Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 3: Will Riddhima and Vansh meet?

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The episode starts with……

Aryan says, “Let’s go and sleep now. We need to wake up tomorrow.” Riddhima and Sejal go to their respective rooms and Aryan moves in to the guest room. They have a sound sleep.

Meanwhile, A man gets down from the car and heads towards his house it seems he’s fed up and tired today and plans to head towards his room but suddenly a voice stops him, “Vansh Sir!” He turns back to see; it’s Angre. Vansh asks, “What happened Angre? Why did you call me?” Angre replies, “Sir, the event planner, Sejal had given a call to ask if she could come tomorrow to interview Uma mam since it would help her team and her to decorate and plan things well ahead. I was searching for you but couldn’t find you so I asked Kabir about it and he agreed to let her come in and ask questions to Madam. She will be coming…….” Angre stopped since he noticed the change on Vansh’s face from being tired to becoming angry. But Vansh controls his anger and says, “Continue Angre, what time will she be coming?” Angre says, “05:00pm.” Vansh tells Angre to call Kabir. After few minutes, Kabir comes there and he notices that Vansh is angry. Before Kabir could say anything Vansh said, “Kabir, Don’t you remember this birthday party is actually a surprise party and if those planners would come in and ask Mom questions there would be no surprise left.” He turns to Angre and says, “Message those planners to come to Royal Moon Restaurant tomorrow at 05:00pm. I would personally answer their questions. Understood?” Angre nods while Vansh leaves from there. Kabir and Angre also go to their rooms and sleep.

Next morning,

It’s 8 o’clock, Sejal’s alarm rings, she wakes up and she see’s a notification on a phone.Sejal receives a message that reads, ‘Do not come to VR. mansion as it’s a surprise birthday party and we don’t want Mam to know about it so instead come to ‘Royal Moon’ Restaurant. Mr. Vansh Raisinghania will answer all your questions related to his mother. Sejal comes to Riddhima’s room and informs her about the message. Riddhima says, “Fine. Atleast I will get to know who is my client and how is he. So……….there’s no issue.” Aryan is standing near the door, he walks inside. Riddhima and Sejal are shocked. Sejal says, “Oh God! It’s a miracle! Aryan, you went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.”

Aryan nods yes. He says, “I prepared it for y’all.” Sejal laughs and adds, “But I love my life and have no interest in dying.” While Sejal and Aryan were arguing Riddhima completed her breakfast. She said, “I got to see my entertainment during breakfast. It was too much fun.” Aryan and Sejal give a stare at each other and then ‘BOOM’!! They team up and start tickling Riddhima. After a while Sejal and Aryan start having breakfast while Riddhima goes to freshen up.

It’s 11am; Riddima , Aryan and Sejal are ready. They talk about their day’s plan.

On the contrary, Vansh and his family return to VR mansion. They are all happy as they had alot of fun in the past few days.

Time passes by, it’s 4’o clock. Riddhima is getting ready to leave and meet Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. She enters the living room and finds Sejal and Aryan waiting for her. She goes towards them. Aryan hands over a mask to her and says, “There’s too much pollution outside, wear one, you would need it.” Riddhima thanks him. Sejal questions, “Did you keep all the designs we selected yesterday?” Riddhima nods yes. “Did you carry the list of our previous clients?” Riddhima nods yes.

“Did you ……….” “Oh shut up Sejal! Do you think she’s going for the first time to meet a client. She knows what she needs to carry.” says Aryan. Sejal says, “Sorry. But guys understand I am over excited to plan a party for Vansh Raisinghania.” Riddhima wears the mask and heads to leave the house.

Vansh makes a call to the Restaurant manager asking him to reserve a table for three. And if someone enquires about him so to guide the person to the table, He would be there by 5.

It’s 5. Vansh along with Angre enters the restaurant. The manager guides him towards the table he had asked to reserve. Vansh comes next to the table and says, “Hii!(now in a bold tone) I am Vansh Raisinghania. She replies, “Hello! I am Sejal, your event planner.”

Flashback shows as Riddhima was leaving the house she slips down due to water on the floor. She gets hurt and her clothes get dirty. Aryan and Sejal rush to help Riddhima get up. They make her sit on the sofa. Aryan then asks Sejal to go and interview Vansh Raisinghania as Riddhima would now take time to dress up again and apply ointment to her wound. Sejal agrees. Flashback ends.

Sejal asks various questions to Vansh related to his Mother while he answers all of them. Riddhima at home thinks I missed the opportunity to meet Vansh Raisinghania but it’s okay; I would get to see him later. Aryan enters her room and asks her if she needs any help. She disagrees. Aryan turns back to leave as Riddhima stops him and calls him near. She asks, “What were you thinking standing in the kitchen a little while back?” Aryan answers, “Nothing, just about Ishani.” Riddhima holds his hand and says, “Aryan, I am happy that you found someone but you just know her name. There are hundreds of Ishani’s in the surrounding. I guess we should search her surname also, that would help us locate her.” Aryan hugs her and says, “You are truly my best friend. I am overwhelmed that you want me to get settled but I feel for now we should focus on VR and not on Ishani because if Sejal realises we are disturbed then she would drive us crazy.” Aryan and Riddhima remembering Sejal.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Aryan and Sejal turn to see and it’s Sejal. She has a bright smile on her face as she walks towards them saying, “Vansh Raisinghania, he was so calm while answering the questions and I feel he’s a down to earth person. He’s just best. There’s no one like him.” Aryan notices the jealousy on Riddhima’s face as she missed the opportunity to meet Vansh.

Episode ends…

Precap: Riddhima walks ahead. She’s about to fall when someone holds her.She once again closes her eyes. When she opens her eyes it’s Vansh.

Thank you guys for giving your love and support. Honestly, I didn’t know that how would y’all like my writing and was scared to publish.

  1. Aww. Don’t be scared. We are all Riansh fans who enjoy these ffs. If we see a mistake we rectify it as a family. So there’s no need to feel scared to publish🥺. Anyways your work is always so good. Keep it up and thank you🙏🏼

  2. Abhipsha Banerjee

    So sweet.Dont be scared dear.Ur ff’s are best as others.Yaah,Sen is right,we are all riansh fans nd we enjoy ur ff’s.Just think we are a family,#rianshfamily🤗😋. Keep posting.Best of Luck👍👍

  3. Wow..loved it👌😄

  4. Kaivalya

    Lovely episode, didn’t expect Sejal in the place of Riddhima to meet VR. But it was wow 😍😍😍.
    Feeling happy and thanks that you liked my name.

    All the best for your upcoming episodes 👍👍👍👍

  5. Hi …Don’t be scared …I liked this episode really nice ..I thought vansh and riddhima would meet

  6. Their friendship bond is just wow…Arre yr Riddhu kitna girti h😁..Btw u had asked how I feel would Riansh meet..So I know the exact thing but I will not reveal bcz it will reduce the suspence for others na😉🤣🤣🤣..Jokes apart..I feel ki first meet m Riddhu ko nahi pta hoga ki wo VR h…Maybe..But whatever it is I m eagerly waiting for it❤
    & Ya this one was awsssmm❤❤
    Literally Ur ff is one of the nicest in #Riansh fandom so keep it up!!👍👍

  7. Aww dear!! Please don’t be scared we’re here to make your day happy too, as we’re all riansh fans!!😊🥰
    By the way! Good going 👍👌👏
    Really like this friend ship and support between them
    Keep updating us

  8. RiyaVaghani

    woah! its’a AMAZING! fingers crossed for the nxt episode and yes! i will absolutely read every episode. in fact, i was waiting eagerly for today’s ep and i will keep waiting for next. by the way, are u writing on wattpad? and u can upload pics too it will look better. just a suggestion ur writing skills have already won me over… i’ll read ur ff with or without pics

  9. Ohhhhh! Just missed their meeting but very nice episode and same as previous I am super excited 😍

  10. Woooow! It’s really incredible maa. Excellent episode, the bond btw ridhu,Aryan,Sejal is amazing. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Eagerly waiting for your next episode.

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