Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 9)

the episode starts with madhvi saying to herself i need to tell mohit about what happened today. she comes to mohit and tells him everything. mohit says did u tell anu about it? she nods no.mohit says r u doing right? is it fair to keep ones child away from them? madhvi says i dont know what is right and what is wrong. i just want anu. i wont give anu to anyone.shes my life. mohit says child finds her happiness with her parents. madhvi says we r her parents right? we can give her a good life which her real parents cant give as they r poor. moreover anus happy with us.

its morning.they internees r busy in their work. dr arjun calls anu in his cabin. anu comes to his cabin. dr arjun says good morning dr ananya. anu says good morning sir. he says we have recieved a letter from doctors accotiations. we have to go to a free medical camp for street children today. will u manage to go? anu says yes sir. arjun says good. anu goes. anu is outside of arjuns cabin. nikita sees her and says ur going for medical camp right? anu says yes. niki says its a noble work.go for it. anu says of course. niki says bye.anu tightly holds the file of her hand and smiles.

sam and neil r in child ward. sam sees neil. sam says to herself how i will face him? sam goes to other way to avoid neil. neil cries.

anu comes to her cabin. she sees dust in her cabin. she calls sattu and asks why u havent clean the cabin? sattu starts to clean the cabin. he sees a file and says to anu is it urs?anu says no. then whos file it is? sattu says it must the womans who came yesterday and calling u as her daughter. i had seen same file in her hand. anu says give it to me.anu gets shocked seeing her photo in the file. she sees a paper attached with it. she sees her name as radhika mishra who was a model. she reads the paper. she says hows that possible? i have to talk to mom.

neil is standing in the washroom. he cries. parth comes there. neil quickly washes his face. parth says is everything okay? neil says yes. neil goes.parth looks on.

precap:anu comes to madhvi and shows her the papers. anu says how is this possible mom?

credit to:Natasha

i have reached here safely.luckly have found network also.

  1. Thank god naaty…..enjoy ur trip dr,nice episode buddy…i think madhavi vll say truth to anu my pov.

    1. Thank u. Read further to know what happens

  2. Nice episode yaar

    1. Thank u devi .keep giving me ur feedbacks

  3. hey nats….thank u 4 updating even u r out of town….cool writing dear

    1. Actually i am busy in celebrating eid

    1. Thank u

  4. Nice episode natasha

    1. Thank u.

  5. Hey natasha,

    Wow, what an episode. Lots of suspense crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreate in this story. Dear.

    loved it.

    Well loved when nesam scene. they were running from confronting each other.

    Loved anu realize her truth her real personality.

    Waiting for ardhika romance.

    Darling I have one question. A query. Is Arjun related somehow to radhika’s past life.

    Her old personality.????????????

    Dear Hope to witness more suspense drama, songs, love romance.

    And lots of your beautiful words. And yes indeed radhika mishra Labelled heavy weight dialogues which makes her personalty more beautiful.

    Well. Love you dear. Always here for admiring.

    You .Once a fan, always a fan.

    Love you dear. Keep writing.

    And hope you will find netword to see this video


    Enjoy on you trip Lots and lots of Looooooooooooooooooooooove.

    1. Which song is this nisha?is it a song from any serial of gurmeet? To know more about radhika and is there any relation between arjun and radhika in their past life have some patience dear.Hope u can at least do this for me.
      @all where r u all?come on give me ur feedbacks. I am waiting.

  6. *@natasa,..n’t too much plan jst new drs pore ak2 berano ei r u muslim …? N plan kya thora hume v to batao api… N am jst thinking of my bro he is a medical stdnt 4th year

    1. Yes i am a muslim. No plan. Only to eat and sleep wearing new dress ha…ha…ha…

  7. hey dear,

    Loved you so much.

    This is not the song from any serial of gurmeet. Even this is the song from Gurmeet First ever film.

    And yes , Khaamoshiyan Film. Love you dear Keep writing.

  8. *@natasa….i ‘ve also d same plan even my mom start cooking meet today….api tmr family hw many people i mean ur bro sis…sbai k Eid Mubarak…

    1. Today im in my grandparents house. So many people r there. Eid mubarak to all the members of ur family.

  9. hiiiii natasha! !!! wow super
    sad for neil …
    now I think anu is curious about to know the girl who’s exactly similar of her .. wow mystery suspension for anu 🙂 🙂
    keep continue dear and please don’t pull it .
    its our manmarziyan! !! looooove you dear
    and happy eid-ul-azha 🙂 😉

  10. Eid mubarak Nats and all here too 😀
    Good epis good going 😀

  11. HEY…natasha…

    DON’T KNOW YA WAT TO SAY…ur story s just amazing………..if arjun s connect with radhu(past story) means….i ll feel really really happy……i think that s true only….becoz ,”u said that mala had a appoinment with arjun…….that means arjun knew mala……as his mother in law…..”wow……..unimaginable…….ur r superb ya…..pls continue to write and update…….and u know that i always find time to read ur story……and u knew the reason tooo……..i cant wait so…pls..pls..pls..dear update it fast………bye sweetheart…with lots of friendship……:-))))))))))))))))

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