Excuse Me Madam 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kranti brings Mithu home

Excuse Me Madam 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mithu asking Jugal not to say a word and just sit. She recalls that her dad isn’t coming on his own birthday. He has asked her to celebrate birthday with his sincere peon. FB ends. She asks Jugal to wear her dad’s pic and feel that he is her dad. Jugal thinks I came here with some other feeling. She says happy birthday dad. She asks what gift do you want. Jugal removes mask and says gift me three goats. She says I didn’t ask you to talk. The man gets the cake. Sanam is upset. Kranti apologizes to him. He gets shocked seeing Mithu. He asks Kranti to come with him, the dinner isn’t good here. Kranti says I will go to washroom and come. She goes. He hides his face.

At home, Amar wears a saree for her husband and calls him. Anup thinks what shall I tell Amar, I have to leave. The man says Miss Kranti… Anup is in disguise of a woman. He says you know I m married. Anup asks him to show what’s in the phone. The man says it will be shocking for you. He shows the pics. He imagines romancing Anup. Sanam hides from Mithu. He runs to hide in the bathroom. Kranti asks him not to go to ladies washroom. Sanam says I will handle. The lady says the flush isn’t working. Mithu asks the waiter about the flush. The waiter says sorry, you can go that time. She says its a gents toilet. Waiter removes the gents board. She asks is there anyone inside. Sanam acts and says I need 3-4 hours. She asks did you come to toilet for the first time in life. The waiter goes to get master key. Sanam thinks to surrender. He says I had come here to use the washroom. She says you would have come here for dinner, you lied to me. He makes excuses. She forgets herself because of her split personality. She hugs Sanam.

Kranti waits for him. She comes there and gets shocked. She shouts he is my husband, you can’t hug him. Mithu tells her sad story. Kranti says her story is dad. Sanam asks her to just come. Kranti asks don’t you have a heart, will you leave her alone here and go, no. She asks Mithu to come home with her, her sister is in police, she will help her. Sanam thinks who will help me. Anup comes home and sees Amar angry. He makes an excuse that he met his relatives. She asks him to go and keep his relations. She says I m not your slave. Anup says I m your slave. They argue. She scolds him and sends him out of the room. Kranti gets Mithu home and says don’t get scared. Mithu asks where did we come, I m scared. Kranti says I will call Amar. Sanam asks at this time, she would be tired, don’t trouble her. Kranti says you are strange, is it imp to save this girl or disturb Amar, we have to get justice. Sanam thinks it will be a trouble if Amar comes.

Amar says I think I have seen you somewhere. Sanam says we will go and sleep now. Kranti says Mithu will sleep in the room. Sanam worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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