Which fav. show are you tired watching?

The serials listed in the poll are superhit ones and they recently got a major drawback by bringing the same twists and never ending bad tracks, which is boring for the viewers. The serials are elongating the vamps and villains and their victories.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun is the super vamp of the show. While the makers have given some rest to Ashok Khanna, Raman’s ex wife Shagun is still creating chaos in the Bhalla family by her never ending evil schemes. Sometimes, it becomes so tough to watch Ruhi and Ishita shed tears again and again.

Qubool Hai:

Tanveer is gone and Amrapali is again back in the show as her daughter. Sanam is not tired to getting hr heroes replaced/killed/new entries and much more useless drama. The show is a big hit and yet it offers same tracks and predictable stories, which makes the fans think to stop watching it.

Kumkum Bhagya:

The longest kidnapping and chase scene which goes through cities, rock concerts on roads, jungles, hut burning and many more action packed fights. The heroine running across since a month, and hero cracking jokes and pacifying her with emotional eyelocks. The drama in Kumkum Bhagya is now a marathon to create a history, with no sensible track. The corporator Neil was after Bulbul and he is not after Abhi and Pragya as if he was their biggest enemy.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Soumya is the cheesy smiling vamp of the show with the super Chipku type Dadi whose work is to end Yuvraaj’s marriage. The oldies play such game to give value to themselves and dominate the young ones. The track of Soumya at Birlas is not ending and making the serial bore to watch. It seriously needs some fresh tracks.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ranvir and Ishani has given tests for their love many times and also proved it. The lovers were uniting and again Chirag’s murder track came. Again a short leap and Ritika marries Ranvir. With such short leaps and tracks taking u-turn, Ranvir and Ishani are at loggerheads again.

Which show among these stated above do you think is totally getting on your nerves by repeated tracks and evil hurting the good factor. Let us know in this poll by selecting a maximum of three choices and state your opinion in the comments section.

  1. I only watch two shows that are listed suhani si ek ladki and yeh hai Mohabattein. SSEL has become uninteresting mainly due Neha Yadav (Souyma). She gives a performance as the villain. Her expressions are the same for
    anger or sadness. Rajeshri Pandey (suhani) is
    very talented actress, she deserves an award
    or a raise in her salary for keeping the show alive!!
    YGM a good show overall all good actors.
    keeping the show interesting and exciting.

    1. I have to agree with Shree SSEL is so boring especially with actors WHO cannot act such as Neha Yadav (Souyma) she lacks skill and experience. I don’t mind the story line but a show needs good quality actors who can execute the plot in an interesting manner.

    2. Get rid of Neha Yadav…..then this show will be successful!!!!!!!!!

    3. Eliminate Neha-Souyma please!!!!!!!

    4. Ooh so boring SSEL! !!!

    5. A BIG YAWN! !! This serial is a real bore…..luv Suhani, Sharad, Dadi, Menka, Yuvraj all awesome!!

  2. Don’t u guys think dat Qubool hai is the most worse show among these all…..

    1. Understatement of the century

  3. Its qubool hai

  4. YHM

    1. No it’s SSEL with the poor actress Neha Yadav!!!!

  5. Plz add saath nibhana saathiya to the list..sick of this stupid leap and twist.The show was better with rashi.

  6. kumkum bhagya is the worst

    1. it is SSEL no doubt…….

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  8. I feel dat ..yeh rista kya kehlaata hei is d most boring show…pls add dat too..d actors are good..but d story is always d same..boring

  9. qubool hai n ssek

  10. Yeh rishta is going well…and kumkum bhagya too..the worst is…qubool ha meri ashiqui etc…the best serial are yeh rishta dream girl nd kumkum bhagya

  11. saathiya and yeh rishta are worst

  12. worst is qh,it is highly v.v.v.v.v.v. difficult to rank vch show is worst cz all r competing wid one another in being/ trying to get d worst as their title..

      yhm ( playing with kids not knwing their feelings )
      ssel ( sowmya gorila spoiling the trust of FRIENDSHIP )
      kb ( 1 month of same scene sucks… )
      saath nibana ( the whole story and team boring….. was good till RASHI’S presence )

  13. the most worst show think is jamai raja its such a horrible show I can’t tolerate that and y didn’t they add and i voted all because all have such silly twists
    I say it is not a twist

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  15. […] Also check ‘Which fav. show are you tired watching?’ […]

  16. Qubool hai right now has turned my mind when this witch scene started.This is a turn of for me.

  17. qubool hai is most..100% worst serial.. pls end up this serial soon..pls..pls..pls
    yhm and kkb very interesting serial..I love both serial

  18. Iss pyar lo kya naam doon2 is also boring. Seriously, doesn’t a man know his enemy ‘s family members?! Doesn’t he know how they look like? It’s hilarious that Shlok and astha come n work for them and this so called powerful indrajit can’t even guess!!
    And yeah, suhani si is boring as suhani being dumb in guessing and yuvraj being a sick husband and the old lady n group being worst.
    Next are yes rishta and saathiya… Dull prolonging story..wonder how many generations they are going to shoot!
    And yes, yeh hei mohabattein has so many tears solely from ishita. Boring!

  19. yhm
    turning out to be worst show after kids swap drama even after ishita having ruhi’s permanet custody

  20. Nowadays matsh is getting bored always a problm btwn rv nd ishaani onebyone.nd always sacrifices by ishaani tht tooo nt at all thnkng abt her mom nd family only thnkng abt rv is tooooooo selfish.nd d most disgusting thng rv marrying ritika ths s nt a true luv.fed up wid ths drama.plzzzz change d track.

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  22. Qubool hai

  23. qubool hai

  24. […] Also check ‘Which fav. show are you tired watching?’ […]

  25. Ssel,please kick that soumya out.then it wont be boring.

  26. Meri aashiqui tum se hi is really interesting!!!!
    Its just a bit too sad at times

  27. Quboolhai is the most worse serial

  28. I m only watching ipkknd ebp serial,superb actor avinash sachdev,

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