Which is your favorite pair of Gupta Brothers – Chaar Kunwaare From Ganga Kinaare?

Though not gaining much popularity in the TRP charts, Star Bharat serial “Gupta Brothers-Chaar Kunwaare from Ganga Kinaare” has not fail it’s loyal fans with the twists and tuns in it’s story.

One of the most recent development in the story of this serial is the marriage of Shiv and Ganga, with a major change coming into the family of Gupta brothers, who had decided never to allow into their lives.

From there, the story had been gripping the audience’s attention by introducing new twists of different pairs which are going to happen in this serial!

So who is your favorite among them?

1. ShiGa (Shiv-Ganga) aka Parineeta (PariTen)


2. AdiLok (Aditi-Alok) aka AishAk (Aishwarya-Akash)

3. Veerja (Veeru-Jaya) aka SaNal (Satya-Sonam)


Shiv’s marriage to Ganga making them Shiga, has kept the audience of the Gupta Brothers-Chaar Kunwaare From Ganga Kinaare gripped to their seaats, to watch how will love blossom between the two?

Next, Aishwarya’s entry in the serial as Alok’s lady-love Aditi has the raised the excitement level of GBCKFGK fans.

Last of all, it is worth watching that how Jaya’s “Bail-Buddhi” and Veeru’s “Chipkali” fall for each other?

This serial is minor version of popular Star Vijay tamil series Pandian Stories and gained lot of love among the hindi viewers.

  1. Radhakrishn

    All the pairs are my favorite. VeerJa and their cute nok-jhok. ShiGa’s trust for each other. Still not sure for AdiLok.

  2. ShiGa x PariTen are the most lovely couple among all 🥰🥰

  3. In the whole show, Rajat is my favorite
    But here since it is the question of pairs, none of their love stories have really started. I hated Sonal with Akash, but she does seems to have a good chemistry with Satya when seen in photo.
    Akash and Aishwarya’s matching eye colour is visible even in this photo. I don’t know about the love story of the 3 couples, but in terms of chemistry seems like all the three of them have a good chemistry. All the three of them look good with each other, now only their stories will bring a choice of favorite.
    I wonder how will Adilok happen since Alok is a Bramachari
    And VeerJa too, Amba Kaaki has a special enmity with Veeru, for having hurt her on the head, then what will happen when he marries her beloved daughter?
    We have to see,
    Chemistry wise all pairs have good chemistry

  4. Shesha485

    Can anyone say what was the story? Wondering that a Star Bharat show getting such popularity with simple and elegant cast

    1. Totally agreed with you, it is something impossible to get popularity especially when the cast is simple and do not have a great fan following, thanks to the logic that devil woman Ekta has introduced through her goddamn serials.
      According to Ekta, it isn’t the talent which matters but the fan following and popularity of the actor which matters and one of the best examples of that is Krishna Kaul and Mukta of Kumkum.
      If Karan Johar is the King of Nepotism in film industry then Ekta the Queen of Nepotism in television industry.
      I just don’t want to talk about these devilish bitter people, because my mood will also become bitter.
      We should really appreciate the makers of show that they have chosen cast with very common background and each and every actor is playing their part so well and entertaining us.
      Even the story is so beautifully written unlike the non-stop shit we get to watch in mostly Kundali.
      So, I would recommend you to watch the serial from the beginning, the initial episodes are one of those best episodes.
      The way the brothers are shown as Chronic bachelors, how they are Sarvagun Sampann and the first 10-15 episodes have a moral given by Shiv in every episode, which is the best part
      Then Ganga’s entry, then Shiga becomes and now the story is continuing on that, so I would ask you to watch from the beginning
      All Star Bharat shows have low rating but they are so good, made with a good concept, but then as usual only the shit gets trps
      Even the new show Durga on which TU has put an article has a really beautiful concept, because I have seen the Bengali version.
      Some people are criticizing for remaking from another language. But earlier that stupid channel Zee also used to remake all their bengali shows. And if a good message is conveyed to different cultures through remakes then what’s wrong in it?
      So I really don’t mind remake
      And I was overjoyed to know that Imlie the remake came in top 5 because it does have a good message in it

    2. Radhakrishn

      This story is about four brothers who decided they will not get married as they believe that women only destroy the house. They think they are complete without a woman. Shiv is the eldest, Alok is the second brother and is a brahmachaari and is very fast in calculating , Veeru is the third and short-temperd and strongest of all, Rajat is the youngest and always collects informations. All the women of their colony have a crush on them. They have a shop at the Kachori gali. It is revealed to the audience that Shiv is the step brother of the threr. He can even talk to his step mother who has died long back, from the photo frame. They are very close to their neighbour Amba and her family. She has a daughter Jaya who loves Alok.One day a lady named Mridula Roy comes to their house and claims to be the 50percent owner of their house and shop. She is later revealed to be a fraud and she was hired by Kamini’s mom. Kamini used to love Alok and they planned to trap him. When there was a function at Gupta brothers place , Kamini’s mom switches off the light and Kamini secretly goes to the kitchen and holds Alok’s hand. The people believed that they are lovebirds and decided to get them married. On the wedding day Kamini elopes with Bobby her ex. Shiv learns that Kamini and her mom had planned to trap Alok. He gets Kamini married to Bobby and sends Kamini’s mom to mental asylum. Mridula troubles the brothers alot. Mridula’s truth comes out and she is revealed to be Ganga, who is an orphan and stays in an orphanage and then she leaves the gupta brothers house. Before going she promisses Shiv that she will not do these things again. Amba’s brother tells Shiv to get Ganga married. They find a groom for her who is also an orphan and Ganga agrees. But on the wedding day the groom leaves her on the mandap , in order to protect people from taunting Ganga he marries her. When they come home the brothers blame Ganga that she has trapped Shiv. On the day of Karwachauth Ganga learns that Shiv is the other three brothers’s step brother. Amba also comes to know and she tells the brothers the truth. Constants fight between the brothers leads to the dividing of the house. But then it is revealed that Amba was the one to manipulate the brothers to divide the house and shop and even the marriage of Shiga was a part of her plan. She reveals to her husband that she did it for the sake of Jaya. Due to the tension in the house Rajat could not study properly. Seeing this opportunity Amba aks him to cheat in the exam. He buys the exam question papers but Ganga sees him and stops him from cheating but after she goes again he picks the crushed paper which she threw, as he is scared that if he does not pass Alok and Veeru will punish him. After few days his result comes and Alok grows suspicious of his marks and he comes to know he cheated but does not scold him instead he arranges a party for him. The very next day police comes to thier house to arrest Rajat but Ganga and Shiv ask them to give rajat a last chance. The colony people also give guarantee that shiga will take care of rajat and they agree. Rajat also confesses he cheated and also tells the reason why. Shiga decides to keep him with them. Early morning shiga go to the court and the judge gives them the custody of rajat to them. Veeru orders some diwali stuffs,which costs nearly 40 lakhs. Later the same night Amba brings a theif and he steals all the stuffs which Veeru had ordered. Ganga comes to know about Amba’s wrongdoings. Amba threatens Ganga but she tells it to Shiv. He gets heartbroken. He breaks all ties with Amba and her family. The next morning Amba plans to kill Shiga and cuts the cylinder pipe but Amba’s plan backfires and instead Veeru lights the gas which results in fire breaking in the house. Veeru, Alok and Rajat get trapped, Ganga saves them all but she herself gets trapped however Shiv saves her. She is rushed to the hospital. Alok and Rajat are continuously crying and Jaya is consoling them while Veeru prays for Ganga’s safety and she gets safed. Veeru and Alok seek forgiveness from Ganga and she forgives them. Jaya gives them a letter and Shiv tells them that he and Ganga have officially adopted Rajat. A leap of 7 days is shown where Ganga is fully recovered. Shiga enter the house and find it decorated. Ganga asks Shiv to promise that they will not have a child which brings them more closer. Shiv’ step mother gets mukti . In the upcoming episodes they organise a puja. Shiv and Ganga notice Alok and Jaya doing the aarti together. Shiv asks Ganga to explain Jaya her relation with them cannot happen. Jaya expresses her love for Alok to Ganga. Ganga somehow manages to get Shiv convinced for Alok-Jaya marriage but she learns that Alok loves someone else. Jaya also comes to know about Amba’s truth.

    3. Shesha485

      Thanks @Radhakrishn. @Prachi, I agree to all your points. The problem in remaking is, they are totally spoiling the essence of the original. More than that, Imlie is already remade in Hindi and another show also have the same concept. Moreover, the concept is old fashioned and also nothing to show good to audience. Ghum Hai wise, there is no point to watch as, soon Samrat die and Pakhi becomes a hurdle for Sai and Virat with plenty of separation tracks.

  5. Me too all the three😘😘
    I say that even Rajat should get a pair 😉

  6. Radhakrishn

    @Shesha485 this is a mini remake not the official.

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