Jamai Raja 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni trying to set fire off from her matchstick house model and burning her hands. Yash stops her and continues touching her. Biji sees that and gets irked. People talk that Roshni is allowing some other man to touch her. Judge announces that Roshni made a good house model, but could not save it. If she cannot save her model house, she may not save her real house, so she announces rival lady who burned house as winner. Biji sees Yash continuing to hold Roshni’s hand and hugging her and angrily walks out with family. Roshni tries to leave behind them, but Yash stops her and asks to get first-aid done. Roshni asks him not to interfere and runs behind Biji. Kritika sees Yash and tells her family is doing domestic violence on Roshni and provokes them.

Roshni reaches home and Biji asks who was that man who was hugging her yesterday and today. Sid comes to her rescue and says he is his friend and came there to click pics, but rescued Roshhni seeing her burning her hand. He praises Roshni that he is proud of him and even Biji is. Biji says she was unnecessarily doubting Roshni and asks Sid to not fight with Roshni often. Sid says if she wants, he will love Roshni in front of her. She scolds that he has become shameless.

Yash meets DD in a restaurant and asks how can Sid’s family do domestic violence on Roshni. DD in her husky male voice tells she has a plan with which they can get Roshni out of it, Roshni may oppose it, but they have to go ahead.

Roshni thanks Sid for rescuing her out from Biji’s ire. He holds her burnt hand unknowingly and tells he did it for
Biji. She writhes in pain. He sees her burnt hand and gets concerned. Roshni says she does not need his help, but he holds her hand and bandages it. She asks why is he doing this. He says he has much severe wounds in his heart which she gave him. Tears roll down their cheeks.

Sid gives pain killer to Roshni and asks her to have it. She does not even look at him. DD calls her and asks her to come home as her gynecologist friend who delivered her is coming. Roshni asks who is she. DD says she went to US long back but was in touch, now she is coming and wants to meet her. Roshni says she cannot come as has competition tomorrow. DD asks her to come after competition. Roshni says ok.

Biji comes to Roshni and Sid’s room and sees Roshni’s hand bandaged. Roshni says she burnt her hand in competition. Biji apologizes her for not seeing it and says she has gone old and yells at everyone unnecessarily. she asks who tied this bandage. She points at Sid. Biji asks him to take care of Roshni like this and says it is also husband’s duty to take care of wife when she is ill and says tomorrow he should take leave and attend competition with Roshni. He asks them to be good to each other like this.

Roshni and Sid attend competition with family. Competitor informs about the competition rules that husband will make up wives and coordinate with them.

Precap: Police arrests Sid and his parents in domestic violence case.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Aww…….. Plz unite sid and roshni

  2. Cheeee yaar ye DD ko phycologist k pass bhejo apni hi beti ki zindagi kab begadna chodegi ye

  3. Unite sid & roshni

    1. soory for postibg it really sucks

  4. Aaaaggggg man wats new????

  5. writers do something with this serial you writers are going around in circles with it stop all this childish games with kritika rajveer sid roshini dd and yash they are grown up that act like spoit brats children this suppose to be a serious serial yet there is a lot of up and downs due to the adults childish behavior even in the competition that was very childish of the other competitor to burn roshinis house just for her to win come on writers it is grown ups you suppose to be dealing so stop the games now and give us a serious serial that is worth watching

  6. Ooh my G wen will they unite cnt wait to watch

  7. This is to much man, domestic violence.

  8. What wrong with dd n yash both of them want a tight slap across they faces they only out to ruin roshini n sid life’s is she roshini mother n is he her friend i don’t think so because if they were they wouldn’t be plotting against her back

  9. When Rushni finds out it is her mother who did this she will have a go at the mother.Kritika you are just evil.You made your own parents sent to jail.You are pathetic.Why don’t you think responsibly about what you do or say.Stop making the enticement of immediate gratification blind you to the long term consequences of you evil,lying,malicious and callous behavior.DD —You are hopeless and you are setting a bad example as a mother where the results will be devastating.Yash go away from Rushni because you are a parasite.

  10. the main reason is roshni… yaar i’ve just started hating her(roshni)…. sid ne use kitni baar bachaya hai tab bhi ye hamesha sid ko pareshaan karti hai…… I know that they love each other but roshni u don’t deserve him ….. yaaar he is so cuuuuuuuteeee .. I just love him yaar but when roshni troubles him toh lagta hai ki vo kabhi bahi sudhregi…. she is so fickle minded….. .

  11. are yaar bak kitna aacha roshni ne banya tha par wo dono milkar jala di meriek hi prathna hai ki sid or roshni ko judda de maula

    alla afis

  12. Gynecologist…. I have a feeling roshni will be shown pregnant

  13. I love u sid. To hell with kritika rajveer dd and yash

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