Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi calls Twinkle and says Kunj is player, he is getting caught so taking my name, Kunj takes call from Twinkle and ask Yuvi to meet him then we will see, Yuvi says done.
Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj meets, Yuvi says to Twinkle i accept that i wanted to malign your respect and put blame on Kunj, Twinkle ask are you saying truth? Yuvi says you wont believe me if i say anything, you think i can do this? you wanna know truth? he opens car’s back, Arman is lying there, Kunj ask Arman why you did this? Arman says i did this as Kunj engaged my friend Yuvi’s gf, i wanted to trap Kunj so i hacked his phone, Yuvi ask him to get lost, Yuvi ask Twinkle to not cry, he hugs her, Yuvi thinks that i have only 24 hours to take revenge, Kunj thinks that dont know why i feel Yuvi is not like what he seems to be, i have to find his truth for Twinkle.
Guru says to Leela and Manohar’s family that marriage is 17th october, Twinkle and Kunj says its very fast, Leela says dont worry, we will do it, Manohar says we agree to this date, Guru says celebrations will start from mata ki chowki, one family member has to go to Jalnedhar to bring murti, Manohar ask Kunj to go, they see Bubbly’s screams. All come to bubbly’s room, she is afraid, Kunj lights lighter infront of her, Bubbly is afraid, Kunj says you are strong girl, you have to face problems, Bubbly hugs him and says you are great, you are best jeeju, you saved me and now boasted my confidence too.
Anita says to Yuvi that you said you will take revenge in 25 hours now what happened? Yuvi says i still have time, he calls Twinkle and says we will do marriage tomorrow in Jalendhar, Twinkle says i cant runaway and marry like this, i dont wanna hurt my mother, Yuvi says if you have started liking Kunj? Twinkle says nothing like that, Yuvi says then you have to come, we will marry there and if you dont come there then you will my dead face, now you have to decide if you wanna marry me or wanna swee me dead, he ends call, Twinkle says what should i do, i cant hurt my mother nor i can see Yuvi hurting himself.
Leela comes to Twinkle and says i have appointed 2 guards for you, they will be with you for your safety, Twinkle thinks i should talk to Chinki that how should i go to Jalendhar.
In morning, Leela says to Twinkle that Chinki’s mother have called me, we are going on shopping, she leaves, twinkle says it was Chinki’s plan to send you from house, i will go to jalendhar to pacify Yuvi that we cant marry like this, i will bring him back.
Kunj comes to Leela and says i am going to Jalendhar to bring Murti, you want me to bring something? she says no, she leaves, twinkle stops Kunj, she ask did you coem from window or gate? Kunj says going from window is your specialty, i came from gate, she says i am tensed, i have to go to Jalendhar, Yuvi has gone mad, he wants to marry me, i have to talk to him else he will hurt himself, Kunj says your bf is psycho, he is emotionally blackmailing you, Twinkle says you know i cant listen against Yuvi, why you keep saying ill about him, you wanna help me or not? guards are appointed at gate of house, how can i go out? Kunj says bring carpet, i will roll you in it and take you from here, Twinkle says its flop pan like your teddy plan, Kunj says ok i will leave then, Twinkle stops him and says i am ready, Kunj brings carpet, Twinkle lies in it, Kunj rolls her in carpet and tying it when Leela comes there and ask Kunj what is he doing? Kunj gets tensed and says actually i.. he fumbles, today is jagrata so i was taking carpet from here, Leela says you are son in law, we wont let you work, Kunj says i am son of you so let me do work of house, i will feel good, Leela says ok i cant say no to you, i wanna meet your father after shopping, lets go, Kunj takes carpet in his hand, she says to Leela that you should take guards with you as after Yuvi’s incident everyone’s security is important, Leela says you are right, Twinkle is in home only, she takes guards with her and leaves, Kunj brings Twinkle out of carpet and ask what did you eat in breakfast, Twinkle says why did you say to Leela that Yuvi is dangerous? Kunj says you should thank me for bringing you out of carpet, Twinkle says yeah your plan didnt fail this time, i will leave myself from here now, Kunj thinks she is mad, she is taking risk for that mad Yuvi.

Scene 2
Twinkle calls Chinki and says that i am hiding in car which is in our house, you come and take that car to Jalendhar.
Kunj comes back home, Manohar ask him to go in car whose number ends with 9, Guruji has said that you should go in that car only, Kunj says how i will arrange it at last minute, Leela comes and says i have car whose number ends with 9, she ask Kunj to take that car.
Twinkle comes to same car and calls Chinki, she says i am hiding in car’s back, you come and drive car whose number ends with 9. Kunj comes there and sees that car, he sit and starts car, Twinkle thinks Chinki has come and started driving.

PRECAP- Raman is calling Twinkle but her phone is in home only. Kunj opens car’s back and finds Twinkle there. Leela calls Yuvi and says i will not leave if anything happens to Twinkle, she is missing from house, she ends call and says this Anita and Yuvi are behind Twinkle’s life, i will not leave them this time, she ask Raman to call police.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Am I the only one that thinks Twinkle deserver Yuvi with the way she treats Kunj? lol

    1. lol i was thinkin the same thing when i saw the precap yesterday….they have her actin like a dimwit for too long

  2. Waiting for tmr episode.

  3. I agree with u kristelle… Kunj is trying to help her.. Twinkle is the proofe for d quote love is blind..she has so much blind faith on tht mad yuvi

  4. twinkle u need to get ur reality check
    cant u see yuvi dont love u he using for this own move and for god sake stop crying it so irritating kunj u shld leave her on her own cuz no matter what u say to her about yuvi she wouldnt believe you but if u really trying to help her to see reality then show her some rock hard proofs n evidences against yuvi ok

  5. But I hate Alisha as well along with yuvi y can’t those two get married to each other

  6. I really hope twinkle end up with kunj…he’s more man…..yuvi is a mad fool, n twinkle is so immature, it’s irritating, she keeps whining everytme she opens her mouth,!!!!

  7. But then….she deserve that loser yuvi, kunj too good for her. This happens in real life…..girl fall for good looking guy, but nothing’s good about them in the inside. Hope twinkle don’t make a mess of her life.

  8. So irritating twinkle is a mad girl can’t she see yuvi is making use of her like this girls are always having problems in their life my best jodi will be twinkle and kunj not yuvi and twinkle OK Alisha , hate her, she is a stupid girl if this show wants to continue then I think twinkle and kunj must be with one another and yuvi must know the truth that her mother is saying wrong to her and leela is a good women OK I think I love kunj and twinkle jodi the most from any other jodi

  9. according to the promo of the serial..twinkle and yuvi are supposed to pair up right??? thats what was shown aa the story behind tashan ei ishq…:-/

  10. Yup…evn I agree with u guys

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