not what she thought she would turn out to be.
    The wanna be typical girl who can’t be a wanna be

  6. I think kavita will be a very strong contestant. These strict captains are needed or else nobody will follow rules. Rubina can be a good player if she stops exaggerating things. I think for now rubina, jasmine and abhinav are going well. They are not my favourites but they are better than others

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