Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 58

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

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‘’Annika , Shivaay has explained me everything what happened yesterday and I got to know the reason for your breakdown…now the most important thing is what I am going to say’’

‘’what is happening Nikku’’

‘’Annika…I am a doctor and it’s my duty to reveal the truth to my patient, now I will be speaking to you as a doctor rather than your friend Nikku, so whatever I am gonna say, just listen and try not to react’’

‘’you are scaring me Nikku, I mean Dr.Nikhil’’

‘’nothing to get scared, just be calm’’ he asked her to take a deep breathe and he himself took a deep breathe

‘’Annika do you remember the first day you met me in hospital , I sounded weird to you, you asked me why do I need your reports when you came  here for Sahil’s sessions..’’

Annika looked on

‘’Annika…the fact is Shivaay has brought you here to me for your treatment along with Sahil’s sessions’’

‘’What..i mean ‘’

‘’Annika , relax, everything is okay, take deep breathe’’

Annika did the same

‘’Annika yesterday Shivaay has said that you are a patient of Anterograde Amnesia , do you remember’’

Anika reminisced the words and nodded

‘’Good, so the fact is I am the one who has taken up your case of reviving your lost memory and you are basically here to get your treatment done from me…The major reason of your coming to Paris is for you to get treated .’’

‘’but Dr.Nikhil I am ..’’

’’Annika, I know you are physically healthy, but this is something related to your mental health. You have forgotten some portions of your life and some portion of your life is faded, I am here to give you the therapy so that slowly, I mean very slowly you can yourselves bring back all those’’

Annika was almost shivering

‘’Annika don’t you want to remember what happened with you, don’t you want to meet your loved ones…remember Annika , you have a sister , you have a family waiting for you to accept them being You not as someone who doesn’t know them. I cannot proceed with your therapies if you are not ready or if you are half hearted. And only after your consent I can proceed. Though I cannot guarantee you of 100% recovery but I can assure you I will try my level best’’

‘’what if I don’t take the therapies , I mean still I will be fine right?’’

’Annika, I am afraid that will not be the case….the treatment is now very vital for you, this is something scientific but let me try to explain in simple language, you have developed a spot in brain because of which you are not able to store the data,  if this spot spreads then there are high chances that you may develop some serious problems further and to avoid this I and my fellow Neurologist will be providing the required treatment. The problem may seem easy but it is more complicated than it sounds. While the Neurologist will work on the brainy things, the therapy will try to bring in the memories faded out and keep you calm with the Neuro problems’’

Annika could not believe what she was hearing, she felt she is a patient for a lifetime

‘’Annika having said all this , I am again saying there is no danger to your life and you are absolutely healthy…so don’t think much and stay relaxed. One more thing, I am going to discharge you by today afternoon, so cheer up. I cannot see my Jhalli being so shaanth (calm).. got it’’

Annika smiled

‘’that’s like my jhalli…come on give that smile of yours and let all of be relaxed’’

‘’Nikku…does Shivaay know all these complications’’

Nikhil signed the Neurologist to excuse them for a minute and he obliged …Nikhil sat beside Annika and said

‘’Annika , you know what you are very lucky to have Shivaay by your side. I don’t know what relation you both share but if he had not taken keen interest in your case then probably you would have not been here…he was the one who tried day and night and put pressure on the doctor in India (who treated you twice) to get my appointment. You very well know my reason of not coming to India, but Shivaay was adamant that if I cannot come there, he will ensure you will come here…he has done every possible thing to make the situation easy for you. It was me who asked him to reveal the truth of your illness to you, but it needed guts to make you prepare for everything…yesterday he did the same and trust me he did it in a best way, probably I could have also not handled the situation much better. He ensured you trusted him, me and I can already see the result. You gave no big reaction knowing the truth of your problem and the credit I am sure I cannot take .’’

‘’that means all this was preplanned….it was all preplanned by him to make me come here, he knew I wouldn’t agree if he says directly, so he made Sahil’’

’’No…No..You are thinking him wrong…he asked me to promise him not to reveal this truth , but today for him and his loyality towards you , I don’t care to break the promise….the article regarding Sahil’s sessions was published in the newspaper after taking permission from me. When he was enquiring about me, he got to know that I do take such cases, but not usually, so he requested me to take up Sahil’s case and listening to him I couldn’t deny…but I guess the terms between you were sensitive then , so he made sure Sahil see the newspaper and did you ever think why only the newspaper sahil showed you had the news and no other newspapers…it’s all done by him Annika…he is a really good human being despite being a ruthless businessman…so please, don’t misunderstand him in any case. ‘’

Annika sat shocked and thought

Anika TAM ‘’how can he be so good to me? I don’t know if I can ever repay his help. For just sake our age old relation which I don’t remember a bit he is doing all this. Is he for real ? ‘’

’’Annika…I must leave now as I have other patients to look for…mom dad and Catherine have come and they will give you company till Shivaay is back…and I am taking it a yes from you for the upcoming treatment …am I right?’’

‘’Yes ‘’ she nodded.

The time passed by and Shivaay came back and released Nikhil’s family after having a good time with them along with Annika. Soon after they left Annika looked at him while he was busy with his work .

‘’Shivaay’’ she called

‘’Do you need something Annika. Shall I get you something’’ he asked concerned

‘’I want to go home’’

‘’Annika, home you mean India..Annika, I …I need to say you something..’’

‘’Why did you hide this from me ? ‘’

‘’Annika this means, you know, I mean you know everything’’


‘’Annika, please don’t misunderstand me…I mean , had I said you then , I thought you would’’

‘’right away deny you. Isn’t it Shiv?’’

He nodded….

‘’Do you think so bad of me ? had you never have the trust on me Shiv? Am I that bad Shiv?’’ she almost had tears

He held her hand and looked at her ‘’No…No Stupid…I never thought so, but I didn’t had the guts to directly say you, I was …I was’’

‘’Scared? Were you scared of how I would react?’’

‘’yes and no…’’

She frowned

‘’I was scared of your reaction yes, but I was not prepared to handle you. I didn’t knew how you would react and in this, I stopped Gauri to tell you about who she is to you..i did a mistake Annika, but …’’

She cupped his face and brought him near her

’Why do you care for me so much Shiv? How can you be so good with me? What good deeds have I done to meet you in my life? Shiv if you had wished there would be a line of the best girls from all over the world , why me  then?’’

‘’Because you are my Stupid. Do I need to answer anymore ?’’

‘’Shiv’’  she took his name

He pulled her towards him leaning towards her caught her lips , she closed her eyes letting her tears fall , drowned in his yet unexpressed love, reciprocating her yet unexpressed love.

They broke the moment when they heard footsteps sound which got louder as they go neared.

He quickly wiped her tears and set his hair

‘’Surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’’ Om and Gauri rushed in

‘’Om’’ ‘’Gauri’’ Shivaay took quick steps while Gauri rushed towards her sister

‘’Diii’’ she hugged Annika while Shivaay hugged Om

‘’You both here? I mean what a pleasant surprise. How do you know that we are here in hospital’’

‘’Shivaay…relax…I had spoken to Annika yesterday. You dialled my number instead of Gauri’s and then I and Annika decided this’’

Shivaay and Gauri looked at Om and Gauri stunned

‘’Dii…whatever it is I am so so happy to meet you after a long long long long long…’’

‘’Gauri…..’’ Annika hugged her tightly

‘’Dii…how are you now? What happened ? when Om brought me here I was tensed ‘’

‘’Gauri…’’ she caressed her face lovingly

‘’What happened dii’’

‘’You are my real sister right Gauri. I couldn’t identify you, but I always felt you are very close to me, someone I can never ever lose and would always protect ever since I met you and see the fate ,we turned to be real sisters’’

‘’Dii’’ Gauri had tears of happiness and she hugged her tightly ‘’you remember everything. I felt so sad when I got to know this and couldn’t tell you the same. You know I was dying to tell you and ‘’

‘’Then why didn’t you say? ‘’ Annika asked still hugging her

Shivaay looked at Annika while Om held Shivaay’s hand

‘’Dii…forget it na…you know now right…I am so happy …so happy that I can’t explain you in words….you know I kept all your memories intact …those were the only ones I had with me then, but now I have you , my sister , my dii by my side…what more do I need…’’ she spoke amid tears

Annika had tears for other reasons, soon the tears turned into Hiccups

‘’Dii’’ ‘’annika’’ ‘’annika’’ all three of them took her name at the same time

‘’Dii..tell me what happened? Aren’t you happy to meet me? ‘’

Annika nodded

‘’Then what happened Annika’’ shivaay came near her and asked

‘’I am the most unluckiest person …Everyone of you had kept the memories related to me, while I have nothing, nothing to reminisce..i lost my…I lost my memory…I couldn’t recognise my sister, I could recognise my one and only friend, I don’t have anything to share ….i am’’

‘’Dii please…please don’t cry, I can’t see you like this’’

‘’Annika…relax…’’ Om tried to console

Shivaay took steps back and turned his face not able to see Annika like that

Annika wiped her tears and spoke ‘’now I have decided, I will try and risk my everything but remember everything. Every damn thing. I will even risk my life if needed’’

‘’Annika’’ Shivaay screamed

‘’Dii…please don’t say so….i really don’t care if you remember the old days or not. I am happy you know that I am your sister from same mother and you know what we will make new memories…’’

Annika and Gauri hugged each other as tight as possible

‘’Mr.Oberoi’’ the midwife called breaking the moments between everyone present in the room.

‘’Yes’’ Shivaay replied

‘’The discharge papers are ready’’

‘’Fine, I will be coming along with you’’ he took steps forward

‘’Shivaay, I will accompany you’’ om joined Shivaay and they left to complete the formalities

‘’Gauri…how is everything in London’’ Annika tried to distract from emotional moments and asked Gauri

‘’Dii…everything is fine regarding work, but’’


‘’not now Didi..i have something else to talk to you, once you get fine , I will tell you everything’’

‘’gauri, do I look as a patient now?’’

‘’no, not like that’’

‘’then tell me what’s the issue’’

Gauri explained regarding the Oberoi Family senior members issues and then said about their parents death making Annika depressed again

‘’Dii..i am sorry, I shouldn’t have said all this…are you okay?’’

Annika wiped her tears and said ‘’Gauri , I am fine I know everything but can’t remember anything. What a life I am living. I am feeling as if I am living someone else’s life being me. Why does all this happen Gauri. Why with us?’’

‘’Dii…shankar jii pe bharosa rakho..woh sab theek kardenge’’ (believe in Lord Shankar ji, he will make everything fine)

Annika sighed

‘’Dii…I have something else to say ‘’

‘’Shall we leave’’ they both heard the words of Om

‘’I am dying to leave from here Om’’ Annika giggled

‘’Shivaay is talking to Dr.Nikhil regarding the next appointment and he will join us in the car, so I think we should go down. Let  me pick the bags’’

Om picked the bags while Gauri held Annika’s hands and all three left the room and went downstairs

Soon all four left to their apartment. Getting refreshed and settling , Gauri went to prepare meals, when Om and Shivaay stopped her

‘’Gauri..i think you should spend time with your sister, enjoy the moments Gauri while Om and I take care of Kitchen’’ shivaay spoke and Om nodded

‘’Bhayya..you too got tired let me do this, waise bhi dii is sleeping’’

‘’Gauri wouldn’t you listen to me. ok fine tomorrow cook the meal for all of us , your khumkaran dii will also be happy to have food made by you. For now go and spend time with her and yeah wake her up because it’s her medicine time too’’

Gauri nodded and left from there

‘’Om…Prinku and Rudy are missing. I know it’s only 3-4 days but it still feels a long time’’

‘’Shivaay, 3-4 days we are missing dumbo and Prinku, how Gauri would have missed Annika for years, I don’t even want to imagine that’’

‘’True Om, in all this Gauri is the one who has suffered and who is suffering the most. Annika had forgot so it is still better, but Gauri ..’’

‘’Anyways I am happy now , atleast she is with her sister, though Annika doesn’t remember but atleast they are together’’

‘’Don’t worry Om, Annika will soon remember everything , I am sure about this’’

‘’so back to what I was saying should we call Rudy here?’’

‘’No leave it, he has just started handling everything there. I think we shouldn’t disturb him’’

‘’Seems right’’

The brothers indulged in talks and Gauri listened everything as she came to take water for giving medicines to Annika. She came took water, smiled uncomfortably and left hurriedly towards Annika’s room and closed the room

‘’Gauri…what happened?’’

‘’Dii….i have something eveyr important to say …take medicines and then I will tell’’

Annika took medicines and looked at her, Gauri explained everything regarding Rudra’s birthday and Obros not celebrating their birthday’s.

Annika slipped into thoughts and called Sumo.


Precap : Rudra’s birthday to bring some intense romance between Shivaay and Annika. Will they cross all limits ? To know more stay tuned !!!

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