Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep1

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Ok,  so this is gonna be my first ff.  I always had a ff in mind for this serial, where Aalisha could be the heroin again, but I wasn’t sure when to start. Well now the serial ended  I figured its time.  My story start after a five year leap of where the main story ended.  But soon the story will move from deep arohi story to the next generation where lead will be Arjun and Aalisha. And the co-actors will be Shoaib, Vineet and Nia in different roles. Hope you guys like it.  Here goes


Five years later

London —  Deep is living with Tara in London since five years with his mother and virat.  Tara gave those diamonds to Virat (cause she always wanted those for virat) who opened a business there and doing very well. Deep found out that his mother, Wasu was with Tara in the whole diamond scandal and knew everything. In India Randheer, Tarang and Ranjit got arrested for the theft.  But Aarohi and her family vanished and there have been no news of them.

Since last four years Deep’s company is struggling hard but going through several loss.  All the clients of deep are going to Virat.  Deep is quiet stress about this.

Deep- (on ?)  What?  How dare they? Why I hired you as my manager? Couldn’t you handle this?

Manager- Sir,  I tried a lot but the investors aren’t ready to listen anything. They are asking there money back. We are about to go bankrupt. They might send you to jail.

Deep-fried I told you to find the spy who is supplying our information to Virat’s company. Did you find that person?

Maneger-Sir, it’s got to be someone from your house.

Deep- Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t keep anything inside my house. You are good for nothing.

Deep throws the phone in anger. Virat comes in.

Virat- Slow down a bit,  bro.  What’s the point in throwing this expensive phone. After sometime you won’t able to buy another one. I heard you had to sold your car.  If you want I can give you a lift to your office.

Deep leaves the room angrily. Tara is shown. She is having drinks with Wasu.

Tara- Mammiji, thanks for helping us out. First I thought you won’t agree to do this. After all Deep is your son.

Wasu- Even I didn’t expect you to betray him like this. I thought you love him.

Tara- I do.  But Virat vaiya wanted to do this.  He wants to take revenge from Deep because he took all our property back when Virat vaiya was in jail.  And I supported him cause I know even though Deep love me,  somewhere in his mind he still thinks about Aarohi.  But after today he will always hate her.

Wasu- And I supported you guys cause you are offering me the money. That’s all I care. I made Deep this way so he could earn more and more money for me but seems to just doesn’t care.  Seems like Aarohi’s moral has gotten into him.  The more time is flowing the more the stone is melting. You guys are the safe zone now. You are offering me comfort and I am completely fine with bringing those documents from Deep’s office.

Tara- cheers on that note.

Wasu- cheers. But it wasn’t just me. You two have someone else in the team too. Who is this mystery person?

Tara- Don’t worry, we won’t cheat you.  You will know by tomorrow morning.

Deep is in his office. His security isn’t letting him go inside.

Deep- Don’t you know your boss?  Did you have a memory loss?  I will fire you.

Security guard – I am telling you. I can’t let you go inside. I have orders

Deep- only I give orders here. How dare you talk to me like this. (is about to hit the guard but the manager came and take him outside)

Manager- Sir, this ain’t your company anymore. Your partners have sold there shares to a big company.

Deep- which company?

Virat comes there and says my company. Now sign here.

Deep- What is it?

Virat- it says you are selling your shares.

Deep- I am not.

Virat- Either sign or get ready to go to jail.  Your investors are all mine now.

Deep- you are threatening me,  you are threatening Deep Raj Sing?

Virat- I am telling you the fact.  I, Lakshya Virat Raichand can only save you now.

Deep signs the paper.

Virat- Good I will manage all the investor.  Opps,  sorry, I forgot to mention you, according to these papers you will have to work in my company from now on.  And first two years you won’t get any money.  You wll work under him ( by showing the manager).

Deep leaves the place. Virat says in mind.  It’s the start.  Today you will have to bear a lot and the next days of your life.  I will take revenge of each and every insult. I will take revenge for what you did to my family. To my mom,  to my father,  to my child.

Deep is walking in the road.  One can guess from his look that he is totally messed up.  Suddenly a known sound came from behind – you seem lost.

Deep gets shocked and looks behind.  It’s Aarohie (Nia). She is in a bike. She gets down from the bike and comes face to face with deep.

Aarohi- How does it feel?  To loose everything.  To be like a puppet.

Deep- (surprised) you?  Here? So you are behind my destruction.

Aarohi- it’s you who is responsible for your own destruction. I just made some plans with Virat.

Deep- You are with Virat?

Aarohi- yes. Turns out he is a better man than you.  Have been working with him since last four years still he didn’t once betray me.  Where you betrayed me for lifetime in 4 years back then.  Ishq change people. But your betrayal has changed me.  This time I planned the revenge a whole different way.

Deep- what?

Aarohi- First I start taking away your things from you,  I used others as pawn and stayed down behind them just like you. I broke your confidence slowly.  I work with patience. Not like you.

Deep- You changed mom?

Aarohi- Nah.  Maji have been always like this.  I just make you meet with the truth.  Ever since your life, you have always been a puppet.  While you think you are the mastermind you are actually been control by someone else.  When you were kid it was your dad.  Than it was your mom,  who wanted luxurious live,  made you a demon and used you for her luxury.  Then 12 years ago virat as malik kidnapped her,  you loose your memory and roma started controlling you. You thought you were playing games with them but the truth is they had your strings.  After that  you were being controlled by tara. And last four years I was controlling you.  That is the truth deep.  You are a puppet.

Deep- I am going to kill you.

Aarohi- What happened?  Why your threats are sounds like empty.  Aren’t you able to find any strength? Well,  help yourself.  There is a lot to see for you.  I am going to marry Virat tomorrow.

Deep- What?

Aarohi- Won’t you congratulate me?  Do come in the wedding you are a special guest.

Aarohi leaves in her bike, smiling.  Deep stands in the footpath. People passes him.

Aarohi comes to tara.

Aarohi- Your work is done. Deep will never think about Aarohi again.  You can shift with him in your dream house where there will be only you and,  nobody to disturb with, physically or mentally.

Tara- Thank you Aanjali vabi.

They both smile.

– I didn’t know you can act so well. I saw the live drama on phone. But did you have to say all those things?

Anjali- I didn’t write the script. Ask the director.

Virat comes.

Virat- It was necessary to show Deep his true place.  Don’t worry Tara.  You won’t face any trouble from him after we have a remarriage tomorrow.

Tara- but what if he get to know the truth?

Aanjali- He won’t. After this we will move to india. And we will leave lakshya and vani in the boarding school.

Virat- yes, Deep will think Aanjali as Aarohi.  He will never got to know that we married long ago and have twins 6 years old.

Tara- Yes,  if they got found by Deep,  he will understand everything by their age.

Virat- He will never.  Don’t worry.  He is our puppet now.

Next ep: Virat says you have to go to shimla for this deal.  Deep talks to somebody on phone and notice Aarohi (Aalisha) just the way he saw her first time.

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  1. Interesting

    1. The episode was just amazing ???
      To be honest far better than the original one…I was really missing arsha???
      Pls pls pls post the next episode ??? asap!!!
      Eagerly waiting for the next one??

  2. Salley145

    Hey… It’s bhaiya not vaiya and bhabhi not vabi… Nice one dear.. at least I m getting to see what I wanted to see in the show.. continue.. n if possible then sign up on Wattpad, there r some ArDeep readers and writers

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