when pyaar turns to badala…. (Episode 5)

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Scene 1:

At Arnav’s home:

Arnav – Kushi comes home married…Anjali, Dadi gets happy as well as shocked seeing this…Sesha who is in the identity of shivanya gets shocked…..

Dadi : Kushi Arnav what is this??

Anjali: What happenend?

Arnav : She is bearing the punishment for her mistake. I married her to give the punishment….

Anjali:Arnav ,Kushi didn’t send those photos…Those photos were taken 3 years back where we all lived together….Someone sent those pics to swetha to cancel the wedding…it might be swetha’s ex-husband…..because now they reconciled with each other….Without knowing the truth you married kushi..

Kushi gets angry on Arnav…and he gets guilty

Dadi : Kushi has come to the right place only….Its her house and we already fixed her alliance with arnav but unnecessary things happened which lead to the breaking of it…

Dadi thinks of fixing  Kushi-Arnav,Rithik Shivanya marriage in their childhood itself…she asks everyone to go to their rooms…

Anjali : Dadi finally these two love birds united…but shivanya….

Dadi:These two grew up together since from childhood….but shivanya and rithik are separated from childhood and they just know eachother only before 3 yrs…and suddenly rithiks dad death lead to separation….leave it..

Sesha hears everything and fumes…

Sesha goes to kushi and removes her mask…she tells everything about shivanya and rithik…Kushi gets angry and fumes as how bhai can marry the murderer of their dad…She consoles Sesha..

Scene 2: RK Studio

Madhu goes to work next day…RK knowingly avoids her and does other scenes…He gives villi character to Rita…

Rita announces party as its their love anniversary….Rk and Rita cuts the cake and feed each other…Madhu gets angry and bittu gets confused…

Rita and RK mothers come there and announce their marriage in 5 days….This shocks Madhu,Rk and bittu but rita is happy….

RK and rita dance for a romantic dance…Madhu cries seeing this and thinks of the previous night….

Scene 3: Rithik’s home

Shivanya and yamini talk about rithik’s childhood and arnav kushi’s marriage…shivanya gets emotional as she loves yamini a lot and thinks how she missed her mami’s love in these 3 years and gets happy as kushi and arnav united…Suddenly rithik message her an address…She sees that and tells yamini that she need to meet a friend and leaves…Shivanya goes to an old house and goes inside it calling rithik….Rithik from inside tells her to come up…

Scene 4: Arnav gets happy seeing kushi in his room but he thinks of her anger…Kushi also seeing him thinks about their love and shivanya killing her dad…she also decides not to get angry on Arnav for shivanya’s mistake and thinks to get united with hime…She runs and hugs him….both cry and hug each other and tell that they missed each other a lot…

Scene 5: Swetha comes to know about arnav kushi’s marriage and gets fumes…she thinks to take revenge on them…..

Precap : Sesha tells the truth to yamini….Rita gets dizzy and falls down in her sangeet….Arnav-Kushi’s sugharat…rithik shouts shivanya to leave his house and fills sesha’s maang…Madhu gets pregnant….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    happy that arnav’s misunderstanding about khushi got cleared n felt guilty.good that even
    khushi decided not to punish Arnav for shivanya’s misdeed.arshi union was emotional. oh sweta going to take revenge.sad that before madhu rk announced his wedding with Rita n danced with her

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