Qayamat Ki Raat 5th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Witch finds Raghav and Vaidhi

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Qayamat Ki Raat 5th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav and Karan takes out alcohol and drinks it. Vaidahi calls inspector there and says there are drinking here which is illegal. Raghav says we did a mistake, we will bear punishment. Inspector asks them to get out. Raghav says she will go with us too, it was her idea, she wanted to get drunk. Inspector says what? Raghav says she got out of control after drinking so I asked her to stop it then she got angry on me. Vaidahi says I never drink. Raghav shows glass on Vaidahi’s side and says its her glass. Inspector says you all three will get punishment. He asks them to get down on Surajgarh’s stop.

All three get down from train. Inspector asks master to fine them. Vaidahi says it was not my mistake. Raghav says inspector threw us out without letting us take our things. Master says file fine and take your luggage from next stop Ram Ram garh. Master says you have to go through jungle to reach there, its dangerous there, there are ghosts there. Raghav says we have ghost with us, he points to Vaidahi. Raghav recalls how he used to tease her like this before. Vaidahi recalls it too. They are tensed. Raghav says to master that send our stuff there.

In jungle, they are walking. Raghav and Vaidahi recalls their past.
Witch says to her friend that there is something going on, storm is coming, something is going to happen.
In jungle, Vaidahi says weather is changing here. Raghav says thanks for telling. Vaidahi finds a car but its empty. Raghav says lets find driver. Vaidahi says I am tired, you go and find. Karan takes Raghav and look around for driver. Vaidahi sits in car and is about to call her dad. Suddenly car starts driving itself. Raghav and Karan runs behind car. Raghav takes shortcut. Vaidahi screams for help.

In police station, inspector is stunned to see report that Akash’s body didnt have blood in body. Inspector says seems like someone took his blood. Officer asks if there is really witch?

Vaidahi is trying to stop car. Raghav comes infront of car and says she is a cheater, taking car away. He asks her to stop car but she cant and he jumps away before getting hit. He runs behind her. Vaidahi is screaming for help. Raghav runs and puts wood infront of car. Car skids so Raghav jumps away but falls from slope. Car stops. Vaidahi sees haveli and recalls past. Raghav is hanging from cliff after falling from slope. Vaidhai doesnt see it and goes to haveli. Karan comes there. Raghav says she left me here. He asks for Karan.
Vaidahi enters old haveli and sees everything dusted. Witch Sanjana sees it and says Gauri is back, she has taken another avatar but she is Gauri, she had to come and she is here.

Karan brings rope and runs to raghav, he pulls him up. Raghav sees old haveli and recalls past too. Inspector comes there and asks what are they doing here? Raghav says we had to come here, we have come with owner of havali Vaidahi Khanna. Inspector asks where is she? Raghav points to old haveli.

Sanjana says to her friend that this Gauri destroyed Kalasur’s years of practice, dont know what she has. Vaidahi looks around and says why I keep seeing this in my dream? She hears noise and asks who is there? Sanjana hides and says she has guts. Raghav comes to vaidahi and says you tried to hit me with car? Vaidahi says car was running itself. Inspector says a murder happened here, we dont know who did it, they say there is a witch here but I dont believe in it, there is a hotel nearby so go there for the night. They all come out of palace. Inspector asks them to go to hotel. Vaidahi sees car missing and says where did it go? Inspector says I will drop you to hotel.
Sanjana says to her friend that I will do what I have been waiting to do, its a mission, I am here to do Kalasur’s work. He comes near her but she grabs his hand and twists it, she says go play with Vaidahi but dont think about killing them, I will do what I want.

Vaidahi and others come to motel. Vaidahi says I will stay here? Raghav says wow you cant stay here. Raghav thanks inspector for giving them lift while others just runaway. Karan leaves with inspector to get their luggage. Motel manager says to Vaidahi that we have 4 rooms but only one room is free. Vaidahi says I will manage. Raghav says I am taking it so think about yourself.

Raghav and Vaidahi comes to motel room. Raghav says you did all this. Vaidhi says you leave from here, you think you are smart. He says I am smart, Vaidhi says you cheated my family. Raghav says we are even now. Vaidhi says I dont lose, lets fight, lets see how smart you here. She brings powder and makes a line, she asks him to clean this line without touching it. Raghav thinks how to do it. Vaidhi says leave from here if you cant do it. Raghav puts powder in bottle without touching it and says it gone. Vaidhi says I dont agree, she pushes him out of room and locks it. Raghav says she is unbearable.

Raghav goes to eat. He comes to manager and sees him awake. He wakes up and says I am hungry. Manager says this is village, you wont get something at this time, there is a witch outside at this time. Raghav says you sleep. He starts leaving. Manager asks where is he going? Raghav says going to meet witch, if she eats me then I will become ghost and eat you too, he leaves. Manager says he doesnt care about his life.

Vaidhi calls dad, he asks if Raghav is with her? She sees door knocking and says it must be Raghav. She opens door but finds someone with veil there.

PRECAP- Raghav is in jungle. Sanjana comes there all decked up. Raghav smiles at her. She says I dont have a heart so your heart will be mine from now on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SBanga12

    I liked Raghav’s and Vaidaihi’s challenge moments. They are so cute, but some “accidental” romance moments are requested.

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