Jamai Raja 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with DD asking who was kept kerosene oil there and asks to remove it. Sid and Roshni romances while the song Aye Mere Humsafar….song plays……………They continue to romance with each other. Roshni asks him to go and come in the evening. Shabnam eyes them. Sid says my morning, afternoon and evening is you. She tells that DD is calling you both to welcome the guests. Sid says we are coming. DD looks at the arrangements and asks Kesar where is Sid and Roshni. Kesar says they are welcoming the guests outside. DD asks who told them to go out, they should be here. She goes out. Shabnam gets worried and thinks she asked them to go out. Ayesha sees Sardar Raftaar Singh/Akshay Kumar having food under the table. He hears about the conspiracy. Sid looks for Ayesha. Roshni asks Shabnam why she is tensed and should celebrate the function. Bua Dadi and Krutika come to the function. Sid greets her and asks what happened? Bua Dadi says she is fine and takes her inside. Ayesha calls Bade Dadi to Beeji and hugs her. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come and have food. Ayesha says she wants to be with Papa. Roshni says it is okay and asks Shabnam to keep something in the room. Shabnam gets tensed.

Yash looks at Krutika and they get uncomfortable looking at each other. Sam asks Krutika what have you decided? Nani asks Sam to come and hug her. Shabnam insists Ayesha to have food for God’s sake. Ayesha says she wants to be with Papa. Roshni says I will bring her. She asks Sid to attend the guests and says she will make Ayesha have food. Just then Roshni’s friend Chanchal come and greet Roshni. Sid tells Roshni that he will take Ayesha to have food and asks Roshni to talk to Chanchal. Shabnam thanks the God and thinks her sister is saved. Shabnam signs the goons. DD comes and asks Sid, where is Roshni. Sid says she is attending guests. DD says I will call her. Sid and Ayesha accompany her. The goons light the rope to make the decoration board fall on Roshni. DD and Sid come there and see the board falling on Roshni, but Akshay Kumar saves Roshni at the nick of time. Sid asks are you fine Roshni. Sid thanks Raftaar Singh/Akshay Kumar.

DD thanks him too. Sid asks to bring ice cube to put on his wound. Kesar asks how did you come? Akshay Kumar says he came in bus. DD says you have proved that it is Sardar Dharm to save others risking their life. Akshay Kumar promotes his film Singh is Bling and asks them to see. Ayesha says she will make him eat sweets. Akshay Kumar says he will eat sweets by sitting under the table. He gives the invite to DD and asks her name. DD says she is Durga Devi Patel. Akshay Kumar shakes hand with her. DD scolds Kesar for calling bad decorators and wonders if it was an accident or preplanned conspiracy. Sid smells Ayesha’s clothes and says Kerosene smell is coming from it. He says it is a preplanned conspiracy and not an accident. Roshni asks him to chill. Sid says I have to find out what is happening. Shabnam hears them and thinks it is just starting. I have come here to stop your smiling.

Sid and Roshni catches Shabnam with the decorators/goons. The party begins at DD’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. come on sid use your brain u master of everythings so hurry up and solve this problems cuz have a next problem to attend to and that is helping ur sister kritkia get of the troubles she in i agree she was bad at first but now she change i dont see working with yash some thing wrong she go with good intention not to take away yash but if i were kritika i would put stand up n put some slap on both sam n her so called grandma i dont care if she was bigger then me cuz that woman is overdoing it

  2. I KNEW IT!! i have been saying all along that Ayesha is Shiv’s daughter… I knew it as soon as DD had such a problem with her… So looks like Shiv had a whole other family – which makes sense… and this older daughter probably hates Roshni because Shiv left them and married DD again and Roshni was his child…. so now like a moron, this girl wants to kill DD and Roshni and Sid because somehow in her warped mind they are responsible for taking her happiness away.

    This is so ridiculous! And the Krituka story like is even more stupid.

    1. Can u pls tell update me on krutjika n yash. .. I missed some episodes

  3. i love both sidni… yesterdays track was superb…love their romance..soo romantic.. plz dont bring any trouble for their happiness…love the way of sid’s expression..

  4. awesoomee episode just love sidni yahooooooooo bestest daram in world jamai raja <3 <3 <3 <3 1000000000000000000000000 likes for this show hope nia ravi would be real life couple lovely <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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