What’s your take on Jannat’s entry in AKAJS?

Zee TV’s Aapke Aa Jane Se will have a new entry. Actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani will be entering the show. She will be playing a carefree girl, who is Jacky’s girlfriend. She isn’t aware of Jacky’s death. Her rocking entry will soon happen. She wants to get Jacky back. She meets Agarwals. She is taken into the Agarwal family by Jacky’s mother Usha. The actress was last seen in Colors’ hit show Tu Aashiqui as the lead character Pankti. She gets the character with same name in this show as well. It will be treat for Jannat’s name to watch her as Pankti again.

She is a bold, determined and a girl of modern times. She doesn’t want to compromise with anything wrong. She is fearless and much positive. Sahil meets Pankti and finds her a strong independent girl. Pankti gets married to Sahil. Vedika turns insecure of Pankti. The marriage happens by a blunder. Vedika knows Sahil’s identity and wants to tell Pankti that the person she has married isn’t her lover Jacky. Pankti will realize the truth that Sahil isn’t Jacky. She will be uniting Vedika and Sahil in the coming track. What’s your take on Jannat’s entry in AKAJS? Let us know your opinion.

  1. sadikaobession

    hii…I m not personally dis-liking jannat. aisa hai ki I m big fan of “SADIKA”. toh hum sirf SADIKA ko hi dekna pasand kare gee !! history me phle bar aisay drama create kiya gaya hai jo ki umr ,society n samaj k loogon hat k baya gaya hai ek mohabbat jo 2 log k bich h (42-24) a boy love’s a women unconditionally this drama is not like other story this is something different then other serial that’s why we loved it a lot…..1 episode se hum sare fans wait kar rahe the k SADIKA Milan hoo har aisa kuch kar dete hai ki hum???? but this time too much hoo gaya hai we want back 42/24 love…vedika abhi open up hone lagi h har aye din dramas infact shaadi hotI h…

    Humne aise dil nah lagaya
    #aapkeaajanesee see nah cast’s k liye slowly slowly we started liking them just because of love n story then saw them as a SADIKA ?
    hum pure saal diya hai….now don’t mess the story for new entries

    all I want is SADIKA SADIKA SADIKA
    42-24 love
    unique story
    ???love in the air???
    #SADIKA love n obission
    writers ko kyun samaj nahi aata hain SADIKA ko waspas Lao trp bhi bade giiiìi understand

  2. Yes we want sadika back. We dont want ye jannat n pannat to spoil the unique love story. I am sure the TRP ll go down now. Writets u yourself see how unnatural n worst acting sahil has done in the scene where he arguing with the puppy jannat. I cant believe that is KJ Acting. This was his worst acting in the last 1 year. Either it is nidhi or the whore bhoomi or the puppy dog pankti separating sadika. Now when vefika is pregnant with sJils 2nd child dont the writers feel that he should be taking care of vedika. Instead of showing this they jv made sahil a romeo going behind that puppy. Is this what is sahils true for vedika. Writers pls remember fans of the serial can either raise the TRPs or drop it down. So pls finish this shorty puppys track as soon as possible before we stop seeing the serial. How much more should vedika bear with all these ugly vamps in sahils life

  3. I don’t mind the new entry but she could have been cast in a different role… I don’t mind if she is negative though but in a different situation from being an accidental wife. Writers need to understand that the jodi of Sadika is much loved and we don’t want anyone in between them at all… FULL STOP!!

  4. Writers pls read our comments n stop this nonsense of bringing one sample piece or another in sahils life. Arnt you all fed up of separating sadika every now n then. Even if this puppy is shown with jackys chatacter none of the sadika fans will accept this n in no time the TRP ll start falling down. Pls be ifmd writers we the viewers who r sadika fans can make the serial or finish off the serial. Hope you all understand. Do u know how IS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON 3rd season vanished due to the serials strong fans. Fans couldnt accept Barun Sobti with another sample piece heroine. They all wanted sanaya irani only n not that sample actress whoever she was. In 6 months of its airing the serial closed down. So hope u know by now what is FAN POWER. Pls finish off this stupid track with the over enthusiastic puppy dog n sahil.

    1. Nina

      I agree with you completely, but I want to elaborate that trash IPKKND3 was on the air for three months only.

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