Udaan 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kasturi saying there is no salt to have with roti. Bhuvan says its good we have roti atleast. He gets annoyed seeing Sheru. Imli gets angry and takes two rotis for her and Sheru. Kasturi asks why did he get angry on Sheru, he is an animal and left haveli for us. Bhuvan tells her helplessness and cries. Kasturi says the good thing is Imli is sharing her food with Sheru, she did not share food with anyone till now. Imli asks Sheru to have food and gives a roti. She says her dad also loves him, and lies to him to make him happy, keeping her fingers crossed. She says she has to work hard, and one day they will get anything to eat.

Chakor’s thumb is very hurt and she is unable to hold pencil and write. She asks nurse Ruby can she get the bandage. Ruby says what will I apply to Dadi tomorrow. Chakor says fine, I will do something on my own. Chakor sharpens her pencil with the knife and see the lead broke off. She peels off again. Ragini sees this and goes to get the sharpener from her bag. She sees its not there and asks where did it go. Suraj says I have it, I know you will help that bandhua Chakor.

Ragini says I have to do homework, return it. He says sorry, use the pencil, and leaves. Chakor sits sad and sees her pencil. Ragini says sorry Chakor, I can’t help you, not in homework and not ion tying hair, but keep this ribbon, you can use this when you learn to tie the pleats. Chakor thanks her, and asks what will she wear tomorrow. Ragini says I have many, and I m worried if you go without tying hair and homework, principal sir will make you leave, do you have any solution. Chakor says no. Suraj hears this and gets glad.

Its morning, Chakor fails to tie the pleats and throws the comb. She sees Laali combing her hair. Suraj tells his friends that its last day for Chakor today, and says if she does not tie hair neatly, she will be kicked out. Ragini says it will be fun. Suraj says her thumb is cut and she did not do her homework. They laugh.

They are stunned seeing Chakor with neat hairdo. Suraj thinks how did she do this. Roshni says she looks tip top. Suraj says so what, she would have not done homework. Chakor smiles seeing them and leaves. The school bell rings. Chakor does the homework on the black board to show the teacher, as holding wide white chalk is easier for her, than holding pencil. The teacher comes and sees homework on black board. She asks Chakor whats this. Chakor says this is my homework.

The teacher asks her about homework, the work to be done at home. Roshni and all kids laugh. Chakor tells her what Dadi says, the class is not class till she is not here, and temple is not temple till there is no Lord, if you were not here, it means its like my home, and I did work here, that’s homework. She says the reason of her pencil lead breaking and she had just one, and she saw the chalk, and did it here, did she do right. The teacher asks her to sit and asks all kids to show their homework. The teacher checks everyone’s homework and scolds Roshni for not doing well.

She scolds the class and says the one who do mistake will be out. She checks Chakor’s homework and calls her. She asks did she do this on her own. Chakor says yes, I did this alone, no one helped me. The teacher asks how did she write all right answers. Chakor says its easy and says she counted the numbers by using vessels she washed, and did addition and subtraction. The teacher says great girl and smiles.

Imli says we had much loss yesterday and the man stops her asking how is she. She says I came here daily, who are you, I did not see you. He says he is the new guard of the farm. She asks about old Kaka. He asks who is she. She says I told Sheru that its not place to do susu and takes him. She sees a car and hides with Sheru. Prince asks the man did any girl come to steal mango. He says no, a girl came and went. Prince says don’t let her take mango and catch her if she comes again. He leaves. Imli thinks how to convince this new Kaka and sees he slept. She tells her plan to Sheru.

The teacher says its good Chakor wrote right answers, but all homework should be in notebook from next time. Chakor says yes and sits. The teacher asks her to sit in front bench along Roshni. Chakor gets super happy and sits with Roshni. Roshni makes her fall and teacher asks Roshni to let Chakor sit. Chakor sits and thanks Lord. She smiles happily. Ye hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays…………….

Suraj and his friends lock Chakor in the class and she runs to stop him. He asks her to be there for two days and laugh, she gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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