Nimki Mukhiya 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s praises in news

Nimki Mukhiya 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tunee says to Nimki that Ram did everything for you, you used to live a way better life at your father’s place than this palace, you are Nimki.. just leave all this. He tries to drag her but Nimki jerks him away and glares at him.

Babbu says to Mai that I am waiting for a day when that Nimki leaves this house. Ritu says but till then you have to pretend to be in love with her.

Tunee says till when you will keep living in fake thoughts that Babbu loves you. Nimki says I left that hope when I entered this palace. She tells him how on first day in palace, Mai didnt let her enter house and told her that Babbu married her only for head position, she says I entered this palace but I couldnt become family member nor Babbu’s wife but I am heroine so I cant lose like that. She smirks at him. Tunee says have you gone mad? they are using you, you cant melt them, its about caste and race which have been going on for generations, they will never accept you, you cant use your makeup to lure them, wake up from your dreams. Nimki laughs and says you got trapped in my makeup too.. I do all that because my mind works faster then and I start seeing everything clearly, if they are using me then I will use them too, they dont want daughter in law Nimki but they want head Nimki. Tunee says they are keeping you as a servant and when your value is no more and they throw you out of palace then what will you do? Nimki says power is in hand of person who is needed, they need me so power is in my hands, they cant throw me out even if they want to. Tunee looks on.

Mai says to Babbu that dont worry, its just about some days and then she will be out of your life and I will get you married in a high class house, Babbu nods. Tettar says we will take Nimki’s help to get village’s vote bank. Babbu says Tettar will win elections and then she will be thrown out of house. Tettar says she doesnt know that she is our puppet.

Nimki says to Tunee that I did some time pass so they thought I am weak, I am Nimki, I lived my life as I wanted and who is this Tettar? that day is not far when that Babbu will enter this room to take me inside palace and that day whole world will see what Nimki can do. Tune looks on. Nimki says leave all this, lets eat ice cream. Tunee smiles at her. She starts eating ice cream. Her door knocks. They both get tensed. Nimki asks who? Babbu is outside and whispers its me Nimki. Tunee gets tensed. Nimki asks Tunee to hide. He hides behind bed. Nimki opens door and says you here? at this time? Babbu says can I come inside? he comes and locks door.Babbu says I want to talk to you about my heart. Tunee thinks liar. Babbu says whatever happened with you was wrong, dont go like this ever, I was so worried. Nimki drools over him. Babbu says I mean all were worried. Nimki says you wont me with this dialogue, she holds his hand and says you are awesome. Babbu jerks his hand away and asks her to stay away from him. Nimki looks on. Babbu says I mean you think this is all joke, I am talking from heart, I dont want you to do anything which will put your life in danger. Nimki says I was just shocked to see you like this, pinch me please. Babbu says this is not a dream, its truth, whatever happened.. forget it as a bad dream, I want that day to leave our lives, forget all old things, forget about Nahar and Kundan, remove their recording. Nimki says what? Babbu says what will you do with that recording, you will remember old things listening to it. Nimki says you are right. Babbu says give me your phone I will delete it. He sees her phone on bedside table and starts going to it. Tunee panics behind bed. Nimki grabs her phone before Babbu can catch it. She says you said it so I will do it, should I give you more proof that I want to forget everything too? he says no I understand, you sleep now, he turns to leave but Nimki stops him and says I love you. She lovingly looks at him. Babbu is tensed and leaves from there. Tunee comes out from behind and says what about recording? she says forget all that. Tunee says I am sorry, Babbu was talking to you so sweetly, your plan is working. Nimki says are you jealous? Tunee stutters and says no, this Babbu is different, they laugh.

Scene 2
Ram shows Nimki’s photo in newspaper, he shows it to all villagers. One villager asks whats written? Ram asks Mauha to read it. Mauha reads ‘Nimki revealed story behind fake medicine case’. Dolly sees her photo and says she is looking so good, Nimki is very brave and she revealed all crime about it. Ram says she is my daughter after all, she makes me proud, all smile.

Mai sees Nimki’s photo in newspaper and tries to tear it. Tettar asks has she gone mad? Mai says what are you reading? Mai says you people are reading praises of that Nimki, where is your name? Rekha says Tettar’s name is written too. Dublo says its written that Tettar was present there too. Mai grabs paper and throws it away. Mai says this is Tettar’s value now? Babbu says we did all that to get praises for Tettar. Tettar asks Ritu what is all this. Nimki sees a newspaper thrown in porch. She takes it and says its my photo, she reads news and is happy, she says to Tettar that your daughter in law is becoming famous in village, Babbu you will be famous too. She asks Sweety how is my photo? she says its nice. Mai glares at her. Nimki says I am looking so beautiful. Nimki asks Ritu to give her 2-3 copies of this paper, I will send it to my friends, see Ritu’s ear is shown in photo too. Rekha says their noses are cut now. Mai asks Rekha to leave. Nimki says Tettar should have been in photo too, he has to become famous for elections, I could have been behind him too, I have become so famous. all look on.

Elena shows Nimki’s photo to Abhi, Aunt says she did such nice work, she brought the truth out but I dont understand that Nimki was hiding here then how did she catch goons. Abhi looks at photo and says see Tettar and Kundan are looking at each other in photo, I think there is something fishy in all this, Tettar played some game in all this.

PRECAP- Nimki calls Abhi and says did you see newspaper, there is my photo in there. Abhi says along with photo, title is very good too. Nimki says this is nothing, I have done bigger work than this, I promised to not tell this to anyone but actually.. she tells him whole story.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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