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The flight was awesome for Saumya as she was sitting with Arya on her lap and her sisters beside her and her sleep loving Jijus behind them snoring away to glory while they were enjoying with earplugs on, showing Arya the clouds and occasionally disturbing the men behind by waking them up through air hostesses.

It was Arya’s first time on a plane and Tia was on the window seat with Svetlana in the middle and Saumya on the aisle seat, since she had a thing about flights and mostly ended up in washroom.

As soon as the flight took off Saumya ran up to the bathroom and vomited everything came out. When she flushed, and washed her face with water. Everything of that hijack incident was reminded. All insults used up on her by her now husband an year ago just to impress a girl and then asking her to help him out to save his life before being corrected by their friend that they wanted her help to save their lives. She hated him that very minute, he had made her cry in that hard to breathe bathroom, if only he knew why she was fat, if only she knew that he knew why she was fat.

Here Rudra was getting impatient without having his wife with him that night and he was already to board his private plane when his Obro and Obahus decided to come with him. Looks like they took their song line seriously Hum Saath Ek Duje Ke Saaya Ban Ke Rahenge like very seriously.

She got out of the washroom and Svetlana gave her the pills and after keeping Arya company she fell asleep, therefore no more nausea.

After the three hour long flight, they had two more hours to round and round to get to their farmhouse, the Kapoors’ farmhouse. She was not that ready to go there when she learnt about it on the plane through her sisters as it would make her nostalgic and the last people she would like to see would be none other than the mighty Oberois.

And then she finally entered the farmhouse, all sisters nostalgic, almost crying but Tia and Svetlana had composed themselves, but for Saumya it was worse, she had her most fondest childhood memories here. They entered inside and as instructed by Svetlana every corner was cleaned. So no dust allergies for the girls and boys were overwhelmed by the relief. All were seeing around the house when they saw that the house almost just beside them had lights on, the younger Oberois were here but Saumya did not know that.

Then she came across the largest transparent glass window and she saw the snow and her treehouse.

Meri rooh karegi fariyaad,
Meri saansein kahin kho jayengi,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna,

She missed her fathers, the snowball fight they had when the siblings would team up and the fathers would themselves turn into children and played with them while their mothers had to drag them back home, she smiled at her memory

Jab raakh banega ye suraj,
Aur dhoop dhuan ho jayegi,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna,
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna

If only they were and she cried and when she turned she saw that in the oberoi farmhouse balcony the Obros were watching her, the last thing she wanted to see.

And she grabbed her coat and woolen cap and got out in the snow.

She went out there and touched the tree when she felt someone was behind and she turned to see it was Rudra.

She walked away only to bring her sisters and Arya to play with snow, while they played snowball fight and made snowman without nose, the Oberois discovered that the Kapoor sisters were not always scheming, plotting or villainous, they were the girls who had lost their childhood and were living through Arya, they had been really wronged.

The Kapoor girls were having lunch now inside.

“Di this white paneer gravy dish is yum, you have to give me the recipe to-“

“To post in on YouTube, no thanks its a family special secret, mom herself was not teaching me, I begged her and then she told me the recipe, I don’t want to die from her hands.”, Tia said.

Arya giggled.

“Arya are you licking your fingers because the gravy is tasty.”

“Yes Svee maasi.”

“Then have some more na, mumma won’t eat you up.”, Svetlana said.

“But what about Papa and Ro Pa ?”, Arya questioned.

“Yes exactly, kaafi der se dekh rahi hoon didi dono jiju abhi tak nahi aayekahi chai gatakne ke jagah beer toh nahi gatak rahe hai ??”, Saumya questioned.

“Hell no.” And the jijus shouted as they entered inside.

“We thought to not disturb you, that’s it, and see who we found.” And the Oberois walked in.

“I’m outta here, come Arya lets play snow snow.”,Saumya declared.

“Me too.” Tia followed them.

“Count me in too.” Svetlana announced.

As they put on their clothes and moved out of the door, Saumya glared at her jijus, Tia glared at her husband and would be jiju and Svetlana glared at her jiju and would be husband, while they looked terrified and Oberoi left to their farmhouse.

For three days everything went well with Oberois not interrupting in but one morning when all were asleep two existing college students woke up to a loud beep on their phones.

And when they saw it.

“Dafuq.”, Rudra exclaimed.

“f**k.” Saumya exclaimed.

“Fuuuuccckkk!!!!!!” They both shouted so loud that everyone woke up.

A students worst nightmare was here to scare the shit out off them


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