Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with corporator’s goons gettig tired searching Abhi and Pragya’s dead bodies and discussing that they would have died after faling from such height and should stop searching now as they are tired.

Purab looks at couples watch and reminisces Abhi giving it to Bulbul and him as their engagement gift. He tells it is a special watch and has a special tracker and if partner is in danger and pushes button, another partner’s watch will glow. Pragya asks to get her same watch. He says it is for people in problem and not who create problem. Bulbul sees him sad holding watch box and tries to console him. He says Abhi brought trouble on himself trying to save her.

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Tanu asks Aaliya to call corporator and check. She calls. Corporator says she is the one who sent military and police against him. She says she did not. He says she sent indirectly and asks her to call back police, else come and take Abhi’s deadbody. She gets tensed.

Purab sees Abhi’s fans praying on road with candles for him and shows it to Sarla’s family and Daadi. Daadi says when somany people are praying for Abhi, nothing will happen to him. He also consoles Bulbul that Abhi is Pragya’s love and Pragya’s love will protect him.

Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi unconscious on grass. She cleans grass from his wound and asks him to wake up. She starts crying and says he saved her and got injured himself, instead would have leter die. She says he promised Daadi that he will take her home, so he should wake up, she cannot go alone. She holds his hand in her lap and continues crying vigorously and shouts. Corporator hears her sound and asks men to search them. Goon says maybe it is wild animal’s sound. Corporator says without seeing their deadbody he will not believe and asks to continue searching.

Pragya reminisces seeing a lady doing CPR on another injured lady with no heart beat and waking her up. She checks Abhi’s heart beat, pumps his chest, and asks to wake up. She does mouth to mouth breathing. Saans me teri saans mili to…mujhe saans aayi…..song… plays in the backgorund. She continues mouth to mouth breathing. He coughs and wakes up. He asks her to stop crying. He touches his blood and says her tears are red, then sees his wound and says it is his blood. He asks water. She goes to get water.

Sarla dreams about Pragya hugging her, wakes up and shouts her name. Bulbul tells Pragya is not here and says didi is fine and will come back soon.

Pragya finds lake, gets coconut shells, picks water and runs towards Abhi back. She sees him asleep again and tries to wake him up.

Precap: Pragya carries Abhi in a cart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. anara mukherjee

    go abhigya! they are like beyonce and jay-z

  2. please update fasttt!!!!!!! eagrly waitin

  3. Hasn’t pragya’s and abhi’s clothes start to smell….. wearing them for soo long….

  4. ohoo abhi and pragya so sad guys did u read this in tellybuzz abhi confess his love for pragya and tells is behind this kindap and falls unconscious and pragya try to kill herself is this true…

  5. Update fast pls..

  6. I wanted them to die then come back in another life for revenge… Classic hIndi soap opera

    1. Kuch bhi….lyk kya ye track kam tha un dono ko milane k liye…ki rebirth lete…pura wapis milte shadi hoti revenge hota….it would take a year or two to show all dat……even if u consider a leap in between as dese writers r xpert in stretching d trakssssss

  7. Pragya and Abhi fall off from the cliff after he gets shot by Neil but it paves the way for them to come closer and Abhi realizing her love for him. They manage to not fall deep in the trench but instead on the agricultural straw [similar to yarn]. The next challenge to Pragya was to save Abhi’s life which can only be possible if she removes the bullet from his body. After putting some efforts, she manages to remove the bullet from his body with the basic resources she had there, and not with medical services. Both stay in a small hut there where his recovery phase begins. Moreover, there was a time when Abhi got short of breath and having respiration problems. She decides to help him with artifical respiration, and hesitantly pushes air into his mouth from her mouth. This respiration [part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation] task is the first essential skill in first aid, but nevertheless it helped Pragya in saving Abhi’s life. On another front, Pragya’s efforts in Abhi’s life recovery has removed some of her love inhibitions towards him and also of their relationship of being husband-wife. Once Abhi gets recovered, there are more challenges and dangers waiting for them.

    1. I read this writing on spoilers also.

  8. Abhi and Pragya survive the great fall. Yes, after the corporator shoots a bullet at Abhi, he and Pragya will be seen falling off the cliff. However, Pragya is a wonder woman, who not only saves herself but also rescues her husband from dying due to the fall. Unfortunately Abhi has just taken a bullet shot, so in his last few moments he will reveal his true feelings for Pragya. That’s right, Abhi will tell things that she has never ever expected him to say. Firstly, he will tell her that he is in love with her. Well, looks like Abhi has confessed his love even before Pragya could muster the courage and tell him about how she felt for him. He will admit that Tanu was never the one for him, but it was always Pragya. Strange that he never ever expressed this before this moment on the show. And here’s another revelation! Abhi will shock Pragya when he tells her that he knows of his sister Aaliya’s vicious ways. Now that is something isn’t it?

    After all this drama and dialogue baazi we will see Pragya trying to kill herself. Wonder why? Well, remember Abhi was shot by the corporator and she does not want to live anymore. Not without her husband who has troubled her all this while and has now told her that he loves her.

    What unfolds next? Come back right here for all the goss and updates on Kumkum Bhagya…


    1. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode 🙂 🙂

      1. T.q naina202 4 d info

  9. Beyonce and Jay-z lol!! but i don’t think Jay-z is a cartoon character like abhi but anyways good episode not bad at all

  10. guys u said pragya gets shot!!! why not her ? ???? omg…….. so this stupid kidnapping track continues thn!!!!! damn…..

  11. this storyline/script is going on toooooooooooo long with this kidnapping scene and every time abhi and pragya get away is because they get caught again the scripts are toooooooooo monotonous and not true to life come on writers we the viewers are frustrated with all this trash writing make this storyline more interesting and true to life please even the police you want to tell me they really not doing anything to find them and that is because they are not really searching for them and as for dotish ass retarded looking purab he is a waste of time for a brother in law to be he not doing any thing either all he is doing is making puppy love with his horse bul bul what a ass hole name for a woman she would be laughed at in Trinidad she would have to change her name quickly LOL so back to you writers start writing proper scripts from now on

    1. fan of the show

      Gloria, do you like ANY of the soaps?

  12. So in all this kidnapping drama did any1 ever find out what is corporators real name ?

    1. Neil……………………

  13. And y must abhi get shot .. Its always pragya acting mahaan ! Y cant abhi take care of pragya for once ? She should have got shot

  14. At least Pragya used her sense to take care of Abhi. but I am lost here with the story because after all this energy they wasted to play the fool in the forest I was expecting to see them coming home hand in hand.Their love has grown so deep that they deserve a fair chance to explore that love.Writers I a dis appointed with this turn of event.They did not deserved to be hurt so badly.I could ring Neil/corporator’s neck.So what will happen to Aliya and Tanu and Mitali who instigated this.I believe Abhi or Pragya will be leaving the show.This is what the writers do ,show us that they are murdered as usual.I do not expect anything else.

  15. No they cant leav..if they leav thn wht’ll be left behind?n frm beginin of shw dis sarla is cntnue crying..pehle pragya ki shaadi nhi ho rhi thi..n ab jb ho gyi hai..jab bhi sarla ka scene ata hai ye always crying or teary eyed hi hoti hai..just lyk khush hona banned ho iske liye..kbhi dukh k tears to kbhi khushi k tears..dnt knw kitni glicrn use kr chuki hai sarla

  16. abiku badhila pragyaku gun shot patrukalam……atleast then he will be able to realise his love with fuggi

  17. I feel abhi will be saved and pragya and abhi will walk out of jungle but cop. Will catch them and shoot pragya and at that time police will come ……………………..and at hospital as abhi is ok by that time he will tell hole story 2 all and their be little family drama .

  18. Loved the episode.pragya acted v well. Best jodi.

  19. Best episode finally c said i love u.

  20. i just wish,nothing happens to Abhi
    watching for him and if anything to him it would be too boring as every life in the serial is dependent on Abhis life.
    It would have been good if the bullet would have shot Pragya instead of Abhi ,as Abhi would have felt his love for Pragya.

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