Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman talking about the kids and dealing with Shagun. She says Adi and Ruhi are different individuals, Ruhi has more threshold to bear, as she is brought up in this family and Adi just saw his mum. I m confident about her. She says if we are concerned about Ruhi, think about Adi, I have a feeling to leave Ruhi on me, and focus on Adi, he should not feel bad and alone. He holds her hand and says I have full faith, you will get our daughter back. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………..

Raman drops Adi to school and makes her wear his badge. He asks what happened, why is his mood off, he did not talk in car and says he used to have fever before tests. Adi says I don’t have tests. He gives money asking him to have something from canteen. Adi says no, I got tiffin. Bala meets Raman and says Ruhi did not come yet, I just left Shravan and asks him to meet Ruhi. Raman says I will go, I have to take Adi’s medical papers too. Bala says I will come along.

Ishita wishes all the best to Vandu and Mihika. They meet lawyer Vohra and Mihika poses as a client. She says she wants to file divorce case against her husband. Vandu says we went to many lawyers and no one is ready to take her case. He asks why. Mihika says my husband is very cunning, influential, he trapped me. Vandu says he has many contacts. Mihika says he is not ready to give me divorce and not supporting me. Vandu says we heard a lot about you, we have factors where we have to be prepared, suppose if you did any case where you handled things going out of the process, share with me, we will get confidence. He asks as in?

Mihika says something can’t be kept between right and wrong, sometimes we have to forget true and lie, if there is any case where you achieved impossible case, if you can share. He says I handled many cases and says about child custody case. Mihika says we should know how the mind works. He says you can ask your sister Ishita Bhalla too, why do you want to know from me, am I right Mrs. Khanna and Mrs. Vandita Bala Chandra, you feel this kiddish things will work, you wanted proof that I m good lawyer, this is the proof, I know Ashok Khanna very well, I know you will not give him divorce, your sister is waiting outside.

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Vandu asks him to think as a parents’ view. He says I m sorry, case is closed. Mihika says my sister will break down. He says I know my job, law does not see emotions, please leave. Shagun gets a call and says why did she come to meet me, send her. Bala’s mum comes to her and smiles. She says when she knew Ruhi came to her, she was very glad, Ruhi will learn her manners now, I told Ishita about managing kids and calls her Baanch. Shagun smiles. Bala’s mum says she came to say don’t feel alone, I m with you always, Ruhi should not go to Ishita. Ruhi looks on and says my Ishi Maa is coming to take me in 48 hours. Bala’s mum asks her to have biscuits, and Shagun insists.

Bala’s mum says Ruhi changed because of you. Ruhi asks her to make her eat and bites her finger. Shagun scolds her for behaving like this to elders. Bala’s mum says see how she is behaving, what Ishita taught her. Ruhi says she will not stay here and runs out. Shagun asks her to stop. Raman hugs Ruhi. Ruhi says she wants to be with Raman. Raman signs Shagun to stop it and talks to Ruhi. He asks her to go with Shagun, and reminds what Ishi Maa said, don’t be afraid of anyone.

Shagun sends her to room and tells Raman that he won’t get Ruhi, why did he come. Raman says I need Adi’s medical reports to submit in football camp. Ishita says he is very smart, but we can’t let him do this. She stops Vohra and he scolds them for this wrong way. She asks does he have kids. He says yes. She asks how is he not understanding. He says why did he sign without reading. She asks him about adding clauses on already read papers. She argues and says a mum never fails, Lord will not fail me, I will win there, you think why you came in this profession to get justice for people, where is the truth, you don’t have goodness, I pity on you, I hope you realize the man you have hidden by your doings.

Shagun gives the papers and scolds Ruhi. Raman looks on. Bala asks his mum what is he doing here. His mum says can’t I have any friends, just because my son does not care for me. Bala says you know this woman has troubled us. She says against Ishita, her eyes is on Shravan and to be born baby, she is unlucky. Bala says stop it, and scolds her tough time calling her unlucky. He says I will always stand with Ishita. Raman says Shagun, I won’t let you win. They leave.

Ashok asks Mihika did she meet Vohra. She asks how do you know. He says I know everything. She asks why did he not help then and cries asking him to understand that Ishita’s small family will break. He says even I want this, so I told Vohra, I will not leave this chance to see Raman in this state. She says shame on you, I know you hate him, why are you taking revenge from his family. He says as its his family, I hate everything about him. She says he is successful, she felt he is smart, you had golden opportunity to win Raman, if you helped him, he would have been loyal to him and his company, choose the right side. He asks you think I was born yesterday, I will see Raman getting ruined at any given cost.

She says I pity you, Raman is lucky that his family is with him, he can talk to anyone, but you, if you are in problem, no one will talk to you. He says I m self sufficient, I don’t need anyone. She says you will understand when you lose this money and status. She goes. He laughs off. The teacher tells the class about Vohra giving career guidance and his son gets glad. Adi recalls he has seen him, and it’s the lawyer who helped mum get Ruhi’s custody.

Vohra helps Ishita and says this letter will make judge give Ruhi’s custody to you. Adi talks to Shagun and says I m coming to you, and Ruhi will go to Papa, lawyer uncle told Ishita. She says you will stay here with Raman, I will not leave Ruhi to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sab backwaaz hai aur kayi mahinon se backwaaz hi dikha rahe hai.ek toh iss track ko itnaaaaaaa kheech rahe hai ki ab woh apne fans bhi khona chahthe hai kya. waise bhi yhm ka trp ka uunch neech toh ho hi raha hai aur yeh show top 10 mein sirf fans ki wajah se hai jo iss show ke har backwaaz ko jhel kar dekh rahe hai.ek limit hothi hai ek drame ki aur itnaa lamba drama toh aaj thak kisi bhi serial nahi hua hai.i think so nearly around 6 months se yhm hame disappiont kar raha hai aur jab courtmein ishitha ko ruhi ki custody permanently mila toh ishitha ki bhi signs chahiye na ya phir koi toh legal procedures honge.aisa nahi ki custody ishitha ko de aur sign raman kare.raman sirf apne dil se soch raha hai ,dimag se nahi.

  2. In coming episodes,Raman
    gets to know about papers
    which Shagun’s lawyer
    gave to Ishita and worried
    for Adi as he will undergo
    Psychological problem
    again.Raman gets intimate
    with Ishita and sneaks the
    papers given by Vohra.
    Whole house is in frenzy as
    papers are missing.Ishita
    finally realizes what Raman
    did which is followed by a
    major fight between Raman
    & Ishita.
    Raman tells his reasons for
    doing this but Ishita finally
    decides to go and get
    Ruhi.But after seeing Adi’s
    state Ishita is unable to do
    anything,Otherside Ruhi is
    looking forward to going
    back with Ishita but she is
    left heart broken when
    Ishita decides to stay with
    Adi’s custody only.
    Due to stress Ishita has
    high fever, so Raman goes
    to get Ruhi. Ruhi comes but
    tells Ishita that she hates
    her and would never want
    to see her again. Ishita
    sees how badly she has
    hurt Ruhi.Ruhi is angry with
    the whole family and tells
    them that she has come
    here for the last time and
    as a guest only and breaks
    ties with Bhalla Family.
    Later Ishita goes to Ruhi’s
    school but is hurt on seeing
    Ruhi bonding with Shagun
    and ignoring her. Raman
    thinks he has to do
    something for Ishita and
    arranges a meet
    where Ishita & family go for
    a Chinese dinner. Ruhi &
    Shagun are also there. A
    client of Raman sees Ruhi
    and asks Raman if she can
    model for their ad
    campaign. Raman politely
    declines.Later Ashok offers
    Shagun a decent package
    for Ruhi acting for the ad
    campaign and she agrees
    for money.
    Will Raman and Ishita let
    Shagun use Ruhi for
    Monetary purpose ? How
    will Ishita get Ruhi back ?

    1. Oh what is this… is ishita has any sense looks like she wants to be with that Raman at any cost.. He alwyas got intimated with Ishita only for his own motives…Isn;t it gives a wrong picture to a family.
      Earlier Adi hated Ishita n did all the evil that he can n now its Ruhi.. Well u cannot blame the kids, bcoz they r kids of selfish Raman n Shagun’s , its in their genes what good u can expect from such people..
      Instead of caring Raman n his kids Ishita should have become worker who have become a social worker for orphan kids.

  3. ab kya yeh ghatia aurath shagun ruhi ko paison ke liye iss themaal karegi kya.shameless women. hope ki raman realize his mistake.

  4. Hi.angel kaisa ho???tum kya college par padhti ho??

  5. Inhe koi bolo ab yeh bakwaas bandh kare……..6 months se bas drama hi jhell rahe hai…….

    1. Hey ye loclocation video hai. .ruhi sad hai. .shagun usse kehrahi hai ki. .koi bhi uss ki parwah nahin karta. ….ishita bhi nahin aaye gi. .ye sunn kar ruhi chali jati hai

    1. Raman shagun k paas aaya hai. .ruhi ko leke jane. ..ishita ki tabiyat bahut kharab hai. …raman hath jo kar shagun ko kehta hai …shagun maan jati hai ki woh ruhi ko leke jasakta hai. …

  6. Hii Mizun…kal tumne bola ki mai jaldii chali gai…par ab yeh bakwaad drame ke bare me baat karne ka man hi nahi hota m……iss liye kal jyada baat nahi ki…..dimaag ghuma kar rakh điya hai…..

  7. Aajki newsneto puramood kharab kar diya….kya jhai yaarr itnee dino mahino ka pyar ek din me kasekhatm ho sakta hai…IshRuh bond itna weak tha kya……..

    1. di,kya ap tum free ho???

  8. isss serial ko esa bakwaas bana ne se acha hoga kuch happy ending dhika kar khatam kar do………ishita ne raman se kaha ki ruhi can handel pressure par kya vo ithna bhi nahi soach saktha ki ruhi aapni ishimaa ke bina nahi rehpayegi………stupidity ka bhi had hothi hai yar……..kyom serial ki naam ko barbaadh karne par thule huye hai………..ithna bhi bakwaas writers hotha hai kyaa……… jaab se mai e spoiler pada hu ki ruhi ishu se nafrat kare gi tab se mi iss serial ko nafrat karne ke liye mazboor hogayi hu……….aab ye serial aapna fans ko bhi kho degi………..

  9. hi bhargavi…how r u??

  10. agar aab ruhi ko koi psycological prblm hui tho thab kya karega mr.raman bhalla…….tab bhi ye soach ke kush hoga ki unka beta theek hai tho beti ko kya jeeye ya mare unko kya farak padega.. …. hamesha ishu se bade bade vaade karhe regthe hai ansu nahi ane dhunga kush rakhunga blaw blaw blaw sach tho ye hai ki vo hamesha ishu ka istamaal kartha hai……….am just hating the writerz…..sry guys agar kisi ko mere bathom se bura laga ho……

  11. hiiiii samiha theek hu tum kaise ho….aab tho me iss page sirf aap logom ke liye hi open karthi hu………muje tho yhm ke baare me koi bhi news dhek ne se dar lagtha hai

  12. bhargavi, mein v theek ho..tumhe dar kyu lagte hain??? Mujhe shagun k liye gussa ati hain..curel…tum kya college par jati ho??

  13. Hey sbb mein yhm ka bataya. …..raman shagun k paas aaya ruhi ko leke jane k liye. …woh shagun k samne hath jodhraha hai. …shagun maan gayi ki woh ruhi ko leke jasakta hai par woh bhi sath mein aaye gi. ……sab log Adi ko khush rakh ne ki kushish karrahe hai Adi bhi happy hai. ……
    ..par sbb mein ye nahin bola ki. ..ruhi ishita se nafrath kare gi. ……
    …pata nahin kya hoga aage. ….jo bhi Ho. …..par ruhi ishita se nafrath kare gi ye news Sach na Ho. ……..

  14. ruhi hates ishita only this was left to be seen in yhm so its better that makers should end this serial…highly dissapointed with raman’s character. is he really a father??…no back bone no common sense seriously first of all he makes a blunder by signing a illeagal document without reading carefully and now sneaking his own daughter’s custody papers and these blo*dy makers knowingly dragging this vamp drama …feeling annoyed

  15. O ruhanika… I m ur became ur big fan!!!!!!…..!.i!!!

  16. Raman u r so handsome smart cool s*xy… Whenever i see feel like to lipkiss with u..I LOVE U

  17. Raman u r so handsome smart cool s*xy Whenever i see feel like to hug with u I LOVE U

  18. Raman u r so handsome smart cool s*xy Whenever i see feel like to hug with u I LOVE U

  19. hey guys sav kaha hoo???

  20. plz end this serial. stupid drama and stupid writer. when ruhi hates ishita there is no meaning of mother and daughter relationship. main attraction for this serial is just ishita & ruhi relationship and their affection nothing more than that. just for dragging the episodes why the hell directors play this kind of useless drama. viewers plz dont watch and encourage such kind of drama

  21. shaktì,dekhna ruhi ka v uske ishi maa se nafrat nahin karega…bas alag hua hain…..or dur rehnese pyar barti hain…bas ohi samajh lo ki dono k beech ke pyar ko bara ne ki kaushik…

  22. mujhe to lagta hain adi k samne shagun ka asliat ,shagun adi ka sirf use karti hain ai bat samjhane k liye ruhi ko ishu se alag kya hain…is doran at least adi samajh paye gi shagun just love money,ayso aram or ishita se badla leya cati hain..she is so greedy,selfish…

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