Twinj FS His Very Personal Assistant- Part 5

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Hey guys here is the last Update of the Story.. At least Aaj toh Vote Aur Comment karo..And Yup Epilogue bhi baaki Hain Mere Doston..Votes Aur Comments jyada doge toh I will give Epilogue soon..

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Happy Reading Lovelies..

Days Passed with Twinj spending Time together.. Getting to Know Each other and Finally ending up in Love with Eachother..

Office Staff used to give Twinkle Judgemental looks which She ignored or We can say tried to ignore but They definitely hurted her..

Here outside the Office Twinkle was on call..

Twinkle: Please.. I don’t want to continue this anymore..

Kunj:You have no choice you have to continue Twinkle..

Twinkle: Dad.. I am your Daughter.. How can you do this to Me.. Please Dad..You are ruining My Life..

Dad: I don’t care.. I want Him to fall for you..It will be a huge benefit for Our Company..

Twinkle:But Dad. what about My Life..You are destroying it..

Dad:Shut Up..Kunj should Fall for You otherwise You know right..

Mahi cut the call and went inside the Office..Employees greeted her..She just nodded at them..

While walking She dashed into Someone..She looked up to see Mahi there..

Twinkle:Sorry..Sorry Mam.. I was.. I was busy..

Mahi:Shut Up.. Just Shut Up Miss Mistress..

Mahi looked at her Shocked..

Twinkle:Madam..You have no right to call Me that..She had tears of humiliation in her eyes..Many Employees are seeing the drama with interest and creepy Smile on their Faces..They were waiting for this drama from long.. How can They miss it..They are enough of Boss taking care of this No One..They are enough of Him favouring her Everytime..They are Jealous of her for getting Boss Attention..

Mahi: I have every right..You are My Husband’s Mistress..Paison Keliye sothi toh Tum usse..She spread your legs for him like a sl*t..For Your benefit You are ruining My Life..Sharam nahi aati Tumhe..Tum jaise Ladkiyon ko Marr Jana chahiye..You are a Whore..

Twinkle had her head bow down.. Somewhere down the line she felt she is right..

Employee:Of Course..A Person a no Parents to guide will become sl*ts only right..

Employee 2: Because of such girls Many are facing Problems..Aise logon ko sabke saamne Maar dena chahiye so that no one repeat it..

Mahi:You are a Whore..Before She could Continue She was rewarded with a slap..She looked up to see Kunj giving her deathly glare..He held her throat choking her to death..

Kunj: blo*dy b*t*h..You have no right to say anything to her nor Me..We never had any relationship like Husband and Wife..You are a blo*dy sl*t and you know that..She had tears hearing his words.. Little did he know she didn’t want to say all that to her.. Little did he know at that moment she was wishing to die.. Little did he know She was threaten to insult Twinkle.. Little did he know she was tired of being judged and called sl*t..Yes She wears small dresses it’s because she loves them..She is comfortable in them..Yes She does make up because she loves it..Yes She goes to pub Because She enjoys her Time there..But that doesn’t mean She is sl*t..She never sleep with anybody and everybody..There is only one person in her Life and that is Her Love Yuvraj (Zain Imam)..He is her Life..Only She knows How her heart breaks Everytime she is threatened to get close with Kunj..Only She knows how her self respect and Heart breaks
when She tries to get close to him only to save her Yuvraj’s Life..

She wants to save Her Lover Yuvraj who is under captives of her Dad..May be it’s true that She is a sl*t..May be that’s the reason She follows her Dad to save her Lover..But What to do She can’t Live without Her Yuvraj..

Twinkle freed her from his Hold..Kunj angrily looked at Mahi..

Kunj:Say Sorry to Her..

Mahi looked at Twinkle..Her Heart Broke even more and felt guilty for hurting her even though to save her Yuraj but Still She can’t get that guilt out of her Heart..

Mahi: Sorry.. I am Really Sorry Twinkle..She was Soo genuine.. Even Twinkle saw that..And She was shocked..She always felt there was much more to what She was showing herself..There is something Wrong behind Twinkle’s behavior..After Apologizing Twinkle left from there..

Kunj:And You blo*dy fools..f**k Off from here.. Shouted at His Employees who literally ran for their Life..

Twinkle: Kunj..Why did you defend Me..What She said was true.. I am just a Mere Mistress of yours..

Kunj:Shut Up..She was wrong..You are much more..

Twinkle:What am I to you Kunj..

Kunj:My Reason to Live..This One word told her everything..

Twinkle: I Love You.. I know I am not capable of you but I do from the bottom of My Heart..Kunj was shocked but smiled..

Kunj:No Baby..We are capable of eachother.. I Love You but was scared what if you reject Me..

Twinkle:No One can reject a gem like You..They both smiled at eachother and pressed their Lips for a Perfect Liplock..

The End..

Hope you guys like it..It is not edited..

Don’t Judge Anybody Please.. I Hate It.. Don’t degrade Anybody..If You don’t like a particular person ignore them..No need to bash or hurt them..

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  1. Amazing shot
    But I am a bit confused still
    Post soon

  2. Disgusting ? Such a disgusting story with disguising content ? you have degraded a woman by showing such thing ?

    1. PriyankaSurya

      When did I disregard a woman ?there are many stories out there where a woman is disregarded and humiliated but here I just showed the reality and facade of some..Here everyone has their own Story.. accept it or not My Story is not Disgusting but you are and your way of commenting..

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Superb shot dear…
    But why ends so soon… remaining parts??

  4. TSY

    Nice shot
    Finally twinj confess their love
    You should bring out mahi’s truth in front of kunj
    It was nice

  5. Very nice …
    But why are u ending…
    There is much more in the story right so why ending so soon …
    & why are you not posting other story as well…
    Post soon

  6. Me_rp_27

    Nice epi dear…
    But ended so soon….
    Plz post the epilogue soon dear…
    N Ur other stories as well…

  7. Amazing episode post soon

  8. Superb mind-blowing episode dear but confused àlso please post soon

  9. Siddha tomar


  10. Nice

  11. Trivisha Choudhary


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