Where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 13)

Again here with another and i think after this epi there will be an Os

Its not confirm but it can be

This Epi is Lil bit of emotional Though i don’t like too much emotional scene but my Best friend ? like actually love the emotional scene BECAUSE she is bore person So this for her

Actually it also story need so enjoy


The epi start with next morning Twinkle was at sarna mansion because of Rt left Turkey Last night so after dropping him to airport Twinkle come Sarna mansion

Kunj: Twinkle *shout from downstair* will you come or i have to go alone?

Twi: Just a min *shout from upstair*

Kunj sit on the sofa and got busy in his phone but his attention got divert when he hear Twinkle coming downstair he look at her and skip a heart beat She look ANGELIC ?

Twinkles dress :-

Twi: Lets go?

Kunj: Ohhh yeah

Twi: Btw you look Good

kunj: You don’t look less

Twi: Thank you

Kunj: Mention not

They both sit in the car And reach to the hostel to pick Sia.

Twi: Good morning

Sia: Morning, you too kunj

Kunj: Same to you

Sia: b*t*hHHHHHHHH

kunj: What happened? and who is b*t*h

Twi: Nothing you carry on

Sia: When this happen

Twi: what?

Sia: This *pointing toward her engagement ring*

Twi: Yesterday *stealing glance from kunj*

Sia: And you are telling me now Huh…

Twi: Yesterday he confessed he is my husband and twinkle tell her all the happenings

Sia: Wohoooo I want party

Twi: Are you serious?

Sia: one hundred and one percent 101%

Twi: Nooo

Sia: Yes b*t*h

Twi: Okkk but no party just a treat

Sia: Fineee ?

And they left for Blue Mosque Soon they reach Kunj park the car and come toward twinkle and sia

Kunj: Ready

Twi & Sia: Ohhh yeah

They went inside And start roaming

Twi: ITS BEAUTIFUL *emphasizing each word*

Sia: Indeed it is but not more than me

Twi: Lame ?

Sia: Not more than you ?

Kunj: You know what?

Twi & Sia: What?

Kunj: You both are real Friendship Goals ?

Sia: Thank you ?

Twi: But still a b*t*h *Whisper in Sia’s ear*

Sia: Same to you

Kunj: wanna eat something?

Twi: I am craving

Sia: But Twinkle will Pay

Twi: Ok ?

Thwy prefere walking because KFC is near They Trio Like Twinkle in middle Sia and Kunj on his both side Twinkle was talking Countinously with Sia but she feel Sia is not responding She look toward Sia and did not find But got shocked when she saw Sia Laying some feet away her on her stomach

Twi: Siaaaaa *Shout*

Twinkle Run toward Sia and Took her head in her lap

Kunj: Twinkle just calm down i am calling ambulance

Twi: Please sia get up I wanna talk

kunj: Twinkle just be calm You jave to be strong

Twi: Hmmmm

Soon the Ambulance arrived and they took Sia Twinkle with Sia and Kunj in hia car

Twi: Please Baba ji Please don’t let anything happened to her

Soon they reach Hospital Sia was taken in I.C.U Twinkle was sitting Just praying

Kunj: Twinkle

Twi: Kunj

She hug him tightly

Kunj: Twinkle nothing will happened just relax

Twi: Then why they took her I.C.U she just got faint

Kunj: I don’t know Just hope for best

3 hours pass in blink Kunj consoling Twinkle and she was just praying and crying after sometime doctor come out kunj stand up to talk with doctor

The doctor said something in Turkish which Twinke can’t understand But by doctor’s expression she got to know something is not good

As soon as doctor left twinkle Start questioning

Twi: Kunj what happened? Is she ok? I know she will be ok she is strong

Kunj: Twinkle you have to be strong

Twi: First tell me what happened

Kunj: Twinkle Shee..

Twi: What You are scaring me kunj please say something

Kunj: She…

Twi: Just spell the Beans *yell*

kunj: She died *and close his eyes*

twi: This is worst joke ever Kunj Sarna *Laugh fakely*

kunj: No twinkle its truth She… Shee Ha..had a Brain Hambrige (again i don’t remember the spelling Spare me)

Twi: Nooooo *Cry out loud*

Kunj: Yes twinkle I know the truth is bitter but you have accept it

Twi: No that b*t*h can’t leave me

She fell on floor and start crying ???

How how can she left her she was the sister Twinkle never had A best Friend with whom twinkle share anyting but now

She is no more Why God Has to play this game with her

Kunj also sit on his knees and took twinkle in his embrace

His heart Feel like someone stab it with several time after seeing Twinkle like this

kunj: Shhhh.. Twinkle for God sake Stop crying

Twi: Why Why she done this with me I HATE HER

kunj: No you can’t hate her She was your bestest friend and Will remain

Twi: I know but why God had played this with me?? With Her?? With Us?? ?

Kunj: I know but what happened we can’t changed it.

Twi: Kunj *in low voice*

kunj: Yes

Twi: Can i see her?

Kunj: But Twinkle you..

Twi: Please ?

Kunj: Ok come

Kunj take Twinkle where Sia’s body is kept Twinkle Gather all her courage and Saw her face

She was laying with all peace. Like no one is inoccent thn her

She still look Beautiful She still carry that Her signature look on her face But Now twinkle can’t fight with her. Can’t talk to her

All Twinkle can do is just look at her lifeless body and cry.

Twinkle can’t take it anymore She hug kunj again and Start Crying Kunj shirt got wet but who has care of shirt

He is just concernd for Twinkle and want to take her home

kunj: Twinkle *Rubbing her back*

twi: *Crying*

Kunj: Twinkle

Twi: Hmmm *in faintest voice*

Kun: Lets go home

Twi: No i will stay with her only *parting away*

Kunj: They are sending body back to her Home

Twi: I will go with her

Kunj: No you are going with me

Twi: Nooo

Kunj: You will go with me and thats final *Bit loud*

Twinkle was not agreeing to go with kunj but somehow he take her to Sarna Mansion The whole ride till home was silent Twinkle was just looking out of Window and crying Slightly Kunj was just driving Soon they reach Sarna mansion Twinkle rum Toward Guest room were she stayed last Night and close the door behind her


Ok guys i don’t know how was it but i was verge of Crying ?

Hope you all like it

Next epi soon

Love you All

Nisa ❤

  1. That was unexpected…….
    Awesome epi…..

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Oh feeling so bad and plz post sooon

  3. Really emotional nisha di and how can sia die I didn’t even had any clue but this is why destiny is sia was so caring and lovely very sad on hearing it twinkles condition melted my heart and mad e emotional too plsss do post soon i want to see the next part plsssss love u take care

  4. hey …it was very unexpected …& it was too emotional…
    feeling very sad for twinkle as she lost her friend cum sister.
    post next soon

  5. SSK

    Amazing episode. 🙂

  6. Anaya_Ali

    Esy Q mar Diya sia ko…
    I used to consider both of them as you and me…?
    Otw epi was too emotional ?
    Agr Mjy emotional scene pasand ha is ka mtlb ye nhi ka tm Kisi ko b mar do gi…
    And who said that those who like emotional things are boring person ??

    Ok byeee…
    Luv you ?
    Post Os and epi soon

    1. Lovey_kz

      Ohhh i also consider Sia and twinkle as you and me So sia was you ?

  7. Aamna_2690

    OMG ??
    Completely unexpected and shocked ??
    Sia’s sudden death and twinkle’s condition ??
    Poor them !!
    Well loved the way kunj consoled twinkle ❤❤
    post soon ??
    I am waiting eagerly for next episode ??

  8. It’s a very emotional episode. Nice.

  9. Emotional ?
    Post soon

  10. Awesome
    I didn’t thought you will bring such emotional twist
    Losing a best friend is worst.

  11. Shocking episode dear
    Ye nhi socha tha mne bilkul bhi
    Sia bechari ko marr diya
    Plzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvv u dear

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